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Another September has come, and with it a new class of potential Witches and Wizards arrive at Hogwarts, ready to be sorted. Headmistress Hightower officiates the ceremony, and the rekindling of friendships and rivalries, both new and old, commenced. The reconstruction of the old castle, which had taken a great deal of damage in the previous year, did little to interfere with the students learning. As winter approached, Hightower was seen less and less around campus, and just before the holidays, a new headmistress was named, Eponina Hawthorne. The students returned to a decidedly different Hogwarts than they had left. Within the first month of the year, there were attacks by both a troll and banshee, as well as the death of Professor Addison. To add to the chaos that had gripped the school, Headmistress Hawthorne disappeared as abruptly as she had arrived. Her return would not be a welcome one, however, as it saw her attack the very school that she had sworn to protect. Hawthorne was an Animagi, turning into a dragon she attacked the Hogwarts Express while Professors Li and Wentworth attempted to spirit a group of students away to Diagon Alley. After the students who remained entrenched in Hogwarts raised the ‘Down With Hawthorne Army’, the school went into full revolt and defeated Professor Hawthorne, beginning a new spring for Hogwarts.


GOODBYE MISTER SNOWMANS (Real-world 2013-2013)

Enchanted Snowmen arrived on the grounds of Hogwarts. Voices were heard, but yet nobody could figure out where they came from. The snowmen played pranks on anyone who passed by. The snowmen would wait until nobody had their eyes on them before throwing snowballs. A week later, it became clear that those voices were the voices of snowmen. One snowman, in particular, was named Chauncy Plonker. The snowman had tasks set and referred to someone as ‘gov’. As the weather began to get warmer, the snowmen gathered to say their goodbyes. The snowmen in turn revealed that Professor Fox was this ‘gov’ they spoke of, but Professor Fox denied such claims. After these accusations from the snowmen, Professor Fox asked a friend, Rufus, who then took the snowmen north to live among the ice of Greenland.


THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FROG (Real-world 2013-2014)

With the next Sorting underway the newest students at Hogwarts met the latest Headmistress appointed to run the school, Headmistress Fischer. Fischer’s administration was kept in close watch by the Ministry, with former Headmistress Hightower casting a long shadow over every action taken by Fischer. That fall would see the return of the Triwizard Tournament return the school and its grounds, with Drumstrang defeating Beauxbatons as well as its host Hogwarts. Before the closing of the Triwizard Tournament that Headmistress Fischer left the school under mysterious circumstance, leaving the students in the very capable hands of Professor Oreyn Fox. With all the commotion in place from the Tournament, and the school naming its 4th Headmaster in two years that the History of Magic professor, Oswalt Digby, unwittingly took possession of a cursed object. Shortly thereafter the school was flooded with frogs, which gave out an airborne toxin that nullified the use of magic wherever the frogs appeared, which was almost every inch of Hogwarts. It took the ingenuity of three students to follow the clues that lead to Professor Digby, who after holding the cursed object for a number of months had been entirely possessed by its evil magic and become a vehicle of ill-intent. With the help of the spirit of Nimue who had been resting peacefully in her cave beneath Hogwarts the students destroyed the source of the frogs, allowing their magic nullifying toxin to dissipate. Professor Fox caught notice of the commotion, and arrived and duelled an enraged Digby, disarming him and taking the cursed object, thus breaking the curse that a mysterious Dark Wizard had placed upon him.


LOW DOWN DOXY BLUES (Real-world 2014-2014)

A wild and uncontrolled Doxy infestation sealed off The Divinations classroom. As with an international shortage of doxycide, with cut-backs from the Ministry, students were left with a task to gather ingredients used in the brewing of doxycide for Professor Bulloch.


THE HAG OF CROWSCREEP (Real-world 2014-2015)

