OH MY GOURD (Real-world 2014-2014)

Another September has come, and with it a new class of potential Witches and Wizards arrive at Hogwarts, ready to be sorted. Headmistress Hightower officiates the ceremony, and the rekindling of friendships and rivalries, both new and old, commenced. The reconstruction of the old castle, which had taken a great deal of damage in the previous year, did little to interfere with the students learning. As winter approached, Hightower was seen less and less around campus, and just before the holidays, a new headmistress was named, Eponina Hawthorne. The students returned to a decidedly different Hogwarts than they had left. Within the first month of the year, there were attacks by both a troll and banshee, as well as the death of Professor Addison. To add to the chaos that had gripped the school, Headmistress Hawthorne disappeared as abruptly as she had arrived. Her return would not be a welcome one, however, as it saw her attack the very school that she had sworn to protect. Hawthorne was an Animagi, turning into a dragon she attacked the Hogwarts Express while Professors Li and Wentworth attempted to spirit a group of students away to Diagon Alley. After the students who remained entrenched in Hogwarts raised the ‘Down With Hawthorne Army’, the school went into full revolt and defeated Professor Hawthorne, beginning a new spring for Hogwarts.


THE NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES (Real-world 2015-2015)