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The left column is the IC year and (RW year) is the year this took place in real life.
Aug 2029

The International Confederation Summons (RW 2022)

--- The main topic of debate was the consideration of the new nation of Gringland’s legitimacy and right to a seat at the ICW. King Ragnuk XIV was present at the gala, much to the chagrin of the other attendees. --- After a speech by King Ragnuk in front of the ICW, a long deliberation ensued among the other nations’ leaders, taking into consideration what it could mean if Gringland was or was not admitted, and the risks either option posed. Ultimately the vote for Gringland’s legitimacy failed by a wide margin and King Ragnuk exited quietly and respectfully, to everyone’s suspicion. --- Notably, Switzerland, in which Gringland geographically resides, supported their legitimacy. Germany voted along with Switzerland and pledged their support regardless of Switzerland’s decision.

July 2029

The Trial & Death of Dragomir Gvozdic (RW 2022)

--- A two day trial came to the Wizengamot following a year long investigation into the murder of Matvey Golovin and the use of an Unforgivable Curse on a Durmstrang Student --- As a guilty verdict was voted upon the accused disappeared in front of the shocked gaze of the courts. It was reported that Gvozdic reappeared high above the Swedish Ministry of Magic to fall from the height and land, impaled, upon the upheld wand of the statue of Karin and Birgitta Andersdotter.

June 2029

Currency Improvements (RW 2022)

--- In the spring of 2029 Anathema Nitt discovered a magical alarm clock in the forest which put anyone to sleep who heard the alarm. After bringing it to Hogsmeade metal charmer Alice Hawkins, it was discovered that the meteor could imbue objects left near it with some of its properties and a specific signature tone when struck --- Alice used this property to create devices that would cancel the meteor’s energy field, which allowed a team of metal charmers and Ministry workers to get close enough to exhume and move it by means of a hot-air balloon --- The meteor was flown to the Ministry and given a home in the Department of Mysteries: Space division, where it is being used to imbue newly minted coins made of metals more common than gold and silver. The coins have been put into circulation as a new magically resistant currency. --- During the summit, Germany pledged to send more researchers to the UK to study the meteor and speed the process of minting coins.

May 2029

The Goblin Debate (RW 2022)

-- After a long period of silence from the goblins in general, a leader emerged named King Ragnuk XIV who supplied a long list of demands via an envoy. The demands offered the use of goblin gold in exchange for satisfying a long list of asks including changes to the UK’s own laws, such as permitting goblins to own wands and enroll at Hogwarts. --- The demands were seen as too steep by many and a referendum was called to determine if the UK should bother dealing with King Ragnuk at all. ---- Following a debate, the vote was held and the populace decided they would rather not deal with King Ragnuk, forfeiting everything the goblins had taken from the bank indefinitely.

April 2029

Werewolf Murder (RW 2022)

A full moon rose over Godric’s Hollow and screams tore through the normally sleepy village as a werewolf attacked at Menhir Cottage to the East of the village. The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes spread misinformation to the muggle witnesses whilst The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures worked damage control

April 2029

The Trial & Death of Vilhelda Oovegr (RW 2022)

Eventually Oovegr was brought to trial for using an unforgivable curse on the Durmstrang Triwizard Champion. With a guilty verdict agreed upon by The Wizengamot Oovegr was taken away only to be murdered by an assassin on arrival to Azkhaban


Fight for the Quidditch World Cup (RW 2022)

Brazil, Svalbard, Greece, and China fought the frontlines to host the 2030 Quidditch World Cup with Greece winning the bid


Dementors in Hogsmeade (RW 2022)

After years of being generally absent from the magical world due to the Ministry of Magic’s discontinuation of their use, dementors reappeared and began terrorising Hogsmeade residents. The first victim was local potion shop owner Lukka Rookswood, and soon many more followed. In the weeks and months that followed, more incidents took place across the UK, prompting the DRCMC to begin a program to teach the patronus charm to anyone willing to learn it.


The Election of Matthew Soo (RW 2021)

Following the resignation of Alyssa Merriweather as Minister for Magic, two up-and-coming politicians rise from the ashes. Matthew Soo and Nigel Stormcrow faced each other with fiercely contrasting policies. By a small margin, Matthew Soo eked a win and began his tenure as Minister for Magic.


The Grecession Ongoing (RW 2021-22)

As the reality of the Grecession sets in, the Wizarding Community divide and come together. Thefts increase throughout shops and local homes, but also the philanthropically inclined come together to help the poor remain fed, students attend Hogwarts with all their equipment, and Hogwarts staff set up a communal garden to ensure students remain fed.