Disappearance at Hogsmeade! After the mysterious arrival of a Hag in the forest near Hogsmeade, known only as “The Hag of Crowscreep”, a local man went missing. Authorities searched for the Hag of Crowscreep but found no trace. Back at Hogwarts, the school year began and students arrived for the sorting ceremony. Nearly a month had gone by with no sign of the hag when the missing person returned, alive, and with no memory of having ever left. Strange appearances and rumoured attacks from what everyone suspected to be the hag increased mysteriously about Hogwarts, leaving everyone with questions. A few students claimed to have heard the voices of their closest friends screaming and calling to them, but when they rushed to their aid, not a soul, living or dead was found. Was it that they were going mad? Meanwhile, the attention of many turned to the arrival of Zimelda Zemeckis, Vice-Chancellor and direct agent of the notorious Judy Dorchester. Word of a “Shadow” began to surface, rumours that spoke of the “Shadow” creeping about the castle grounds. Did the Hag manage a way into Hogwarts? While a wild storm rampaged the grounds with thunderous rain and flashes of bright lightning, a weakened Headmistress Fischer gathered frightened students in the Great Hall. As a bright white light illuminated the walls from the outside storm, students spotted a lurking “Shadow”. After a piercing scream from a girl, Professor Fox broke from the Great Hall to investigate and found the “Shadow”. In an eerie fit of laughter, the “Shadow” plunged itself into the lake below. Sometime later, Headmistress Hannah Fischer uncovered information that had exposed Zemeckis as a former Death Eater. Zemeckis enraged by this, engaged in a fiery duel with the Headmistress, leaving Fischer cursed by deadly, and unknown dark magic before fleeing. The meddling of a group of students uncovered that the Honeydukes Clerk was the enigmatic “Shadow”, a dark wizard with unknown interests in Hogwarts, that had been using the secret passage there to infiltrate the school. After a confrontation late in the night of the 13th of June, the intrepid lot found themselves overwhelmed by the dark magic of the “Shadow.” The timely arrival of Professors’ Fox and Digby, along with the unexpected aid of the Hag of Crowscreep, drove the dark wizard away, but not before vengeance was sworn. Following the epic – ‘Midnight Duel at Hogsmeade,’ Chief Warlock and Hogwarts Board member Judy Dorchester arrived, having been informed of a late-night disturbance in the village. Dorchester arrived in time to find Professor Fox and students, in conversation with the Hag of Crowscreep, which promoted the Hag to flee in a whirl of cawing crows.


THE HEART OF FOUR (Real-world 2015-2016)

Political tension rose within the Ministry of Magic with the unexpected rise of Judy Dorchester, taking the seat of Head of Hogwarts board, and many began to question whether or not Headmistress Fischer was in fact the right person to manage and run Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Fischer’s condition – having been cursed deeply by none other than Zimelda Zemeckis the year prior – spread rapidly throughout the Headmistress. Save not for the potions brewed by Professor Oryen Fox, it was no doubt that the Headmistress of Hogwarts would surely perish. As the school year ventured on and Fischer’s curse getting worse by the day, Fox found himself in a conundrum. Resist the rise of Dorchester or save Hannah Fischer. For Professor Fox, the choice was a simple one and he set out, leaving the school in the care of the professors to do what Aurors have failed to do. Hunt down and find Zimelda Zemeckis. In the coming months, it all seemed as if things at Hogwarts had simply calmed down, but anyone that knows Hogwarts knows that any calm, is merely a calm before the coming storm. That storm came in the form of Judy Dorchester, who had burst into the Great Hall bringing an end to the day’s Hearty Party. Dorchester – with no Headmistress Fischer, nor Professor Fox to be found, used her power as Chief Warlock and Head of Board, to instate herself as acting Governor of Hogwarts until which time a new Headmistress or Headmaster could be appointed. Dorchester spent the next month manipulating many professors to her cause while alienating others, effectively pitting professors against professor and student against student. Along with her team of goons, the gluttonous Magwina Leech, the greedy Morton Fallax, the envious and jealous Priscilla Knotts, the prideful and obedient Boris Boggs, and the insane and lustful Ironhand, Dorchester managed to enact her will upon every corner of Hogwarts, transforming it into a cold, dark, lifeless, military-esque school. Meanwhile, Oreyn Fox found himself pulled as far as Germany in his quest to track down Zemeckis, and eventually came upon her. In an agreement made, Zemeckis revealed that should make a temporary cure of sorts that would halt the curse, provided Fischer maintain a steady dosage for the rest of her life in exchange for Fox ensuring that she would not come to harm, nor punishment by the Ministry. Fox agreed and the pair travelled back to Hogwarts. There was more going on at Hogwarts however than just Dorchester and her goons. The strange and mysterious dark wizard known only as the shadow had seemed to return, puppeteering the voices of students, spreading confusion about the school. This prompted a group of students to seek out answers and to solve what was going on, and what this shadow that they faced the year prior was, or what. Discovering a clue that was left behind by none other than Professor Fox himself, they found that they were led to Crowscreep, the dreaded thicket where the Hag of Crowscreep was suspected to reside, a cursed place that none venture to. In the late evening, these students, along with Professor Drachenblume sneaked out and began their flight. Crowscreep Thicket surely lived up to its name. A dark, twisted, eerie place that had dense hallucinogenic pollen that caused the band to witness fears, the absurd, and desires. The hallucinations pulled at their minds, mixed with the pegging caw of thousands of crows that seemed to mimic and laugh… Til all went black. They awoke in a small cave.


THE OUROBOROS (Real-world 2016-???)

The Ouroboros appears to be a mysterious organisation that has infiltrated the school to destabilise it by spreading discord amongst students and staff. From January of 2023, the symbol of the snake eating its own tail has found itself alongside slanderous rumours in the owl post, attacked staff members, destroyed classrooms, and most recently a batch of tainted oranges.


