These are the incomplete release notes for the MM HUD.

28-6-2020: v2.3.0:


In order to cast spells, you must first own a wand. Wands can be purchased at a wand shop.

  • There is a hefty discount for your first time wand purchase. If you decide to purchase a new wand after that, you will pay the full price. Note: “First time” refers to first time purchase for the HUD. If your character previously had a wand and is on their second wand, you still get the discount.
  • Each wand is unique and each wood and core have their own pros and cons. Some woods may be more suited to charms, while others may prefer the dark arts, or transfiguration. Be sure to read up on your wand wood/core before making a decision (wiki/WizardingWorld/etc) 
  • The more you use your wand, the deeper your bond with it will grow, and the more likely it will do your will, and perform great magic. 


In order to cast a specific spell or transfiguration, it must first be learned. Spells may be found in books, which may be found in the library, bookstores, or presented by professors in class. However, books get lost, and you may find a stray hidden here or there. In the future, quests and other items may teach spells as  well.

  • All wixen should purchase the Spell Journal from one of the various bookstores. 
    • Upon picking it up and opening it, you will automatically learn a number of spells that have been taught up to your year. 
    • The journal will show which spells you have learned so far. 
  • There are varying degrees to which you know a spell. 
  • Your mastery of a spell is partially decided by your skill level vs the level of the spell, however: 
    • You can increase your knowledge of a spell by casting and then posting RP
    • You can gain spell experience up to 5 times a day per spell 
    • RP must be of a decent length and not copied/pasted over and over
    • Academics no longer affects spell success, but rather affects the speed at which you learn spells. The higher your academics vs the spell level, the faster you learn the spell. 
  • You cannot learn spells above your skill level.       
  • Adults need to practice too! While you may have already mastered the majority of the spells from your Hogwarts days, adult level spells will still need to be learned and practiced. Adults (and gifted) learn twice as fast as students. 
  • Spells now have a power level which is determined by a variety of factors from your knowledge of the spell, to your wand (especially the core), and your bond with your wand. Nonverbal spells are also not quite as powerful.  
  • A spell’s power level is a determining factor in dueling, but some items may use your spell’s power level as well. For example, if a professor locks a door with colloportus, only someone with a powerful enough alohomora will be able to unlock it. 


  • Added more API functions
    • Added roll values to the API output
    • Added the ability for a script to “ping” the badge and get basic char info
  • Changed herb/comc to give the option to care without identifying first
  • Added the ability for ALO to add titler alts
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Added API functions for HUD → Object communication
  • Added functionality that will fix the relays used during the sorting ceremony
  • Professors: Removed subject selection when manually adding skill points
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Dodge math has been rebalanced
  • Professors: Changed verbiage when updating House Points


  • Fixed a bug with the weekly fitness depletion.


  • Fixed OOC-toggling when leaving MM sims.


  • Every complete week without logging in depletes 5% of the fitness gauge.
  • Going to non-MM sims toggles OOC.
  • It is now possible to use chat commands to activate the cast bar.


  • Fixed an oversight in the point spread, students can no longer get Academics beyond level 35.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause illnesses to pause progression while the HUD was in OOC mode.


  • Reduced probability and range of contagious disease infection.
  • Fixed a bug with the time progression of diseases that evolve with time.


  • Fixed a bug with diseases that evolve with time.


  • Duelling now also shows results above the characters’ heads.
  • Skill point spread changed.


  • Migrated to the new database.
  • Diseases and maladies implemented.
  • Contagious diseases implemented.
  • “Get Hurt” function implemented.
  • “Strike” function implemented.
  • Quidditch v2 released.
  • Fitness affects dodging and Quidditch.
  • People can no longer set how many skill points they request; they request by category.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Duelling implemented.
  • Stealth mode implemented.
  • Fitness implemented.
  • Fitness no longer hidden stat.
  • Change in rolling difficulty.
  • General bug fixes.


  • First stable release.
  • Inventory now infinite.
  • General bug fixes.