We will be introducing a new creature’s system. We are doing away with specific applications for creatures and instead offering them up as an NPC role to play. Once admitted into the group, players can choose to play a mirade of NPCs if they like.


  1. Players may create creature avatars to play around the school from the chosen list.
  1. NPCs may have a backstory and be involved in plots with students, however they cannot be involved in RPD plots or create plots for the entire species of creatures they play (i.e they cannot create a widened plot for the Centaurs, Mermaids, they do not control the group as a whole. If they wish to go against the group’s current standings or change the current climate of the species group they need to seek RPD approval)
  1. Creature NPC must abide by the rules given to playing certain creatures and must not break them. (Restrictions/Limitations)
  1. NPC creatures cannot kill/grievously harm any student at Hogwarts without RPD approval
  1. NPC creatures do not use a hud. No creature is allowed to use magic (unless a house elf, see below)
  1. NPC creatures must follow all IC and OOC rules.
  1. NPC creatures should not be confused with non-playable NPCs. They are existing characters whom should be treated as a student/faculty within the school.
  1. NPC creatures do not play an important role in the daily routine of Hogwarts. It is suggested that roleplayers use their NPC creature to their own prerogative as playing an NPC can be rewarding but also challenging as their roles are limited and do not affect roleplayers on a daily basis.
  1. NPC Creatures cannot control any non-roleplayer NPC creatures as their leader or godmod them into doing things. You may roleplay communicating with other creatures you make up but you may not direct them to cause havoc or do anything.


No. If you are using an action against a roleplayer you must first seek permission from said roleplayer to affect their character otherwise this will be treated as godmodding. You must not force anything onto a player. However, as your character is an NPC. All dice rolls by students/professor will automatically hit if successful against your NPC You may request that you block/dodge the incoming spell/action via IM and work with the roleplayer. If you think someone is abusing this, please contact a member of staff.


As creatures do not play a big part at MM and are only seen rarely. We decided to make them NPC. This doesn’t make them any less of a character however, use of creatures is limited and comes with strict rules unlike your average student/professor. These restrictions make the type of character very limited and not able to be played on a daily basis.


Once invited to the NPC group you will be given the tag MM Creature and you are free to play ANY of the creatures below at any time. Please follow the rules!




The OhMai! House elf mesh body or similar.

No clothes-rags and accessories preferred unless free elf.

  • Magic is created wandlessly. Limited to what can be done.
  • House elves are never normally seen. They are supposed to be background characters. Cleaning while students are asleep, working in the kitchens often, always loving to serve those under Hogwarts Castle. NPCs should appear sparingly and not enter classrooms/commons.
  • House elves do not normally ever use muggle means to clean. They can clean anything with magic, and are extremely powerful. This means no brooms, mops, dustpans, etc.
  • House Elf loyalty is to the current headmistress. They are normally rescued as free elves, come from past pure blood lines, or donated when services are no longer needed. They might miss their previous masters, but all loyalty is 100% to the school. Professors may have some sway over House Elves but all Elves must obey the Headmistress/Deputy Headmaster.
  • If ever breaking a rule set by their current Master/Mistress, a house elf will punish themselves physically and violently. Smashing heads against the wall, burning themselves. Though no apparent or actual damage ever seems to be had.
  • House elves can live through many generations of Witches and Wizards, normally making them extremely old. An age limit has not been set.
  • House elves can apparate on hogwarts grounds.


  • Must have a half horse/Half human body. Breasts must be covered.
  • Centaurs seclude themselves to their land in the forest. They do not visit Hogsmeade, Hogwarts or any land owned by Hogwarts. No Centaur should leave the forest unless given permission by RPD.
  • Centaurs are often defensive and territorial. It is very rare for a Centaur to be caring to adult wizard or witches. Centaurs are not friendly with any professor/adult other than the Headmistress and the CoMC professors/groundskeepers. All Centaurs are respectful to children and will not harm them unless a wand is brandished and they are attacked.
  • Centaurs are gifted in Astronomy, Divination and Herbology. They can be clairvoyant. Any visions plot wise must be approved by RPD. Any visions about specific students/professors must be approved by the student/professor.
  • Centaurs are, /most of the time/ armed with some type of druidic weapon , Archery Equipment, or something to fend against the other creatures residing in the forbidden forest.(Acromantula)
  • Centaurs follow their pack rules and must not go against them. They cannot break from their pack or risk expulsion from their territory and be cast out. They are loyal to their own kind.


  • Full white or transparent avatar.
  • Ghosts must have a valid reason for being in Hogwarts. I.E a random ghost from Diagon Alley would not be in Hogwarts.
  • Ghosts also appear to celebrate their deathday, as Nearly Headless Nick did so on October 31st in 1992. They tend to be very sensitive concerning the circumstances of their death, often showing great hesitancy when asked by others how they died. They are also quite morbid.
  • Ghosts are only of wizards and witches. Ghosts cannot be muggles. Ghosts are an imprint of a deceased wizard or witch who has decided not to move on, very few choose to do this. They were usually either afraid of death or had a very strong connection to the places they haunt.
  • Ghosts cannot move physical objects and cannot be harmed or touched using conventional methods. However, a ghost may be able to affect the temperature of a room and thus creating cold spots or cold feelings when they pass through people/objects.
  • The Ministry of Magic has some jurisdiction over ghosts and can banish them from certain areas or to certain places. The Headmistress of Hogwarts can also banish ghosts from the school. Take this into consideration when roleplaying.
  • Ghosts cannot eat or drink although they like to pretend to. However, they cannot pick up food or drink.


  • Mermaid tail.
  • Merpeople in HP lore are not of those you see in other fiction. They are more feral/animalistic looking.
  • Avatar must be PG and breasts must be covered. I.E shells.
  • Merpeople cannot speak outside of water. Any singing/speech outside of water will resemble that of a blood curdling screech or scream.
  • Black Lake Merpeople are territorial and do not like children/adults swimming in their territory. They will often try to drive students/adults out of the lake. Although not usually aggressive they can turn aggressive if challenged. It’s been known that some mers have tried to drown students.
  • Merpeople will do their own thing and not involve themselves in politics in Hogwarts unless it disturbs their routine.
  • Merpeople have beautiful voices underwater and can often be heard when underwater singing beautiful melodies or rhymes. However this has no magical effect on people and cannot enchant anyone.
  • Merpeople are under jurisdiction of the Ministry and the Headmistress. They can be banished from the grounds (see above with Ghosts)
  • Merpeople are on good terms with the Headmistress. They do not go against the school and shouldn’t be roleplayed as such. See above as Centaurs, Mermaids are pack beings and will be shunned/banished if they go against the rules.


  • Any animal resembling the above.
  • OhMai! Pygmy Puf f/ Hextroadinary Pygmy, Zooby Cats Avatar.
  • NO Furry Avatars.
  • Animals are do not have human intelligence and cannot understand humans nor can communicate with them via speech or understanding. They can however try to communicate in their own way (i.e pawing at students for food, eating boogers)
  • They will tend to just do animal stuff. They cannot cast magic. Don’t over complicate it, you’re a pet.
  • NPC creature pets can be owned by students. You may set this up between you and another roleplayer.