13 HALLOWED NIGHTS (Real-world 2017-2017)






THE RETURN OF THE WOLVES (Real-world 2018-2018)

With the full moon, trouble once more came to Hogwarts under the name Gwendolyn Greenteeth. During the first full moon of the year, a group of children, some werewolves and some not snuck out from the castle. While the professors and prefects entered a state of panic searching for the missing students, Gwendolyn Greenteeth found them, just in time for an attempted midnight snack. This attack marked the start of a new reign of terror. Over the next few months, Greenteeth, who later was discovered by Essa Nazari to be a former Hogwarts student by the name of Eleanore Lovelace, terrorised the school, attacking students and leaving a permanent mark on them, clawing at doors, murdering centaurs, and stirring up the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Tensions grew between the general Wizarding populace and those inflicted with Lycanthropy, resulting in Daily Prophet articles and Ministry panic. Some Hogsmeadeans took it upon themselves to deal with the werewolf threat and initiated ‘Wolf Hunts’, attracting witches and wizards from all walks. Within Hogwarts, students turned on friends, professors turned on colleagues – division reigned. With wolfsbane stock dwindling, things only grew worse as students began to disappear from Hogwarts one by one. Deputy Headmistress O’Keeffe found herself forced to state that unless the attacks stop and missing students don’t return, Hogwarts will be closed. She also announced herself and newly appointed Headmaster Fox would be departing as the pair had been requested to meet with Minister of Magic, Hannah Fischer. With the final Hogsmeade weekend of the year cancelled, students had little to do but stew in paranoia and fear. That very same day a student set out to face Greenteeth herself. She was returned a few hours later by the centaurs who call the forest home, bleeding out and missing a limb. At the same time explosions were heard at the rear of the castle and wolves began to attack the castle, led by Greenteeth. A battle ensued with students and professors alike fighting for their lives. In the chaos, Fox and O’Keeffe returned, the letter requesting their meeting having been forged as a distraction. Eventually, they found themselves face to face with Gwendolyn Greenteeth herself and were forced into a duel. O’Keeffe tried to talk down Greenteeth, having attended school with her but the witch was too far gone. As the crazed witch attempted to strike down O’Keeffe, Fox cast a Flippendo, sending Greenteeth over the Grand Staircase railing where she fell to her death. With Greenteeth’s death, the Imperious Curse Greenteeth had cast ended, leaving wolves around the castle. Catching on, the professors and older students realised the wolves were the missing students transfigured and they worked to reverse the spell. In the end, few had been infected, many scarred and even more traumatised.


SHADOWS ARE NEVER LOST 2026 (Real-world ???-???)


THE ORGAN 2026 (Real-world ???-???)


THE ORB OF LENTRILLION (Real-world ???-???)

