Each roleplayer can only have three characters per second life account. This is for HUD reasons.


When applying a new alt, all roleplayers are REQUIRED to list all their alts for moderation reasons. Failure to announce alts will result in your character being retired and yourself banned from our sim on all accounts.

Please note that we never reveal alts to players nor staff members who don’t need to know. All alts are strictly confidential and only admins can access the names of alts.


We no longer have an alt limit on sim EXCEPT that roleplayers may only have one professor, the only exception to this rule is where there are exceptional circumstances approved by the ALO and IC staff admin together.


We do not allow those who are switching characters to play new characters on the sim unless their HUD and titler have been reset. Under no circumstances are you to use another titler and begin roleplaying your new character without an application approval. Those caught roleplaying characters that have not been approved via application and/or are abusing your titles in the group to allow you to roleplay many characters at once will be warned. If continued you will be banned from our sim.