The Grecession (RW 2021)

--- In the final week of the summer holidays an angry mob took to Diagon Alley demanding their gold be returned. Despite a volley of spells, when the dust cleared it was discovered that the goblins had disappeared with all of Wizardingkind’s money, leaving the UK’s wizarding world facing a crushing recession --- Following the theft, Minister for Magic, Alyssa Merriweather, stepped down from office allowing an open election to be prepared for with Kaleikaumaka Tenadii, Senior Undersecretary, being declared acting Minister by the Wizengamot


The European Quidditch Cup (RW 2021)

--- The Doda Pilii campsite seemed like a haven for visitors travelling to Romania for the European Quidditch Cup final until vampires descended one evening, attacking campsite dwellers --- The Holyhead Harpies went head to head with the Appleby Arrows in a vicious European Cup Final with the Appleby Arrows winning 250 points to the Holyhead Harpies’ 170. The match wasn’t over as an explosive brawl broke out at the end with broken bones aplenty.


Little Lamplight Summer Tournament (RW 2021)

Wizarding Duels in Little Lamplight include a new student bracket! Several students of Beaxbaton’s and Durmstrang are taken on by British Dueling Clubs.


The Flooding of Little Lamplight (RW 2021)

Heavy Summer Rains led to a flood in the wizarding town of Little Lamplight. Rising waters led to Grindylow stalking the streets.


The Cat Burglar (2021-present)

Various houses in the magical community have found their homes inexplicably broken into despite magical protections, with magical items of value being stolen and reportedly found being resold on Knockturn Alley black market


Little Lamplight Winter Tournament 9RW 2020)

Wizarding Duels take place in Little Lamplight with dramatic costume changes and even more drama with the audience


The Triwizard Tournament (RW 2020-21)

--- The Triwizard Tournament was announced in the summer of 2020 with the international students arriving in the following October. --- Elliott Reid (Hogwarts Champion), Cardan Duarte (Beauxbatons Champion), and Lars Stangeland (Durmstrang Champion) were chosen by the goblet of fire with Emily Neutron, Sebastien Roumieux, and Gabriel Engstrom chosen as their respective seconds --- Tensions within Hogwarts were exacerbated by the gift of poisoned cookies to Durmstrang’s second champion and the arrest of Durmstrang’s Deputy Headmistress following the use of an unforgivable curse on the Durmstrang Champion, followed by the poisoning of Durmstrang Headmaster Matvey Golovin. --- The murderer of Matvey Golovin was discovered to be Acting Durmstrang Headmaster Gvozdic following Professor O’Keeffe allying herself with the Durmstrang students leading to a fiery battle the day before Stangeland won the final triwizard task to be Triwizard Champion


The Hogsmeade Meteor (RW 2020-present)

In November a meteor fell to the Hogsmeade fair grounds, anyone who approached it fell into unconsciousness with long term nightmares following. The investigations remain ongoing


Gretreat (RW 2020-present)

With Goblin tensions being at an all time high after centuries of inequality, the wizarding and goblin community met to vote on the Goblin’s Retreat from the British Wizarding Community (Gretreat) with the Gretreat party winning out leading to economical destabilisation - inflation rose to 200% - and worries that the Goblin funded Triwizard Tournament would not go ahead


The International Confederation Summons (RW 2020)

Ministers of Magic from around the Wizarding World were summoned to the United Kingdom to discuss the threat of Umbrae. The Minister of Magic also held a formal gala, and only select adults were invited to attend this high-security event which came to a dramatic conclusion where balls of light appeared, whispering in a familiar voice.


The Orb of Lentrillion (RW 2019-2020)

--- A dark artefact continued to be rumoured in Hogwarts castle and Daniel Nagus, Unspeakable, was sent to investigate. After a short sojourn away from the castle he returned in April 2027 to investigate with new knowledge and a race to find it before students did. --- Students, unfortunately, were the only people who could find the orb and odd afflictions appeared to affect them, at first harmless but the curse of the orb became more sinister as Nagus was held captive by his own son in the Room of Requirement. This did little to quell O’Keeffe and Blightly’s doubts of the man’s ability to do his job and the faculty assisted in investigating. --- Unfortunately the room that housed the orb was cursed, anyone over 17 would enter and forget themselves, though Professor Green devised a potion to cure this. The faculty eventually entered with notes to remind themselves of their cause and unfortunately it was then that Nagus’s polt was uncovered. He wished to take the Orb for Umbrae and he was stopped before he could escape. With the faculties memories restored, Blighty obliterated Nagus’s memories and the broken orb is kept in O’Keeffe’s vaults to this day


The Fall of Mordushku (RW 2020)

--- Presumed to be dead following a house fire, Agron Mordushku had hidden himself away in the Forbidden Forest to build about him a loyal following of students and miscreants. The Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts professors banded together leading to the defeat of Agron by Percius Fletcher, and the untimely death of Eugene Longnecker --- Following the events Professors O’Keeffe and Blightly, and Percius Fletcher were all awarded an Order of Merlin, First Class for their heroism.


