== Setting Up ==
1. Create an outfit that is completely devoid of scripts. I mean completely, no scripts at all, no AO, no slink, no Firestorm Bridge, no scripts at all.
2. Add the MM HUD, Quidditch Player HUD, Quidditch Equipment, and Quidditch Broom to your outfit, and activate all the hotkey gestures inside the Hotkeys folder. Do /not/ add the MM Badge or the Quidditch Radio – the latter is for people who are not currently in the game.
3. If this is an Official Game, someone wearing the Referee HUD will invite you to a game.
4. Otherwise, alt + zoom into the Quidditch Box that can be found in the middle of the Pitch.
5. Touch the Position you wish to join in the appropriate team.

== Playing a Casual Game ==
In the Quidditch Box in the middle of the Pitch, there is a Lightning Bolt Button, which is the main menu button. It has a few options:

— Balls —
With this option you can Rez or Derez balls. You can choose to rez/derez specific balls – G. Snitch stands for Game Snitch and T. Snitch stands for Training Snitch -, to derez “All” balls, or to rez a “Game”, which consists in one Game Snitch, one Quaffle, and two Bludgers.

— Kick —
Clicking this option will cause all inactive players to be removed from the game. A player is inactive if they’re not wearing the HUD, if they’re offline, or if they’re farther than 255m from the Box.

— Colour —
You can use this option to set the colours of the banners and team markers of each team. Just choose a team and the desired colour.

— Reset Score —
This option causes the current game score to be announced and then reset to 0.

During a casual game, even if the Snitch is caught the game continues.

== Playing an Official Game ==
If you’re in an official game, the Referee will control those options of the game, as well as have the ability to end the game whenever they want. When the Snitch is caught on an Official Game, the game ends.

== How to Play ==
The core of the game is: each position has a few actions, which are accessed by using the hotkeys. The hotkeys are gestures found in your Hotkeys folder, and you can modify them however you like. By default, they’re mapped to F1-F4 and 0-7, but you can remap them to other keys if they make you more comfortable.

— All —

All positions can press F4 to use the TURBO option. When you use this option, you fly very fast for five seconds and fire shoots out of your broom. However, TURBO has a cooldown of 2 minutes (marked by the little light on your HUD, which turns green when TURBO is available and red when it’s not), so use it strategically.

— Chaser —
F1 – Grab/Steal Quaffle
1 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 1
2 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 2
3 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 3
Mouselook Left-click – Shoot Quaffle forward

The Chaser provides the meat of the scoring during a game. You spam the F1 hotkey around the Quaffle to try to get it, use the 1-3 hotkeys to pass it to other Chasers in your team (the probability the pass will succeeds depends on distance and fitness), or mouselook left-click to shoot the Quaffle forward (the strength of the shot depends on fitness).

— Beater —
F1 – Hit the Bludger
1-7 – Target someone with the Bludger
0 – Pass the Bludger to your Team’s other Beater

The Beater’s goal is to keep the other team’s players down as much as they can, as well as protect their team’s players from the Bludgers. Spam F1 to try to hit a Bludger; if you succeed, you will then have 7 seconds to choose a target or pass the Bludger to another Beater. 1-3 are the other team’s Chasers, 4-5 are the Beaters, 6 is the Keeper, and 7 is the Seeker.

— Keeper —
F1 – Protect Goal 1 (Left)
F2 – Protect Goal 2 (Behind)
F3 – Protect Goal 3 (Right)
1 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 1
2 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 2
3 – Pass Quaffle to Chaser 3
Mouselook Left-click – Throw Quaffle back into the game

The Keeper must protect the Goals and prevent the other team from scoring. To do this, they must stay near the Goal they wish to protect, and then use the appropriate hotkey to protect that Goal. When someone from the other team shoots the Quaffle, the Keeper has 1s to change which Goal they’re protecting, then they’re locked for 0.7s.

If the Quaffle goes through a Goal the Keeper is protecting, they will be moved to the front of that Goal and protect it; otherwise, the other team will score. Regardless of the outcome, the Keeper will then hold the Quaffle, which they can pass to a Chaser or throw back into the game.

The Keeper is immune to the Bludger unless the Quaffle is close enough to them.

— Seeker —
F1 – Catch Snitch

The goal of the Seeker is simple: catch the Snitch as soon as they can and get 150 points, ending the game. Just spam F1 as much as you can when you spot the Snitch!

== The Balls ==
— Quaffle —
The Quaffle is a dark red ball, fairly large and encased in leather. It’s been Charmed to be less affected by Gravity, but other than that it goes where it’s thrown. When someone throws this ball into a Goal Hoop, they score 10 points. They emit bright orange sparkles.

— Bludgers —
The Bludgers are small, heavy, metallic balls. Most of the time, they just wander about aimlessly, but sometimes they decide to take someone down and won’t rest until they do. Beaters also use their Bats to throw Bludgers at unsuspecting targets. They emit a dark trail of smoke.

— Snitch —
The Snitch is a tiny golden winged ball that zips and zaps this way and that erratically. Catching it awards the team of the Catcher 150 points and effectively wins the game. The Snitch has two modes: Uncatchable and Catchable. While it’s Uncatchable it will zip this way and that, too fast to be caught. While it’s Catchable, it will emit large bright golden sparkles, and flee the Seekers who approach.

The longer a game has gone on for, the easier it is to catch the Snitch. After 45 minutes of game, a Game Snitch will become a Training Snitch, which is much easier to catch and almost never goes into Uncatchable states.