Summer is coming soon, and with it, so does Godric’s Hollow! Once your students are out of school, the dress code is more relaxed however there are a few rules still in place. We’ve made a small guide on what can and cannot be worn over the summer when roleplaying:

  • Skirts and shorts MUST cover your character’s bottom. If your cheeks are showing, you need to change. 
  • Swimwear must be appropriate for your character’s age; under no circumstances are bikini tops or bottoms to be teeny triangles with string, and under no circumstances should trunks show an exaggerated bulge. Swimwear bottoms MUST cover the majority of your bottom. If in doubt you can always ask a moderator or manager for advice.
  • Whilst your character may now wear heels and shoes with a platform, they must not be excessive; platforms should be no larger than 1”. ONLY 6th and 7th years may wear high shoes
  • Extra piercings and wild hair colours are allowed whilst you are not at school but on return your hair needs to be back to normal (this is handled ICly) and extra piercings must be removed (this is an OOC rule)

At Mischief Managed we strive to be as welcoming and accepting as possible of gender identity. We allow those who identify with the masculine end of the spectrum to wear swim trunks without tops. For those who identify with the feminine end of the spectrum, we do require your top to be covered. Non-binary players are always welcome to contact the moderator department if any questions arise over this discrepancy.

OOC Clothing infractions:

Breaking any of these results in enforcement of The Strike System, with severity deemed by the OOC Staff member at hand.

Do not wear or show, under any circumstances. These rules apply to everyone male, female or nonbinary:

  • Sexualised corsets/bodices/cinchers are not allowed
  • Overly mature clothes. This goes case by case. We don’t want to see teenagers with BDSM related clothing, cinching corsets with excessive cleavage and the like. You are roleplaying a child.
  • Offensive logos/words, logos referring to drugs, sex, alcohol and the like (see rules) will be requested to be changed.
  • Futuristic clothes, we are a themed roleplay and futuristic clothes do not fit.
  • Tattoos – unless previously approved by the ALO Admin
  • Visible underwear or butt crack

The wearing or showing of any items listed above can result in one or more Strikes, depending on severity. The items listed below are absolute, never-ever-EVER no-no’s. Wearing or showing any of these items may result in a temporary or permanent ban from our sim. Because we have child avatars on sim, we must adhere to guidelines set by Linden Labs, and the presence of the items below in our sim can risk its continued existence, which we cannot tolerate. We hope you understand.

  • Genitalia (the wearing or showing of any genitalia results in an instant and permanent ban, with absolutely no exceptions)
  • Anything pornographic or insinuatingly pornographic (instant perma-ban)
  • Talking/interactive pregnancy bellies/talking body parts
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia (adults are permitted to use tobacco-based drug items, and alcohol items in the local bars or pubs)
  • Clothing that may affect someone else’s running performance. e.g. full bright/glow, particle effects, etc