We know sometimes people get bored of their characters but don’t want to make another so instead decide to make a few changes. However, some changes you think are small have a lasting affect on your roleplay and others roleplay. With this, you are required the approval of the ALO Admin should you require changes.

Your story isn’t set in concrete but please remember that as you’re telling it, it connects with other people. This is why we need to approve it as it not only disrupts your roleplay but others whom you have roleplayed with. Below is a list of things that do and dont require approval.


  • Hair Colour Changes
  • Skin Updates (Updated/New Skins)
  • Weight/Height
  • Wand (Size/Core/Wood) – You may purchase a new wand in the wand shop at any time, however ALO should be notified after purchasing
  • Future Personal Plot Updates (if something happens with your story that doesn’t alter what has happened in the past)
  • Anything that could/would happen to your character post backstory submitting.


  • Race Changes
  • Hometown/Location/Nationality Changes
  • Eye Colour Changes
  • Major Backstory Changes (Family/Wealth/Issues)
  • Blood (Pure/Half/Muggle)
  • Ability (See Apps)
  • Gender
  • House (Hogwarts)
  • Year (Hogwarts)


We have a policy in place that you may only be granted approval for the ‘required approval’ changes within two weeks of character creation and if no roleplay/barely any roleplay has been done with that character. In certain circumstances this may be overid if you can prove that your changes will not affect anyone elses roleplay but your own.

All characters that have been accepted have two weeks to adjust their character. If after two weeks you require a change, you must prove that you have not roleplayed anything significant in conjunction with your requested change. I.E if you have been telling people you are a Pure Blood and they have reacted, then request to change to Muggle Born. Your request will be denied.


We do not allow skill hud changes unless it is proven that you have made a mistake upon placing your allocated skill points. Please be careful when doing so. Your hud will only be reset should you have made a mistake. An example of a mistake would be putting too many points in one allocated spot in which you did not wish there to be so.

EXAMPLE: ”I went to imput 20 into my Potions Skill but accidently put 200”  

We do not reset huds if you should feel the need to ‘change’ your allocations. All hud imputs are final.

Names may be changed upon the request that you have made a spelling mistake or an error in your hud. We strongly recommend when applying that you do not use the surname of your OOC family as we are unlikely to allow name changes if there are family breakdowns outside of our sim.

Hud resets will only usually be granted if you have applied a new character and wish to retire an old one.