Hogwarts is technically a boarding school — as such (and according to canon), there is a uniform/dresscode. Below we have listed what constitutes appropriate wear for classes and other events requiring uniforms for students, and what is appropriate for casual wear outside of these events. Most infractions of the dresscode are dealt with In Character; that is, wearing sneakers/trainers to class or showing up with pink hair may result in punishment for your character by a professor, school staff member, or Prefect (if caught!). This is how improper dress was dealt with in the Harry Potter stories and in real-world boarding schools. Apparel suggestions for IC Staff (professors, school staff, etc.) are listed below as well, though there are no IC requirements. Some infractions, however, will result in OOC Staff interfering (for both students and IC Staff!), and these are listed at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is required that students wear their Level Badge at all times one is In Character

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We have this dresscode for a reason and upon submitting your application you agree to ALL (not some) of these rules. It is our prerogative to question any outfit we see fit and staff simply doing their job shouldn’t be met with rudeness, offence, name calling or any sort of disrespect. Any of the above will consequently resort in you being removed/rejected from the sim. We ask that you abide by these rules not only for immersion but for common decency and proper etiquette of roleplaying a teenage character.

PLEASE ALSO, ALSO NOTE: We are inclusive in how you want to represent yourself and do not restrict any roleplayer to gender binary. If you do not identify with a certain gender then you are free to dress how you wish as long as rules are followed. Pants and skirts are not gender exclusive and furthermore, our images only convey a generic look when providing dresscode examples but can further be extended to non binary views. We have taken care to remove any gender restrictions on dress code and further try to keep rules equal for male, female or other.


Uniforms should be worn to every class, and every weekday from 7.30am SLT to 2pm SLT, whether in or out of class. After 2pm, uniforms are only required to be worn during class. Uniforms should also always be worn to official school events or feasts unless otherwise specified. This is an IC rule and will only ever be dealt with IC. Sometimes a prefect or professor may IM you but only to clarify if you are intentionally rule breaking.


The Harry Potter stories and films differed on what students wore to class. The books, the truest canon, were clear that wizarding folk did not wear Muggle clothing of any sort — pants, sweaters, anything. They solely wore robes! But, this is unrealistic for Second Life, so we also freely accept that students wear their uniform as shown in the films. Our official description is as follows:

  • White button-up oxford shirt (collared, standard dress shirt, both short and long sleeved)
  • Simple grey, dark grey, or black sweater, cardigan or sweater vest, accented in House colours, worn over the oxford. No blazers.
  • Simple solid or striped tie in House colours only (no plain black or grey  ties)
  • Trousers: simple grey, dark grey, or black full-length dress trousers (NOT JEANS). Unadorned, but may have very subtle or minimalist texture/pattern/fabric. Simple stripes in House colours on the cuffs are acceptable.
  • Skirts: simple grey, dark grey, or black plain skirt. Skirts must, at minimum, reach midthigh, and, at maximum, below the knee. Long skirts and mini/short skirt lengths may not be worn with uniform Simple stripes in House colours on the hem are acceptable.
  • Students in their first or second year are allowed to wear a pinafore. The colour and length of the pinafore is as per the skirt rules.

    With skirts: Solid white, grey, dark grey, or black dress socks longer than ankle-length. Simple stripes in House colours on the fringe are acceptable. Solid tights in white, grey, dark grey or black are also acceptable. If your skirt is midthigh your socks MUST be knee length or you must wear tights.
Note: The skirts on the left and right (Long and Short) are only allowed in casual wear. These are UNACCEPTABLE for uniform skirt lengths

Allowed skirt lengths

(L-R) Long, Over Knee, Knee length, Mid Thigh, Short

Long skirts and mini/short skirt lengths may not be worn with uniform.

