OH MY GOURD 2021-2021

Real world 2014-2014 Rumors, whispers and tails were spoken about a strange pot in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Some claimed it moved, others claimed it spoke, but soon students decided that it was time to put a stop to these rumors and investigate. The students soon found out that something lurked within the pot. It shook, and from inside a voice was heard. A voice that claimed to be of Professor Fox.Was he trapped inside? The only way to help, said by the voice in the pot was to find three magical pieces of candy. The pieces of candy would only reveal to the wearer of The Mask of Many Faces. Students set off in search of this magical candy with The Mask of Many Faces. When the students returned to the pot, they dropped the magical candy inside. One by one, there was a poof, and clouds of purple smoke would burst from the pot. There was no professor in the pot, but a small trickster imp. The imp laughed, running off, muttering of tricks and trouble to be had. The students panicked, following the trial of the trickster imp. After chasing, the student stopped in the Transfiguration corridor. On the ground lay many paintings, displeased with the situation and bickering with one another. The paintings told stories of how the trickster imp had promised to give them a whole new perspective. The trickster imp tore the paintings from the walls, running off cackling and once more, the students chased the imp. The imp was then chased through the Long Gallery but halted once more by a wretched smell. The imp had set off one of the worst stink bombs that year.  Even the nearby gargoyles moaned about the stench! The students however continued to chase after the imp, onto the Viaduct. When the students reached the Second Floor Corridor, immense amounts of water flowed around the student’s ankles. The trickster imp had flooded the bathrooms and the corridor this time! The trickster imp, in all its wicked delight made a mistake. A mistake which led to clues and allowed the students to be a step ahead of the imp’s little game. The students managed to craft an exploding Jack-O’ Lantern, and then tracked the imp to its hiding place. Tiptoeing into an abandoned classroom, the students used wingardium leviosa to levitate the exploding Jack-O’ Lantern, near to the imp before it went KABOOM! In bright flashes the Jack-O’ Lantern exploded, and wizarding crackers erupted, sparking around the imp. The students quickly captured the imp and showed it into a jar. With the trickster imp being captured, the students returned the imp to the pot.. All seemed well, but yet no one had noticed that the imp had escaped yet again.


Real world 2015-2015