Firstly there are several OOC rules, mostly pertaining to the Quidditch system in itself. These are not dealt with by the IC referee in-game but by the Quidditch Department and are dealt with OOCly:

  • Players must not use OOC means to give themselves/their team an advantage. This includes exploiting the needs system to boost fitness, using exploitations of the Quidditch system during matches, playing on an opposing team as an alt to hinder that team’s performance, adding any additional items to their persons that might affect the game in some way I.E. Third Party Brooms, External HUDS, Beta Testing/Admin Tools, Target Reticules, Items that obscure you from view etc. Any behaviour deemed to be exploitative will be punished, the weight of which is equal to the severity of the exploitative behaviour. Teams that breach this are liable to stringent punishments including but not limited to expulsion from the league for the season and/or a ban on Quidditch for the characters involved. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are unsure if something would be considered cheating, please contact a member of the Quidditch Team.
    • [Note: The Changing of windlights, of FoV via use of Ctrl+8 or Ctrol+0, mouselook, the use of minimaps, derendering crowd members or nonessential teammates/opposing players, use of the ‘friends only’ feature, or keyword alerts are all allowed preferences.]
  • Players must choose a suitable in-game nickname that includes their IC character’s name. Accepted nicknames include: John ‘The Flash’ Smith, Harry ‘Lightning’ Potter, MC ‘Can’t Touch This’ Hammer. Rejected nicknames include: Karl ‘The Demon From the Depths of Hell’ Jones, ‘Consuela the Magic Pickle’, Gary ‘Lacing the other Team’ Boot. Failure to choose a suitable in-game nickname may result in a temporary ban from playing.
  • Players may only play for their IC character’s house. If they have two characters in different houses, they may play in both houses’ teams, however they must tell both team captains out of courtesy which team has their priority in case of those teams playing against each other.
  • Players may play as a last minute substitute for any team, however that team’s captain must have tried to recruit a last minute player from their own house first, and the substitute player must not be a captain.
  • Players must not exploit any matchday glitches, for example playing with extra quaffles, extra bludgers, etc. It is mainly the referee’s duty to stop the game immediately and correct the issue, however should players notice these glitches they must out of courtesy make the other players and referee aware of the issue immediately. Upon being made aware of these possible glitches, all players must immediately ground themselves in order to keep the game fair. Any players not doing this will be treated to a Green Sparking and forced to sit out in accordance with said Sparking’s rules.
  • Players may not give out or receive HUD skill points for playing Quidditch or attending Quidditch team practices. 
  • At any point in time if a Captain requests it they can call a Time-Out. All play after this until Time-In is declared is void, even if the snitch is caught moments after. The Captain may use this time to whatever means they wish, though we would request that they don’t go over a kind 5 minutes so as the game can continue to flow, along with the Roleplay!
  • Any players on the team must be active members of the Mischief Managed Roleplay Sim outside of Quidditch in order to play. At any point in time, a player whose RP-attendance is in question may be asked to produce logs of three roleplays of substance to have taken place within the past month. Roleplay upon Alternate Students, Adult characters or Professors will not count towards this number.