  • Plain dark grey or black dress shoes with no heel or a small kitten heel is fine. Only slink/maitreya flat feet may be worn UNLESS your flat shoes are on tippy toe. Shoes may have an accenting colour (black and dark grey with house colour lining or trim around edges). Heels, platform shoes, athletic shoes or plimsolls are not allowed in uniform. Black or Grey boots may be worn outside. Boots must be taken off when entering the castle.
  • OPTIONAL: House robes and hat in solid dark grey or black. Accenting house colors are acceptable. Robes should be longer than the knee but not drag on the ground. Robes may have hoods if necessary. Often encouraged. (OOC note: Robes are a Wizarding replacement for blazers and school jackets. They are considered outerwear and formal wear. A robe should be fine for cold weather)
  • OPTIONAL: white, grey, dark grey, black or house colour gloves, scarves and hats with uniform. Coats should be of black or grey or house colour in winter/autumn months of Hogwarts with trousers or skirt underneath. It is considered an IC infraction if students wear another houses colour while in uniform.
  • OPTIONAL: A grey, dark grey or black pointed hat can be worn with uniform. Hats may have house colour lining or trim/accents on. At official events pointed hats should not have a rim.

PLEASE NOTE: Some events, such as feasts or assemblies, will require students to wear FULL uniform, which is the standard uniform plus robes. This is the formal uniform for Hogwarts students and is reserved for very important events during the year. The times this will be required will be specified in notices — for the most part, when “uniform required” is mentioned, it is by default referring to the apparel listed above without the robe and hat.


Casual wear is comfortable, casual clothing. It can be worn around the castle any day after 2pm SLT, or at all times in the Common Rooms or on weekends (unless in class). Dressing appropriate for the student’s age is the only limitation; clothing must be appropriate and PG. There are few IC consequences for casual wear infractions; our limitations are very free, so breaking them is usually a more serious offence.

Casual wear is what you wear daily when not in uniform. You can wear what you wish within reason. Here’s a small list of what isn’t acceptable for casual wear

  • Skirts any shorter than the diagram above are not allowed (For clarity, if you remove your tights and can see butt cheeks, please don’t wear it). If in any doubt, check with a moderator
  • Heels over 3’’ (mid height), or platforms with a sole thicker than 1.5” are not allowed.
  • Open shirts, blouses, tops that are cut any lower than shown on this diagram. Any lower will require an applier/top underneath.
  • Sheer leggings with noticeable skin tone underneath. Leggings must be thick/opaque and tops worn MUST cover your avatar’s bottom.
  • Booty shorts of any kind. Shorts must cover the entire bottom. Between the months of May and September tights are not needed with shorts. Tights MUST be worn with skirts that are above mid thigh.
  • Cropped tops that rise any higher than the sternum (breastbone) – This includes sports bras.
  • Students may only have 1 small earring per ear

Please bear in mind the temperature at Hogwarts that day means some clothing may be considered inappropriate by Professors/Prefects/your peers and you may ICly be asked to change based on this

Party/Ball wear

Parties and Balls are a bit different. Students are allowed to dress up in ways they wouldn’t usually on a day to day basis. Please be aware of the following rules regarding Party/Ball wear.

  • Dresses that are strapless must not have a low cut neckline. Cleavage must be covered as much as possible, any lower than as shown on this diagram will require an applier
  • Slits in your dresses may be no higher than mid thigh. The same rules apply regarding tights; if the slit of your skirt is higher than above knee you MUST wear tights. Slits in casual wear skirts must go no higher than just above the knee.
  • Heels are allowed for 4th year and above as per the rules set out below. If in doubt, speak to a moderator prior to the event.
  • Low cut backs on dresses are allowed, however the back must go no lower than the T12 vertebrae on this diagram. Any lower and an applier must be worn underneath.


  • Students must not wear any type of heels other than 1” (kitten heel)  while in their uniform. In doing so they will gain punishment from Professors (if heels go overboard, OOC staff may ask you to change/remove them)
  • Heels can be worn with casual wear by 4th year and above. However, please bare in mind that Stilettos are still not allowed. 3’’ maximum (mid height). Anything more will be brought into question by OOC staff.
  • Boots and Wedges are allowed. Gathering they stay within the above mentioned height limit.
  • High Heeled Shoes are not allowed to be worn on sim by students. However, Medium feet may be worn with shoes that are under the 3” limit. High feet may be worn if shoes are actually flat and mimic being on your tiptoes (see Orange Pekoe’s flat shoes for high feet meant for tippy toes)

Mesh Bodies 

Mesh bodies are allowed on sim. However, they must be kept realistic for your characters age. Students should not enhance their breasts or buttocks sliders and should monitor their bodies as they would with their normal standard SL body. However, we do not allow bodies with enhanced nipples or the showing of nipples through bras and tops. Any additional enhancement (Breast/Buttock) are strictly forbidden.

