The HUD functions are organised as follows:

HUD Buttons

Your inventory shows your funds and IC items. Upon character creation, every student receives a certain amount of money determined by their social class (Rich/Middle/Poor). Adults start out as unemployed, and must file their tax and salary information with the Ministry Department of Resources and Revenue to receive their first paycheck. Once a week, characters receive their allowance or salary (unemployed adults do not receive anything). The date of pay is 7 days after the last payment date, so this day may vary character to character.

Important! For students, if you select “lump sum” for your allowance, you will receive the entire year’s allowance and will not receive any more for the rest of the year. You will also no longer receive “catch up” skill points until the end of the year.

I. Giving Money

Touching any of the three coins shows you how much money you have, and gives you two options:

If you click the first option while you’re close to someone (you need to be realistically close to give them money, otherwise it won’t work), you will be able to select your target, and then choose a money amount to give:

To give someone money, you must separate the quantities by a space, galleons sickles knuts. To give Esmee 5 sickles, I had to type 0 5 0. I was notified of this, and when she gave me my money back, this appeared:

I’ll explain trading below, as it works the same for items and money.

II. Items

If I click an item, I’m shown how many units of that item I have, and four options.

II.I. Trashing and Rezzing Items

“Trash item” discards every single unit you have of that item, so in this case I’d lose all my chocolate frogs. “Rez item” makes the item appear floating right in front of you:

You can then right-click the item and take it into your SL inventory, our left-click touch it and click the “Take” option to take it into your HUD inventory.

If you attach a snack or drink to your character, you can also eat/drink it. Any items that are not attached to you can be taken by someone else, if they’re close enough to interact with the items.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t leave your items lying around. If you rez something, remember to either take it back into your HUD Inventory or your SL inventory. Don’t litter the sim! (Besides, like I said, someone might steal them…)

SL Limitation: If you attach an item and then use the “Take” option of its menu to take it back into your HUD inventory, it will be detached from your avatar but will still be in your SL inventory. That’s because it’s impossible for a script to delete an attached item. The item will no longer work, and rezzing it will make it disappear, so you might as well delete it.

II.II. Giving Items

Back to this, if you click “Give item to someone,” a similar situation to the one with giving money shows up.

III. Trading

Now, to trade with someone, you must choose what you want to give them. If I touch the money and click “Trade,” the following window will appear:

I’m offering Esmee 10 sickles, and once I submit, Esmee has 120 seconds to offer something back. When she clicks the Chocolate Frog, “Trade,” and chooses me, the following dialog box appears:

If both parties accept, the trade is completed, I get one Chocolate Frog, and she gets the 10 sickles.

IV. Purchasing Items

There are stores in Hogsmeade where you can purchase items (currently the one to the left of HEXtraordinary and the candy store). While wearing the HUD, you can touch the relevant items (bookcases, cauldrons, drinks, candies, etc), and a list of the items you can purchase will appear.

You can either swap through the pages to look for an item or you can click “Search” and type a part of its name.

Once you select the item you want to purchase, a window with its price will appear, and it will ask you to input how many units of that item you wish to buy.

IMPORTANT: You must type in the number of units you wish to purchase, not the item’s price. If you type in 15 in the above window you will buy fifteen copies of this book.

Once you complete the purchase you will be notified of this in local chat, and your Inventory have that item.