Mischief Managed is a fully immersive Harry Potter roleplay featured on Second Life. With a meticulously crafted school — modeled after the real life Hogwarts that you know from the books, films and games — we offer you a chance to roleplay and immerse yourself in what Harry would have experienced during his time at Hogwarts. You can choose YOUR story. Want to be a professor and teach magic? Go ahead. Want to be that cunning Slytherin you dreamed of but had no place to go? You’re welcome here. Our aim is to share the magic of Harry Potter with you and let you be the writer of your own magical story.

Not interested in roleplaying a child? well don’t be put off just yet. We also offer a fully immersive adult wizarding experience with two sims packed full of areas you can roleplay. Live, work and enjoy the wizarding world in all its glory.


Mischief Managed is a non-profit sim run by an entire team of dedicated volunteer staff. We all have one dream — to keep the magic alive. We’re here to offer you the best Harry Potter roleplaying experience and be a part of something magical. From the Admins to the ALOs, we’re here to serve you.


Yes! Mischief Managed is run purely on donations. All staff on the sim take no payment and all volunteer their time and imagination to help you have the best experience possible. We may sometimes hold special fundraising events, but any penny that goes into funding Mischief Managed is used solely to boost your experience.


Mischief Managed opened its doors in August 2012. You may have known us previously as Hogwarts: Your Story but we’ve completely revamped and rebuilt from the ground up with the latest technology SL has to offer. Our main castle, built entirely of mesh by the very talented Anya Ohmai, is a work of art that’s completely realistic and true to the story of Harry Potter. The sim is maintained and added upon by a talented bunch of creators, who spend their time and energy bringing you the very best.


We all loved Harry Potter and most of us probably shed a tear when the series ended. However, just because Harry finished his story, who’s to say you can’t have yours?


Please see our FAQ page! If it does not answer your questions, please don’t hesitate to send an IM to one of our OOC staff who will gladly give their time to help you or you can contact our Admins.