Mischief Managed’s Wizarding Faire 2022

Come together for this two week event, when designers from all across the grid come together from July 23rd to August 6th bringing you the finest wizarding wares and fabulous special items that envelope you into our world. Hosted on the Mischief Managed sim, a delightful Harry Potter Roleplay bringing the magic of Wizardry to SL’s lands.

Come and explore our world as we once again open our doors for this years Wizarding Faire as we guide you through an enriching experience and offer a fun, festive event to tickle your witchery.


Astralia | [Contraption] | [Cubic Cherry] | Cheeky Pea | DRD
Granola | Hextraordinary | Insomnia Angel | Junk Food
Kore | Ladybird | Noxturnal | Petrichor | Space Cadet | Sukker


[Aerth] | [Aluetia] | ANDORE | ATTIC | Banana Bansee | Banana Peel | Broken Arrows
Candle & Cauldron | Carpe Noctem | Chimia | Cinoe | Clover | DISORDERLY.
Diversion | Doe | duckie | Ersch | Evermore | Evil Baby | Go&See | HAZEL
Hopscotch | imbue | KitCat | kotte | Koukla | [Krescendo] | Lost + Doll | LuluB! | Magpie
Midna | MOVEMENT & Christwo Designs | Pare | pecheresse | Piper& Rue | Pitaya
{.Pity Party.} | Poison Rouge | Quills & Curiosities | Raindale | Random.Matter | rotten.
Sacrilege | Salem | Second Spaces | Star Sugar | ::Static:: | .STOIC. & Waffle World
TAMAGO | torment. | UNHOLY | Vespertine | Zen Child Designs | Zerkalo

This year we will be doing a Hunt!

Mischief Managed uses a Rezzer System. In each room you will see a moon plate near the door for you to “accio” and “scourgify” the rooms. This helps us reduce the land impact of our sim. Some automatically “accio” and “scourgify” though others do not. We politely ask you please scourgify a room as you leave! ♥️

Hunt Hints are available above.

All hunt items are priced between 0L$ and 10L$

NOTE : We take copyright/IP infringement very seriously. Failure to adhere to this rule will result, at minimum, in the forced removal of the offending item, and potentially removal of the designer from the event. We take this one seriously - please make sure you own all rights needed to sell your work!


Aria Christen | Aurila Tigerfish | Aurora Archeron
Clau Dagger | Dominae Desmoulins & Gabriel Montagne
EvelynnScott | Honey Vanilla | Ingrid Evergarden | Jennajingle
Kaishadiere | KatieLunaScarlet | Kimmy Ridley
| Lyn Kiyori | Mia Berry
MelodyAnne Wellesley | Meriluu17 | Michirumonroe
Romi Clementine | Saffron Foxclaw | Sailor UwU | Sayu Constantine
Skippy Beresford | Sol Mercury | Sugah Pancake | Sukiwinters
Synful Ghost
| Trudithrose | Violet Inaka | Whisper Mizin