The Animagi Hunter (RW 2019-present)

--- An unknown assailant who was renowned for attacking and murdering animagi resurfaced during 2027, currently still at large the Auror office are continuing to investigate following a spate of attacks


The Organ (RW 2019)

--- Shortly before Halloween. Prof. Vikander found an ancient cabinet organ in a forgotten attic somewhere around Hogwarts, and moved it to the Clocktower. However, it turned out the Organ was cursed, and upon being played trapped Vikander within its pipes, which rapidly spread throughout the school. --- Students that attempted to play the pipe organ had their voice stolen, and was added to the banks of voices played constantly through the school until the instrument was destroyed on Hallowe’en, and all the stolen voices were released.


Minister Missing (RW 2019)

--- In July of 2026, along with the exam results, Minister Fischer was announced missing presumed dead following a pool of blood being found in her office and her sudden disappearance --- Following the announcement of Fischer being missing, presumed dead, an election was held with Alyssa Merriweather winning a landslide victory and taking over as Minister for Magic


Missing Exam Results (RW 2019)

Following the untimely death of Professor Fox, and the dragon attack on the castle, when results day arrived the OWL and NEWT results did not arrive. They were eventually delivered in the summer of 2028


The Quidditch World Cup (RW 2019)

--- In the summer of 2026 Brighton Bay played host to The Quidditch World Cup, Ireland vs England. England won with 350 points to Ireland’s 100 --- Over the summer rumours of an underground magical rave being held at Warehouse 22 in Brighton Bay cropped up, drawing students and adults to it alike. In an act of crime copycat, students were transfigured into wolves and set upon one another. Despite no suspects being apprehended, word spread that children of Eleanore Lovelace - Greenteeth- were the responsible culprits


Fox’s Demise & A New Headmistress (RW 2019)

--- A fire broke out in Hogsmeade almost destroying the village with Head Auror Depalo accused of causing it and had not been seen since. Around the same time a warrant for Fox’s arrest was announced by the Ministry of Magic and he left the castle to avoid arrest --- In the summer of 2026, following an uneventful year, members of Umbrae enraged and unleashed a dragon upon Hogwarts. Umbrae demanded an artefact to be handed over, when O’Keeffe refused Umbrae began to weave a spell that would destroy the castle --- Fox returned just as Umbrae were about to attack and gave his life to create an infinite shield to protect the castle. --- Following his death, O’Keeffe was instated as Headmistress with Abaddon Blightly joining as Deputy Headmistress


Edna Part II (RW 2019)

Upon being bullied and developing an infatuation with the plant Edna, a Slytherin student took it upon herself to steal a snippet of the hybrid plant to grow into her own personal defensive measure. Unfortunately, the plant rapidly grew out of control, forcing the dungeons to be closed as the plant overtook the area, leaving no room for the Slytherins to sleep.


Werewolf Registration Act (RW 2018)

The werewolf registration act was introduced as a way for the Ministry of Magic to reduce expenditure and to protect the public. Outcry followed with insistences that the legislation was brought in by Fischer in a knee jerk reaction to placate voters


Greenteeth (RW 2018)

--- The first full moon of the new school term ended in disaster as a group of students snuck out of the castle, whilst the inhabitants searched, the violent and sadistic Werewolf Gwendolyn Greenteeth found them. Over the next few months Greenteeth - found to be former student Eleanor Lovelace - terrorised the school --- Tensions grew with the Werewolf Registration Act being enacted, wolf hunts happening, and wolfsbane stock being destroyed. Students and staff began to go missing and Fox and O’Keeffe left to the Ministry to talk about Hogwarts’ future. Persephone Vitrac, one of Greenteeth’s first victims, left the castle to face her, returning with the centaur herd, bloodied and missing a limb. Soon after Greenteeth attacked with transfigured wolves --- Fox and O’Keeffe returned mid-battle with O’Keeffe (a former school friend of Greenteeth) trying to talk her down. With Greenteeth about to attack O’Keeffe, Fox used a flippendo sending Greenteeth falling seven floors to her death. The spells on the transfigured wolves broke leaving traumatised students to recover


13 Hallowed Nights (RW 2017)

A banshee appeared in the Great Hall followed by acromantulas bursting from the Great Hall courtyard fountain only days later. Letters began to appear along with vampire attacks. The Vampire Society of Great Britain attended the castle to investigate and the vampire was destroyed by the leader of the Vampire Society


Edna Act I (RW 2017)

The cross bred venomous tentacula (with an unknown secondary part) known as Edna, agitated by the pokes and prods of students, broke free of the confines of the Greenhouses invading the Long Gallery


A new Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress (RW 2017)

As Hannah Fischer ascended to Minister for Magic, Professor Oreyn Fox is instated as Headmaster and renowned Ministry Witch, Aoife O’Keeffe (formerly Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes) is instated as new Deputy Headmistress following rumoured drama in her personal and work life.


