So, you’re new to Hogwarts Mischief Managed? Maybe even SL too? And you have absolutely no idea what all this stuff in the sim is about? Let us help you then! This page is all about how our sim ‘works’ and will detail the little quirks and kooks you may not have realised yet.


Now, in both the books and the films, Hogwarts Castle is a vast building with many rooms, one-hundred-and-forty-two different staircases, and multiple turrets and towers. Obviously we could not fit all of that (let alone half of that) in one sim. So, when the castle was being built by its incredibly talented builder Anya Ohmai, it was decided that having the classrooms as part of the main castle would be too much of a squeeze, so most of the rooms and classrooms were moved into skyboxes.


We hear some of you cry. skyboxes are basically little builds which have been raised up in the sky (normally over 500m, but can be as high as 4000m).


Most of the time, you will find that doors such as the one above will lead up to skybox classroom. To get up to those classrooms all you have to do is click (or “right click and sit”) on the door to be teleported up to the classroom. There will also be a door there to get back down.

Now, when you find a room you might find that it is empty and you have no idea what to do. But fear not! We have a solution!


Next to the door there will normally be a plate with either a crescent moon upon it or an antique key – that is the room rezzer. Click it and something like this will pop up in your viewer:


Though the buttons may differ from rezzer to rezzer, you will normally find a button which says “Accio” or “Rez”. Click this button to rez the room.

Then, when you are finished with the room you MUST click the “Scourgify” or “De-rez” button to de-rez the room or else the admins will hunt you down and squish you under their virtual feet (in the nicest, politest way possible, of course!). 

[gn_note color=”#f9eaae”]Failing to de-rez a room can result in the sim capping its prim allowance, which can cause immense damage. So please, remember to clean up after you leave![/gn_note]

Now, you may not be sure how to interact with a room/area when you enter it, but luckily there are information plates which will hand out a notecard with information about the area. Simply click the plate with the “I” and receive the notecard (see the above picture).


In order to combat lag, Mischief Managed has a strict under 100 scripts rule. When you arrive at the sim’s landing point (the train station) you will find a yellow star like this:


which when clicked with detect how many scripts you have running on your avatar and if the number is under 100! If you’re over 100, please reduce yourself before entering the sim. Failure to do so can result in a Strike.


Every Monday, Mischief Managed opens it doors to everyone, allowing them to head down to the castle to check it out! Though there are some guidelines we would like visitors to follow:

  • Scripts under 100
  • Appropriate, casual clothing
  • No nudity, weapons or alcohol
  • We want you to wear the Observer tag all the time when you are here if you are not an accepted member yet (you can find this by clicking on the Open Sim Mondays poster at the landing point).
  • Please do not interrupt the RP going on. Once you are an accepted member, you can join the story.
  • Please respect the privacy of our members, if you enter a scene which should stay private, the members have the right to ask you to leave.
  • You are more than welcome to take photos on your visit.

And we also have some guidelines for our members:

  • It might happen that we will have to face trolls, whenever you see someone breaking the rules, please let an admin know about it ASAP.
  • Wear your Mischief Managed RP group tag
  • Please follow our rules, treat visitors with kindness and patience as you are representing our community.
  • If you are about to have a scene and don’t want an observer to be present, you can ask them to leave or get out from the hearing radius.
  • Invite your friends to look around, this is a great time to have some fun with them in the sim.