A New Age

A New Age   A New Era for the Ministry of Magic was ushered in following the shock departure of Alyssa Merriweather as Minister for Magic, and the Grecession that followed the Gringotts Wizarding Bank theft, the Wizengamot convened in the last week of August. It can now be formally announced that Kaleikaumaka Tenadii, Senior…

Saturday Study Corner 29/08 – 04/09

Ghoul Studies (All Years)Professor Esper (Ghost Riler)Pick and answer one question from Chapter One’s review questions. Answer must be two parchments. (paragraphs) Magical Theory (All Years)Professor Reuter (Jamie Delwood)Two scrolls of parchment ((paragraphs)) on the question “What is magic?” Extra Credit (max twice a week) Ghoul StudiesProfessor Esper (Ghost Riler)Extra homework question, ghostly conversation. or ectoplasm removal.