When it comes to plots, common sense and canon knowledge will do you a kindness. When you choose to submit a plot:

The plot must be canon. Any non-canon plots will be denied.

Review it yourself, and do your research (websites are listed below). The more coherent and reasoned it is, the more likely it is to be approved.

Ensure you get permission from players your plot will impact in any way. This includes anything that might relate to previous plots.

Remember plots are nearly impossible to script to perfection, and often when it is, it will restrict the development of your character and others that may be involved, depending upon the plot. Be prepared for it not to go the way you had in mind, and let it flow organically.

Information on submitted requests can take time. This isn’t because the RPD are gang of greedy Gringotts Goblins! It’s because often, research has to be done on the part of RPD. Research that most always involves reviewing any and all plots and requests, currently active in play or those that are scheduled to begin. The RPD does it’s best to ensure the BEST time to allow a plot to commence in order to see that plots don’t step on the toes of one another. So we, the RPD, ask that you please be patient with us.


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Harry Potter Wikia

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current sim events, major plot submissions will be placed on hold until further notice.

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    I acknowledge that my plot may or may not be accepted. I accept that the decision made by RPD is the final word, though I acknowledge that I may submit it again at a later point should the RPD's feedback indicate as such. I also state that I will not attempt to see this plot through myself should the RPD deny it, and forfeit my membership to Mischief Managed should I attempt to break this rule.