The Ministry Of Magic is the governing body of the magical community within Great Britain and Ireland. Together the departments uphold the laws and keep the magical community safe.

Below are a list of departments you may seen working within The Ministry or in action.


Minister for Magic
A pretty self explanatory role and one that has the opportunity to shape the sim. This role is controlled and more than often acts on the behalf of the RPD or the sim to further roleplay for a large population or the sim as a whole. They have the power to introduce new legislation or laws that can affect the sim and its players. The Minister of Magic is also responsible for the creation of new departments, overseeing the heads of each department and in general being a figurehead of the Ministry as a whole. Their role is to also be involved in and create many political matters and even political roleplay.

Minister for Magic and Support Staff is a section of the Ministry of Magic located on Level One of the Ministry. It is comprised of the Minister for Magic, the highest position in the Ministry, and the Minister’s support staff, who assist in the daily administration of the wizarding world in Great Britain. Given the direct access to the Minister these staff appear to enjoy, it is likely that these positions are high in the hierarchy of the Ministry and are separate from the normal Departmental system.

Senior Undersecretary
The senior undersecretary is charged with overseeing the Ministry as a whole. Their loyalty is tied directly to the Ministry and not the Minister themselves.This person is the senior civil servant in that ministry and is responsible for both the day-to-day operations and routine administrative matters in that Ministry and the position is retained even if the current Minister is deposed, fired or elected out of office. This role is currently not available to play and not active in the Ministry.

Advisor to The Minister for Magic
Explanatory role, this role is someone who advises the Minister for Magic on all matter whether political or internal. They often act on the Ministers behalf and at times act as the Ministers mouth should they not be available. Although, this role has no power to cause any effect within the Ministry unless directly ordered to on the Ministers behalf.

Senior Assistant
The Senior Assistant is tasked on assisting the Minister for Magic and the Senior Undersecretary in their more important affairs whether it be writing and delivering confidential parchments, assisting in drawing up legislation or agreements, or meeting with important people on the Ministers behalf. They are also given the duty to assist in matters of foreign political affairs and may act as a go-between for the Minister and the International Confederation Department. This role also oversees all the other assistants in the office and is only directly answerable to the Minister for Magic or the Senior Undersecretary.

Junior Assistant
The Junior Assistant is your standard assistant within the Minister’s office. They fill the secretarial roles and are charged with making tea, writing letters and running between departments on behalf of the above. The role can be gruelling depending on the Minister in office but the role also offers them special perks within the Wizarding World.


The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the largest department at the Ministry of Magic, and roughly equivalent to the Home Office of Muggle Britain and all other departments are answerable to this one, with the exception of the Department of Mysteries.The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the biggest and arguably the most important of the various departments in the Ministry of Magic, functioning as a combination of police and justice facilities. As such, it has many different subdivisions through which it works to uphold wizarding laws.
Being the department that upholds the laws of Britain’s wizarding community, all other departments, aside from the secretive Department of Mysteries, are answerable to it. Because of this, the influence and authority carried by the Head of this department can be very high.
The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is responsible for the capture of criminals (small and big), the investigation into criminal activity both in the United Kingdom and abroad, the upholding of the statute of secrecy regarding the misuse of magic, the misuse of muggle artifacts, the detection and confiscation of magical scam items (including defensive charms and items), and general peacekeeping within the Wizarding World.


Auror Office takes in new recruits with a minimum of five N.E.W.T.s (with marks no lower than ‘Exceeds Expectations’). It’s suggested those needed are Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology as they are most appropriate for someone who aspires to be admitted to the training programme. A potential recruit will also have to pass “…a series of character and aptitude tests.”

The position is highly specialized and as such all recruits need to go through a series of training before being given the title. It is not common that an Auror be the people to go to regarding petty crime.

In Mischief Managed, the Auror department are there to investigate dark happenings on the sim that may include the interaction with dark wizards or dark arts. They are there to apprehend those causing severe trouble within the sim that directly harms or threatens a large majority of the magical folk.


This offices role is that to uphold the Statute of Secrecy and also monitor underage magic of wixen who are not yet 17. This department has access to the trace placed on all students of Hogwarts and are the ones called in should a student be using magic out of Hogwarts or designated zones. They are also there to police the Wizarding World on the use of spells. The Improper Use of Magic department works closely with the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes as the Improper Use of Magic can at times involve the need for Obliviators and the reversal of damage done by spells.


An office which undertakes administrative and clerical duties for the Wizengamot. Its function seems analogous to Muggle court registries. This would typically include maintenance of court documents, hearing dates, judges’ schedules, and the administration of legal proceedings. In addition to being like Muggle court registries they may also function as secretaries to the members of the Wizengamot. They can be seen as the equivalent to the Minister of Magics Junior Assistants.

The people in this office answer to the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.

Should a member of the public wish to raise a complaint or issue with the Wizengamot they must file and speak to the Wizengamot Administration Services to file a complaint, request a meeting with the Chief Warlock or their aids, and schedule audiences with the Wizengamot. The defense of the accused must also register within this department.


The Administrative Registration Department is responsible for the registration of the wizarding population.The Animagus Registry is found within this department. Once a witch or wizard has a child they must then register the baby as a member of the magical community of Great Britain through this department. Only those who work in this department and the Minister for Magic have access to these registers. Members of Law Enforcement may ICly request use of these through role play if they pertain to criminal investigations. This department is OOCly considered the ALO department. Although use of the registers may be used IC in a limited capacity by the Minister for Magic for roleplay purposes. All OOC information cannot be shared due to player protection.


The Department of Intoxicating Substances is a subdivision of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and is responsible for making regulations on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This included no alcohol being sold to underage witches and wizards. This department is not playable and is overseen by our OOC moderators.


Minister For Magic: Alyssa Merriweather (miserabelle)

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement: Avery McAlister

Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement Training: Aleksandr Metel

Head Auror:

Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot: Alistair Colquhoun (alistaircolquhoun)

Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes: Stefan Wartooth (orionwoods)

Head for Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures: Percius Fletcher

Head of the Department of Magical Transportation: Zygonis Tweak (mmmalenpc)

Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports: Lark Aristine Rosewood (edwardmass)

Head of Magical Education: Diana Bikovic (genevievecarron)

Head/British Seat for the International Confederation of Wizards: Ffion Driscoll (FrancineGodard)

Head of the Department of Magical Resources and Revenue: Dermot Trickelbank (Alec Frostbite)