After a five-year-long mission, only two people knew about, the Unspeakable Daniel Nagus returned with news that a dangerous, dark artefact was set to reappear after several centuries. Hannah Fischer, Minister for Magic at the time, seemed sceptical, but if ‘The Orb of Lentrillion’ truly was as dangerous as Nagus believed, it had to be retrieved and hidden before anyone else could find it. Nagus arrived at Hogwarts in September 2026 under the assumption the Orb would appear at the school. He worked alone. Having faced a similar artefact during his time at school, he was uniquely qualified to handle the situation, though his investigation fell apart; he’d managed to arouse the suspicions of Aoife O’Keeffe and Abaddon Blightly and had been unable to discover any clues to when or where the Orb would appear. He soon left Hogwarts to continue his research, hoping to return with a stronger idea on what to look for. During his absence from Hogwarts, Minister Fischer sent another agent to search for clues, Michel St. Jours. It was vital that the Orb of Lentrillion remained out of the hands of organisations such as Umbrae – but such an artefact could prove useful in combating the Ministry’s enemies. St. Jours’ investigation, however, was just as fruitless as Nagus’. Several months passed with no sign of Lentrillion’s Orb. Most forgot about it, while others concluded it had just been a myth, and Nagus had led them on a wild goose chase. In April 2027, however, Nagus returned, this time with strong evidence – the Orb would, certainly, be appearing at Hogwarts in April. Reentering the school, Nagus faced a race against time; he had to find the Orb before any students stumbled across it, or risk unleashing a disaster much like the one he faced in his youth. Employing the help of his son, Tom Morgan, Nagus began searching every corner of the castle. Nagus was doomed to fail, however, as the Orb would only reveal itself to those under the age of seventeen. Morgan and his friend, Aloy Osiris, found the Orb first and became afflicted by its curse. While Nagus came to a dead-end in his search, Morgan and Osiris began luring other students to the Orb, and soon a wave of students became afflicted. At first, the Orb’s affliction was fairly harmless. Students felt compelled to wear daft outfits, or talk backwards, or give each other wacky nicknames. Over time, though, Lentrillion’s curse became far more sinister. ‘The Orb Cult’ as they became known felt obliged to bring more and more students to the Orb – by force if they had to – and they felt they had to protect the Orb from adults by any means, even if it meant holding Nagus captive to near-starvation. After a week as Morgan’s prisoner, Nagus managed to escape the Room of Requirement where he’d been held captive and made his way to the Heads of Houses Valyria Rask and George Vikander just before collapsing. After some quick treatment, he explained to them and Juniper Green the situation the school faced. The faculty joined Nagus in searching for the Orb’s location, in a bid to stop the curse from spreading any further. While the search for the room continued, the faculty rounded up the students that had already become afflicted and held them captive in their own part of the castle. Fearing for the wellbeing of the students in captivity, Aoife O’Keeffe became involved in the investigation and drew knowledge of the Orb’s location from Morgan’s memories. After notifying Nagus, the pair investigated. They found the Orb’s home in the dungeons behind a wall guarded by a password: ‘We doon seke a wish it ys true’. Desperate to destroy the Orb (despite Nagus’ wishes to retrieve the Orb for further research) and free the afflicted students from the curse, Aoife entered the Orb room with Nagus – though Lentrillion had prepared for such an occasion. Once across the threshold, Aoife and Nagus lost their memory; mentally, it was their seventeenth birthday again. After twenty-four hours, their memories returned, and they realised they still had a long way to go before they could rid Hogwarts of the Orb. Aoife called a faculty meeting and laid out their new plan of action: guard the Orb room to stop any more students from becoming afflicted and research a way to combat the memory curse. Nagus and Aoife tested several theories together, all in vain. Fearing that prolonged exposure to the curse could damage their minds permanently, the pair asked the faculty for volunteers to test other theories. Blightly and Nagus oversaw Vikander’s entry into the Orb room – another failed attempt that resulted in Vikander stunning Nagus and leaving him disillusioned on the dungeon floor. Meanwhile, Green discovered a cure for the Orb’s affliction, an antidote including glumbumble treacle, which helped free the afflicted students from Lentrillion’s curse. No theory seemed to work, and while the faculty had made no progress, the Orb had opened up a new entrance. Time was running out. In one last effort, Aoife called all the faculty together so they could all enter the Orb room and destroy it. Nagus had devised a basic plan on how to combat the memory curse. While they couldn’t protect their memories when they entered, they could leave themselves notes to explain their situation and their mission, with the hope being that their seventeen-year-old selves would believe their own handwriting. As an extra layer of precaution, Nagus enlisted the help of a student he had grown to trust, Essa Nazari, who could enter the room with the faculty and remind them of their notes. Once they’d destroyed the Orb and left the room, they’d all be able to restore their memories using a memory potion that Aoife had discovered would work as a cure for the curse’s effects outside the room. With the plan in place, the faculty and Nagus all left themselves notes and entered the room. Once Nazari had convinced the faculty of what was happening, they all began reading their notes, telling them of the mission to destroy the Orb. Nagus’ note, however, differed… As a final attempt to retrieve the Orb before its destruction, Nagus had left himself a note saying to take the Orb and run instead of helping to destroy it. He was unsuccessful, however, when the Charms professor Ophelia Idylwild read his note before he could escape and stopped him. With Nagus incapacitated, the faculty were able to destroy the Orb and free Hogwarts from its clutches. Once the faculty’s memories were restored, Blightly dragged Nagus up to her office for questioning. She was able to discover that Nagus had been employed by Umbra to secure the Orb sometime during his five-year investigation. If Nagus could enter the castle, it meant that, despite Fox’s sacrifice, Hogwarts was still not safe. To keep Nagus from returning to Umbra with information, she wiped his memory of everything he’d experienced during his time at Hogwarts and anything he might know of Umbra and the Orb, which led to the unfortunate side-effect of Nagus forgetting everything from the last six years. Nagus was soon sent to St. Mungo’s, assumed magically insane, and Hogwarts was once again saved. But while the Orb might be gone, there’s a chance its effects remain. Can those that had been afflicted ever truly move past all they did as Lentrillion’s puppets..?



Ministers of Magic from around the Wizarding World were summoned to the United Kingdom. On the 7th of August 2027, they arrived in London and stayed at the Ritz Hotel in London. The Ministers remained in the United Kingdom for a week, some even taking a tour of Diagon Alley, and Godric’s Hollow. The Minister of Magic also held a formal gala, and only select adults were invited to attend this high-security event. On the 15th of August, the Ministers of Magic returned to their home countries.


THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT (Real-world 2020-2021)

During the re-opening of Hogsmeade, The Department of Magical Games and Sports, with the Department of International Cooperation announced a Triwizard Tournament was to be hosted this year by Hogwarts, after many years of the Tournament’s discontinuation.