From Headmistress to Minister of Magic (RW 2017)

In the final months of the 2023/24 school term Hannah Fischer was elected as Minister for Magic replacing Aphelbaum Picklebottom.


The Ouroboros (Real-world 2016-present)

--- Spring 2023 - During the time of Dorchester, the ouroboros reared its head to spread discord through the castle with malicious rumours written on The Owl Post in muggle style invisible ink - orange juice --- Spring 2024 - again the Ouroboros reared its head by taking revenge on students and staff, one student was poisoned whilst a professor was thrown down the stairs and the divinations tower was flooded with mice --- Spring 2025 - a student is poisoned with wolfsbane in their cookies with the Ouroboros claiming the attempted murder --- Winter 2025 - The personal diaries of students were found strewn across the castle with the symbol of the snake eating its tail found amongst the scattered parchments ---Summer 2026 - A delivery of oranges arrived in the great hall with the ouroboros carved into them, they magically do not appear to get old with time and can still be found in the hall


The Heart of Four (RW 2015-16)

--- The curse placed on Headmistress Fischer began to worsen as Judy Dorchester rose to the ranks of Head of the Board of Governors of Hogwarts. Professor Fox chose to leave the castle to hunt down Zemeckis, leaving the castle to the whims of Dorchester --- The 2023 Hearty Party came to a dramatic end as Judy Dorchester entered Hogwarts and installed herself as acting Governor bringing the “Goons” with her. Gluttonous Magwina Leech, Greedy Morton Fallax, envious and jealous Priscilla Knotts, prideful and obedient Boris Boggs, and the insane Ironhand. Together they transformed Hogwarts into a military-esque school --- Meanwhile Fox came to an agreement with Zemeckis that she would provide a potion for Fischer for the rest of her life in exchange for protection from the Ministry --- The shadow returned and a group of students and Professor DracheBlume travelled to bring the Hag of Crowscreep to the castle to free it from the shadow, her son who was trying to use the Heart of Four to revive his dead wife. A battle ensued and inferi attacked the castle and students, with the Hag sacrificing herself to defeat her son with Dorchester and her Goons being arrested


The Hag of Crowscreep (RW 2014-2015)

--- The mysterious “Hag of Crowscreep” arrived in Hogsmeade shortly before a local man went missing only to return a month later alive, and with no memories of leaving and attacked increased around Hogsmeade --- Zimelda Zemeckis, Vice-Chancellor (and agent of the notorious Judy Dorchester) arrived at the castle just as whispers of a ‘shadow’ began. One night a storm broke over the castle and as students hid in the Great Hall a shadow was spotted only to disappear and plunge into the lake --- Zemeckis was discovered to be a former Death Eater and a fiery duel between Fischer and Zemeckis followed with Fischer ending up cursed with deadly magic as Zemeckis fled. - A small group of students’ meddling uncovered the clerk at Honeydukes was the ‘shadow’, a dark wizard who had been infiltrating the school. After a confrontation the students found themselves overwhelmed, only to be saved by Professors Fox and Digby, and the hag. Chief Warlock Dorchester arrived just in time to see the Hag flee


Low Down Doxy Blues (RW 2014)

A doxy infestation is only exacerbated by an international shortage of doxycide. Students work together to gather ingredients used in the brewing of doxycide.


The Curse of the Golden Frog & The Triwizard Tournament (rw 2013-14)

--- For Professor Fischer’s first year as Headmistress the castle plays host to the Triwizard Tournament with Durmstrang winning in a relatively uneventful Tournament --- Towards the end of the school year Headmistress Fischer mysteriously left the school leaving Professor Fox in charge, meanwhile Professor Digby took possession of a cursed object --- Shortly after the school was flooded with golden frogs which was found to be due to a cursed Professor Digby being possessed with evil magic. After a duel with Professor Fox, Digby was relieved of the cursed object freeing him, and the school


Goodbye Mister Snowman (Real world 2013)

A group of enchanted snowmen arrived on the Hogwarts grounds playing pranks on anyone who passed by, as spring approached they were taken to live among the ice of Greenland


The Reign of the Black Feathered Witch (Real world 2012-2013)

--- As winter of the 2019 school year approached, Headmistress Hightower was seen less and less around the school and a new Headmistress stepped in before the school holidays --- With the reign of Headmistress Hawthorne, a troll and banshee attacked the school followed by the death of Professor Addison   --- Headmistress Hawthorne disappeared as abruptly as she had arrived, returning in the form of a dragon, attacking the Hogwarts Express as students tried to escape. Students who remained banded together and went into full revolt, defeating Professor Hawthorne ---