The Ministry of Magic is the central area for all things government within our world. It houses not only the Minister for Magic himself but the many departments that shape and create the laws we abide by along with the oversight and running of the wizarding world itself. Whether it be legislation creating or criminals being put on trial, you’ll find an array of things happening at the Ministry of Magic.

Politics? Isn’t that boring?

No! Politics can be incredibly fun to roleplay if you like that sort of thing. There is a fully functioning Wizengamot here at the Ministry that debate and decide what laws will be put in place for all those with a wand. You’ll also find the Minister sometimes battling to get legislation through the court or even a few shady backhands from corrupt officials. It’s limitless what you can roleplay but the question is, are you ready to shape our world?

Aurors? Creatures? UNSPEAKABLES?

Not only do politicians operate in the Ministry of Magic but there are also many departments that oversee different aspects of our world hidden beneath the ground itself. At the Ministry you will find the wizarding worlds alternative to the muggle police force who stand firm in stopping all manner of criminal activity. Perhaps you have seen an creature feasting on a helpless victim? well, not to worry. The Department of Regulation and Control of Creatures is here to help.

Don’t ask what an Unspeakable is though, nobody knows.

OOC Tips

  • The Ministry operates from 9-5 and is always full, busy and bustling with life during those hours. Perhaps after 5 o clock things tend quieten down but be prepared, there are always guards on duty and some may even find staff have stayed late to catch up on all those parchments piling up.
  • The Ministry is well guarded. All those who enter must have their wands checked in before they proceed into the Atrium. You may get away from this if you can find a way but mostly, they always know who is around.
  • Some offices may be enchanted. If in doubt, OOCly check with the owner of said office.
  • Magic is encouraged in the area and you’ll find Ministry workers using practical magic to ease their job. However, offensive magic such as curses aren’t used unless it’s kept a secret. Who did hex that office to have a rainstorm?
  • The Ministry cannot be located by Muggles.
  • The Ministry has many entrances, all which exit into the Atrium fireplaces or the Atrium itself.
  • Committing criminal acts in the Ministry of Magic may get you arrested. Be careful, naughty people!
  • The Wizengamot decide and vote on real RP cases. All criminals (if caught that is) are housed inside the Department of Magical Law Enforcement cells until trial. Trials are conducted and overseen by real roleplay characters.