Toddler avatars are not allowed as they are not realistic for an 11 year old or older.

Mesh Heads

Mesh heads can be worn as long as they look realistic. We do not allow any non-realistic looking heads.Please remember that the majority of you are in your teens (in roleplay) and your face has to represent it. If you have any questions please speak with a moderator.

Make up

In your application we will ask that your character has minimal-to-no make up on, this is so that if your character gets in trouble ICly regarding their make up you have a fresh face to revert to.

Noticeable makeup may result in IC disciplinary action, including points loss and detention at the discretion of the professors/faculty.

In very rare circumstances a member of OOC staff may feel that your make up is too excessive, this will be addressed on a case by case basis however this would not be a frequent occurrence as we feel it best to be handled ICly

Make up is allowed at formal events.

Bathroom Attire

We understand that it is immersion breaking having to use the shower or bathroom fully dressed. When using the bathroom if you choose to wear a towel it must cover all areas. If the towel is around your waist you must cover your chest also.

Pajama Attire

When wearing pajamas please make sure that you are covered up. Vests, tanks, t-shirts, shorts, etc are all acceptable so long as they adhere to the regular dresscode rules. (In the case of pajamas, shorts are able to be worn without tights year round, however must be restricted to dorms, bathrooms, and common rooms. Hospital Wings are also acceptable if your character has an overnight stay.) Please also refrain from using sports bras as pajama attire. No visible underwear!


When swimming at Hogwarts your upper and lower half must remain covered. Swimwear must be appropriate for your character’s age.

  • Bikinis are not allowed. Tankinis are.
  • Swimsuits must not be low cut.
  • If you choose to wear swim shorts you must wear a t-shirt or tank
  • Swimwear MUST cover the majority of your bottom. If in doubt you can always ask a moderator or manager for advice.


These OOC offences are the same whether the uniform is worn or casual wear, and are listed below. Clothing and uniform issues are almost always dealt with In Character by school teachers and staff, as it would be in the real world. But, if an IC Staff member thinks the item(s) worn go beyond a simple character reprimand/points loss, and actually break sim rules, they will contact an OOC Staff Member and have them step in. Breaking any of these results in enforcement of The Strike System, with severity deemed by the OOC Staff member at hand.

Do not wear or show, under any circumstances. These rules apply to everyone male, female or other:

  • Open chested shirts. We are equal so all sexes, genders or otherwise are to abide by this rule.
  • Skirts any shorter than the images above – even with tights. We’ve simplified the rules and no longer go case by case. If your skirt is higher than what the pictures above show you will be asked to change
  • Overly mature clothes. This goes case by case. We don’t want to see teenagers with BDSM related clothing, cinching corsets with excessive cleavage, etc. You are roleplaying a child.
  • Sexualised corsets/bodices/cinchers are not allowed
  • Offensive logos/words, logos referring to drugs, sex, alcohol etc. will be requested to be changed.
  • Futuristic clothes; we are a themed roleplay and futuristic clothes do not fit.
  • For those that have a penis, any visual bulges, outlines or the like must not be shown. In other words, you must be ken doll.
  • Heels over 1’’/Kitten Heel while in Uniform and over 3’’ while out of uniform.
  • Tattoos, or facial piercings. Professors/Adults may have them but any student may not unless approved.
  • Visible underwear/bras/butt crack is not allowed. (This includes sports bras)
  • Excessive midriff – by this we mean anything higher than the sternum (breastbone). Especially so if the underneath of your breasts is visible.

The wearing or showing of any items listed above can result in one or more Strikes, depending on severity. The items listed below are absolute, never-ever-EVER no-no’s. Wearing or showing any of these items may result in a temporary or permanent ban from our sim. Because we have child avatars on sim, we must adhere to guidelines set by Linden Labs, and the presence of the items below in our sim can risk its continued existence, which we cannot tolerate. We hope you understand.

  • Genitalia (the wearing or showing of any genitalia results in an instant and permanent ban, with absolutely no exceptions)
  • Anything pornographic or insinuatingly pornographic (instant perma-ban)
  • Talking/interactive pregnancy bellies/talking body parts
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia – Students should never wear, display, or roleplay these items
  • Clothing that may affect someone else’s running performance. e.g. full bright/glow, particle effects, etc