Godric’s Hollow is a famous village in the West Country of England, with a long history of notable wizarding families residing in the village alongside muggles, and Mischief Managed has decided to expand our Wizarding World giving you the chance to make your home with us! The entire region is open to roleplayers whether they rent on the sim or not.

Central to Godric’s Hollow is St. Jerome’s Church surrounded by the village square which consists of four small wizarding homes, the Beehive Stores, La Porte Rouge Cafe, and The Thirsty Dragon Pub. Further out from the village are more cottages. There are many plots of land inhabited by wizarding families and tucked away down a country lane you’ll find Godric’s Bay which affords beautiful sea views and is home to Godric’s Bay Lighthouse, Godric’s Bay Kiosk & Chippy, and Godric’s Bay Ice Creams

Godric’s Hollow Village Hall & Community Garden can be found behind the Beehive Stores, they are for public use and the citizens of Godric’s Hollow just politely ask that the Village Hall is left clean and tidy after use.
The Village Hall can be used for meetings, parties, gigs, concerts, classes, village meals, dueling, debates, and more.

((The podium and the set of chairs are movable by all, please return them to their original location following use))

Want an event at the Village Hall adding to the calendar? Request it here

You can find the Thirsty Dragon Floo point here

Godric’s Hollow Rental Information can be found here

If you are interested in renting at Godric’s Hollow please apply here.

The funds generated from rentals at Godric’s Hollow goes towards paying the tier for our third sim so we greatly appreciate your support in this venture!

IC Rules & Information

  • Keep all magic off the streets. The Ministry of Magic has placed a trace in the centre of town and the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes will investigate any and all breaches of the statute of secrecy
  • If you are lucky enough to hold a piece of land or home outside of the village centre please ensure you have appropriate muggle repelling charms in place. The Ministry of Magic may do periodic inspections of your charms and the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes can place charms for a small fee if required
  • The local pub is owned by the cat pub lady, previously of Brighton Bay. She has decided to retire and has made The Thirsty Dragon inaccessible to muggles
  • The Beehive Stores (The Local Shop) is owned by a witch who has a small owl post delivery service hidden away, she will happily deal in both Muggle and Wizarding currency.
  • Your floo must be registered with the Ministry of Magic and periodic inspections of your Floo Network fireplace may occur

OOC Rules & Information

  • Renters should have an active character
  • Please pay your rent on time, your rent helps pay to keep our third sim open. We really appreciate your support and timely payments. There are no refunds on rent unfortunately.
  • Renters will be supplied with the MM scripts for their beds, showers, toilets, and sinks. If you have any issues with these please direct your concerns to the scripting team admin (Vaent1ne Apogee)
  • The OOC rules do still apply at Godric’s Hollow which can be found here
  • Keep all local chat PG and be responsible with your roleplay and your OOC actions. As you are aware, we are a sim which will have a mixture of adults and children. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your roleplay and actions are appropriate and within LL’s rules
  • Any attempt to keep your furniture PG is welcomed, but not required. We are aware furniture is not cheap so would rather you exercise restraint and not use those menus to avoid any worries about replacing your furniture
  • Whilst unpacking items on sim quickly is fine we politely ask you refrain from using your home or area as a sandbox
  • Due to the fact this sim is also home to the Ministry of Magic we unfortunately cannot allow skyboxes
  • Please endeavour to keep your decor in keeping with the sim’s aesthetic, within your area, and within your LI allowance. Please contact Saffron Foxclaw if you require an increase in LI.
  • We politely request you avoid the use of security systems, if you have any concerns please direct them to the rental team (Saffron Foxclaw, marigoldfeathersweet, or Honey Vanilla) or a Moderator/Manager/Admin