Looking for a new way to transfer money without having to be close enough to the person to smell them? Use a money bag, found conveniently in the Owl Post office in Hogsmeade, the DMRR office on the 1st floor of the Ministry, and Gringott’s front desk!


  1. Right click and “add” the money bag from your SL inventory
  2. Click the moneybag and follow the instructions to fill it up (make sure your HUD is attached and not OOC ) If you click it a second time, the money will just be refunded and you’ll have to start over
  3. Detach the moneybag, then send it to the person. Make sure you let them know which character it’s for, the moneybag doesn’t know those things!
  4. The person it was sent to should make sure their HUD is attached and not OOC, right click and add the moneybag, then click it. And voila they’ll have money!

You may also change the name of the money bag by rezzing it on the ground, then typing /7 followed by what you want to name it (ex. /7 for Alice). This can only be done while the money bag is empty, and *must* be rezzed on the ground or else the name will not stay when you take it back into your inventory. Note – sometimes SL permissions can be finnicky and the name change function won’t work. If this happens, try rezzing the bag, then add a galleon and refund it, and try renaming the bag again.