IC Rules are rules your character should follow. They also have IC consequences like loss of House Points, Detention, and quite possibly Expulsion. Breaking these rules does not result in a Strike, however, unless behaviour is consistent across multiple characters. Upon joining the roleplay you agree to these terms. Failure to read these rules does not mean they do not apply to you.

Students should be aware that all rules created by the Ministry of Magic are applicable to students and are therefore not included in the rules listed below.


  • Uniform must be worn correctly. Shirts must be buttoned up and tucked in, jumpers and robes (where necessary) must be worn, ties must be worn. Skirts must be between knee length or just above. Socks or tights may be worn. It is at each professor’s discretion if they allow the removal of jumpers in hot weather.
  • Only hair colours that occur naturally are allowed. Unnatural colours include (but not exhaustively) white, red, green, pink, blue, etc.
  • Excessive make up and long nails are not allowed
  • When in uniform one must only have studs in their ears. One per ear.
  • ((See the official uniform page for more IC and OOC detail))


  • Only five pets are allowed in the castle: owls, cats, rats, pygmy puffs, and toads. There are no exceptions.
  • Students should only have one of these five animals. ((OOC Note: Please remove any scripts in your pet. If they are heavily scripted, we will ask you to remove them. Blinking, tail-wagging, or any minimal scripting is fine.))


  • The use of magic inside the castle is encouraged within the safety of a classroom or if in the presence of a faculty member.
  • Faculty may reduce or increase the use of magic while not being in the classrooms at their own discretion (e.g. homework/spell practice).
  • No duels without supervision and only for practice.
  • Using offensive magic against another student will result in punishment (detention, point loss etc.)
  • No magic in the corridors.
  • A non-human or drastically altered appearance (not including natural hair colour) by magic is not allowed (unless explicitly stated by a staff member otherwise) this can be a punishable offence,
  • Any student who is a metamorphmagus is held to the same rules as stated above,
  • (( OOC Note: when/if you want to cast a spell, check it in the Approved Spell List first. If the spell is not below or at your level, you did not learn and cannot use it! Any spell NOT on the Approved Lists is not accepted for roleplay, and should not be used.))


  • Students of all ages should be aware of curfew hours. Students caught breaking curfew are subject to punishment at the Professor’s or Prefect’s discretion. Curfew times are as follows (All times are considered to be in SLT):
  • 6am – 8pm: Castle and grounds permitted – unless stated otherwise during a full moon.
  • 8pm – 10pm: Restricted to the castle. No student are permitted to be on the grounds or away from the castle.
  • 10pm – 6am: Restricted to Common Rooms and Dorms. Students should be in bed asleep
  • ((As a reminder, IC curfew doesn’t mean that RPers aren’t allowed to be on sim RPing. It does mean that if your character is breaking curfew, that they should try to sneak about and not get caught, or have permission from a Professor. This is also a good opportunity to make use of various areas within the sim and/or other RPers that one might not otherwise go to, or RP with.))


  • Students in their first and second year can only leave the castle grounds with a Faculty member. Older students (age 17+) may visit the Hogsmeade Village as they please, however those under the age of 17 still need a parent or guardian permission slip. Students must have a permission slip to attend Hogsmeade trips. (Permission Slips are IC and can be asked of from your Head of House and returned to your Head of House.)
  • The forest must not be entered under any circumstance. Students can only trespass when being escorted by a faculty member.


  • The Great Hall should see students having the utmost respect and decency. Disturbances within the Great Hall are considered highly disrespectful and could warrant harsher punishments.


  • Silence or a low voice must be kept inside the library at all times. Pets and food are not allowed. The restricted section may only be entered with permission from a faculty member.


  • Vandalism of the school property and violence against another student or adult may result in severe punishment.
  • Physical violence against another student will likely incur harsher punishments than with magic.


