What’s this all about?

The new version of the Mischief Managed HUD includes a revised spell system. There are several changes to how charms and transfigurations are learned and performed. While there may be some learning curve OOC, the changes will allow improved opportunities for roleplay and for new spells to be added to Mischief Managed.

Why can’t I do magic?

In order to perform magic you must first have a wand, which can be purchased at a wand shop. You must also first learn spells by purchasing the Spell Journal HUD from a bookstore and wearing it. You may learn additional spells from books found at the bookstore, in the world, or from quests. 

I’m an existing player, where have all my spells gone?

Spells must now be learned before being able to perform them. This means that everyone will not have access to all of the spells right away. Most, if not all, of the old spells may be relearned one way or another. This update has also opened the door to new spells being added to the system. Your character may end up with spells that other characters do not have and visa versa.

I used to be able to cast a specific spell before the update but now my character doesn’t know it. Do I need to void my RP?

No. No RP should be voided as a result of this update. You are free to interpret your character’s inability to perform the spells however you like and roleplay accordingly going forward. Most spells can be found in bookstores, in the world, or through quests. 

How can I get better at casting a spell?

Attempting to perform a spell, regardless of success or failure, will increase your likelihood of casting the spell successfully.  The attempt must be roleplayed in order for it to count toward your experience with the spell. Experience is granted up to 5 times per day, per spell. 

How can I check how much experience I have with a spell?

This is noted in the spell book next to the spell or transfiguration. The order from least experience to most is Beginner->Novice->Advanced->Adept->Expert->Master.

I’m applying as a 7th year student. Does this mean I don’t know first year spells?

No. Upon picking up the Spell Journal HUD your character will learn a good number of spells that would have been taught, up to your student’s spell skill level. For this reason it is also important to assign your skill points before wearing the spell journal.

I didn’t assign all my skill points before wearing the spell journal and only some of the spells were learned. What do I do now?

All of the “core” spells that you would have learned automatically are available in books in the bookstore or library.

Do my skill points in Charms and Transfiguration still matter?

Yes! Your skill points still play a large role in how skilled you are in casting a particular charm or transfiguration.

Do my skill points in Academics still matter?

Yes, the higher your academics level, the faster you will master spells and transfigurations.

I don’t RP very often. Does this mean that I won’t be able to learn any spells?

Players are awarded “catch up” points at the end of the year that can be assigned to skills. There are many opportunities for gaining skill points such as classes, and professors will often assign homework or extra credit if you are unable to attend.

Do I need to buy a new wand every year?

No, once purchased you keep your wand unless you replace it.

Where can I purchase a Wand?

Wand shops are located in Diagon Alley and in Hogsmeade.

Do wands cost L$ to purchase?

No, wands are purchased with the RP money from your HUD Inventory – Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. As before, decorative wands may be purchased for visual purposes, or you may utilize the free wand attachments available at the landing area.

I purchased a wand but it didn’t show up in my inventory

Your wand is a hidden character stat and will not show up in your inventory. To check your wand details, you may visit the wand shop.

Can my wand break?

It is possible, though unlikely. Certain specific wands do not take well to continuous failure which may result in the wand’s “death”. In this case it will need to be replaced at a wand shop. 

How do I learn new spells?

Most spells will be learned through books, which can be purchased in bookstores or be provided by the school librarian. Professors or instructors may teach spells during classes or club meetings in which they will distribute spell books to students. Other spells may be learned from items scattered around the world or as quest rewards. 

I’m a Professor, how do I teach new spells? Do I need to buy Spell Books for all my students?

As a professor you do not need to purchase spell books with your own money. Before your class you should visit the library and speak to the librarian about procuring the needed books, which will be distributed to you.

Where can I find (x) spell?

The MM wiki may provide answers as to which books contain spells that can be learned. As for the rest, they can be found by exploring or participating in quests. 

I roleplayed being really good at a spell and now I’m not good at it, what do I do?

With the addition of wands and the spell mastery system, there are many reasons why you may not perform a spell as well as before. Maybe your wand doesn’t like performing that spell, or maybe your character just needs more practice to get back to where they were. You should determine the reasoning ICly and work it out in RP. 

You said, maybe my wand doesn’t like performing that spell? Do wands really have preferences?

Yes. As we know in canon, some wands are better at performing certain types of spells than others. As such, be sure to read up on your wand’s lore BEFORE choosing a wand for yourself. You’ll want to choose a wand that not only suits your character’s personality, but also consider what types of spells it might be good or bad at.

Does this mean I can change my wand whenever I want, based on what kind of magic I want to be good at?

You may purchase a new wand whenever you see fit, however in the Wizarding World, wands are both very expensive and bond with their Witch or Wizard. Getting a new wand is not something to be taken lightly or done on a whim.

Does fitness work differently with the new HUD?

Fitness works the same as it has in the past where you may run or fly on your broom to gain fitness. However with this update dodging and posting RP also increases your fitness.

How does the Gifted ability work with the new system?

Gifted students are still able to add points one year above their skill range, however gifted students now also master spells and transfigurations twice as fast. 

The HUD doesn’t look any different, what gives?

This update adds the Spell Book and wand system, but doesn’t change how the HUD looks or works for you. Continue to use it as normal, but make sure to also use the new Spell Journal HUD!

How does balancing work? Will a first year be able to hold their own against a 7th year? What about the Head of House? Headmistress? The plot big bad?

Dueling skill is based largely on spell proficiency, which is a combination of spell (or transfig) skill level and experience with the spell being cast. First years will likely find that they have a difficult time going against anyone older than them, after all, the older person has had more experience. However if a first year practices a spell until they’re very good at it and uses it in a duel, and their opponent defends themselves with a spell they only just learned, there’s a good chance the first year may win.