Quests are short, often times repeatable plots that can be done by yourself or with a few other people. In most cases quests will provide some type of reward for completing them, which could be skill points, a new potion recipe or spell, items, or access to areas that would otherwise be restricted.

While quests vary in what you need to do to complete them, most commonly you will need to say a specific phrase or RP performing a specific action at a certain location. You would start by clicking the object for that particular step, then post your RP, and the object will give you the clue to the next step. In other cases you may need to rez an object or even use a spell or potion to proceed. Pay very close attention to the instructions and clues! It’s best if you take notes and always log your RP as you may be required to provide your RP log in order to receive the reward. OOC help will not be given toward completing quests.

Also note that while the quests are scripted, the point of quests is to provide prompts for more RP. Providing OOC answers, purposely circumventing quest steps (including accessing areas your character shouldn’t have access to), or doing the quests without RPing will result in revocation of rewards and/or a strike through our OOC punishment system.