  • We have Common Rooms for students in each House. Common Rooms are considered “Safe Zones” and are IC off limits to everyone not in that house and professors (except that House’s Head). Hogwarts is a large and vast magical castle and each Common Room is considered hidden. While it may be easy enough to find them by walking around, IC’ly it would take much more work. This is due to limited space in which we can build at the current moment. So IC’ly students wouldn’t easily “know” where Common Rooms are, minus their own of course. If students of a different House, or professors are to enter a Common Room, it needs be approved by the RPD. Keep in mind that a student trying to break into another House is against school rules as well, and could result in severe punishment if caught. We also have dorms for boys and girls divided in each House. Each of which are numbered respectively to their current Year. For example: A First Year would be in Dorm 1, while a Fourth Year would find themselves in Dorm 4. It is permitted that girls visit the boys’ dormitory, though not the other way around. Any boy attempting to visit the girl’s dorm will fail due to magic keeping them out, will be thrown out of the girl’s dorm and might be punished if caught.


  • The residing professor’s permission must be sought if you wish to use their classroom outside of lesson hours,
  • Use of classrooms and public spaces for group events (e.g. clubs, small parties, study groups) requires a professor’s permission ((An admin’s permission must be sought if it is not an official gathering e.g. a club/study group))


  • Skiving Snackboxes
  • Fanged Frizbees
  • Ever bashing boomerangs
  • Screaming yo-yos
  • Whizzing worms
  • Dungbombs
  • Spell checking quill
  • Extendable ears
  • Portable swamps
  • Self-propelling custard pies
  • Wildfire Whiz-bangs
  • Dr. Filibuster’s fabulous wet-start, no heat fireworks
  • Love potions
  • Patented Daydream charms
  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
  • Rememberalls – during testing and exams
  • Auto Answer quills
  • Detachable cribbing cuffs


IC Staff is defined as Professors, Nurses or Caretakers. It can also, at times, include Prefects and Head Boy and Head Girl. Punishable OFFENCEs against IC Staff can include but are not limited to:

  • Ignoring IC Staff
  • Disrespecting IC Staff
  • Casting spellwork on IC Staff
  • Attacking IC Staff



  • 1ST LEVEL OFFENCE: Verbal Warning/points loss – Detention (depending on severity and the decision of the IC staff)
  • 2ND LEVEL OFFENCE: Detention & Points loss
  • 3RD LEVEL OFFENCE: Sent home to parents for 1 week (banned from Hogwarts for 7 days) This could also include points loss for your House.
  • 4TH LEVEL OFFENCE: Expulsion (Your character is no longer permitted at Hogwarts)

There are NO exceptions to this rule. This is a school, and schools have punishments! Due note, however, that students may receive multiple detentions or points loss before the 3rd or 4th OFFENCEs are reached. Head of House may also suspend students at their discretion, with the Headmistress’ permission, regardless if 1st or 2nd offences have been issued.

Should a student be expelled, if they have not yet passed their OWL’s, their wand will be confiscated and snapped by a Ministry official, and they will no longer be able to purchase a new one. The Headmistress may expel any student at her discretion, however the student’s parents may appeal the decision to the Hogwarts Board of Governors. It is exceedingly rare that the Board of Governors would take up an expulsion appeal, let alone side against the Headmistress.

Just because a student is suspended or expelled does not necessarily mean the character is retired or banned from the sim. They may continue on in the greater Wizarding World, though as noted above, they may no longer have their wand.


  1. R. Ofessor: “You have detention. Report to the Headmistress immediately.”

Stu Dent: “Screw You Professor, I’mma smoke this doogie and turn you into a tadpole.”


  1. R. Ofessor “You have detention. Report to the Headmistress immediately” P. R. Ofessor walks away.

Stu Dent mumbles under his breath long after he is out of earshot “Stupid Professor- I hope he gets eaten by a Hippogriff!” he wanders off to the Headmistress anyway.

Whilst we aim to avoid students dying, stupid games win stupid prizes. In the event that a child gets involved in a situation clearly out of their capacity to handle, they may end up mauled/dismembered/killed at RPD discretion. This includes but is not limited to trying to kiss a werewolf, punch a dementor, sweet talk a dark wizard, or dance on a disintegration barrier.