Why do we care so much about staying PG?

Some of you may have heard or may have realized that at Mischief Managed we are strict upon keeping a PG atmosphere. Why do we do this? we’ll explain below.

Mischief Managed is a sim based around Hogwarts and the story of Harry Potter. The story of this is loved by all, old and young. With that. Our sim offers a true experience for those wishing to attend Hogwarts and we strive to keep it as realistic and light hearted as possible. We’re one of few sims that encourages and accepts child and teen roleplay. We actively encourage roleplayers to play these characters as magical and fun as they can be. Keeping to our strict rules of dresscode, modesty and strict rules prohibiting anything out of the ordinary for these young characters is what makes Mischief Managed what it is – A safe environment for people to enjoy Hogwarts and play as a young character.

With this. We must uphold and follow the rules LL and your current state provides on child protection. We do not allow smoking on sim by ANY character that is considered underage and we certainly do not allow alcohol consumption. Swearing is considered bad and most swear words are banned from our sim. Anything sexual between our roleplayers is considered a rule violation and those doing so will be considered banned while on our sim or associating with it. Age play is treated very seriously and offending roleplayers will be reported to LL and dealt with via those.

Sure, some of you may question that your average teenager experiments and plays about with these issues. However, our sim has a clear and safe image to uphold. We do not and will never endorse teenagers actively experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography and illegal behavior of any kind. Doing so while on our land is again, considered a act of rule violation.

We are very serious and strict regarding underage characters and the way they dress. Players roleplaying characters that are child and teen should always dress modest and cover up as much skin as possible. Again, this may be argued that it is not true to real world but a simple explanation would be that, We just don’t care for any arguments for this subject and we will always have the interest of protecting the modesty and the innocence of underage characters. Children shouldn’t be wearing mini skirts or showing off their cleavage and they shouldn’t be walking around in 6” stilettos regardless of the latest fashion trend of SL. All roleplayers should take care when dressing and these rules are agreed to upon submitting an application to MM.

However, we do actively allow light hearted romance while on the sim. We find it incredibly cute when seeing a First Year roleplay out having their first crush. Kissing is fine. Occasionally older students will have the odd snog while venturing out to the forest. However, again. We uphold strict modesty rules and care should be taken when roleplaying these scenarios as to not cross the line. We actively monitor and protect roleplayers against anything that may cross into Age Play.

On another note. We are supportive of those within the LGBT community and fully support same sex relationships. The same rules apply as above to those who wish to roleplay these scenarios. We are strict on how characters are portrayed. Anyone seen making a mockery of any community within SL will be in violation of our rules.

However, in closing. If you wish to act out teenage rebellion with any of the listed below things. We regret to inform you that Mischief Managed is not the sim for you.

Below you will find a list of things we do not accept at Mischief Managed.

  • Sexual relationships of any kind. Public chat or IM’s while associating with Mischief Managed.
  • Drug abuse or the act of having an addiction to any substance while in roleplay.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco.
  • Pornography or any kind.
  • Harsh swearing.
  • Any suggestive avatars or avatar clothing.
  • Rape or suggestion thereof.
  • Fetish or Age play of any kind.
  • Any or all suggestive topics that are deemed inappropriate for children to be participating in.