Some Wizards and Witches are talented little things. They’ve gone and gotten themselves an Ability! from Animagus to Metamorphmagus, here are some of the Abilities you may wish your character to have. In order for your character to have an Ability, you must first apply and have the character accepted on sim, and then apply for your character to have the Ability. Accepted Abilities are listed below, as well as their current availability status, but we always consider each application. If you don’t see the Ability you desire listed below, apply anyway! Apply for an Ability

Please note: not all Abilities are open for characters of all ages. The accepted age ranges for the Ability will be listed. We also limit the number of characters on sim at one time with certain abilities, so that realism to canon can be achieved. And finally, Abilities are not always on a first come, first serve basis — we reserve the right to pick and choose amongst applicants whomever we feel will be best for the ability, as well as the right to deny all applicants if we feel the applications aren’t up to snuff.

Please be aware you are required to be active for at least a month prior to applications opening. You must also remain active to keep your ability. Abilities are popular and it unfair for an inactive player to hold onto an ability.

This list may not be accurate. Please contact an active ALO or Saffron Foxclaw to see if the ability you seek is available.



An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him- or herself into an animal at will. It is a learned, rather than hereditary skill, unlike those of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class. Only very powerful and skilled wizards and witches are able to become Animagi. The process of becoming an Animagus is long and arduous, and has the potential to backfire and cause the transformation to go horribly wrong. Once the initial training is over, an Animagus can change at will, with or without a wand. Every Animagus is required to register with the Ministry of Magic at the Improper Use of Magic Office. This registration includes revealing one’s animal form and one’s distinguishing markings. The register is available to the public. The primary reason for registration is to ensure the Animagi do not abuse their abilities, as the Ministry is able to keep track of them. An animagi can ONLY be unregistered with RPD approval.
This is available for 5th years/level 25 and above and will be added to the HUD following the successful roleplay of the entire process of learning to become an animagus. Unless a graduate wishes to RP the process, they will have the spell added to their HUD on approval.


Legilimency is the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person’s mind and correctly interpreting one’s findings. A person who practices this art is known as a Legilimens. Muggles might call this “mind-reading,” but practitioners disdain the term as naive. The opposite of Legilimency is Occlumency, which may be used to shield one’s mind from the invasion and influence of a Legilimens. As of now, Hogwarts does not teach this on the curriculum, due to the difficulty of this, primarily, this is a professor only skill. Legilimency can be a learnt skill (e.g. Snape) or a skill someone has intuitively (e.g. Queenie Golstein or Dumbledore). The latter needs approval by RPD and this is the only type of legilimency students can know. Players who type thoughts in their emotes are leaving themselves open to be received by a Legilimens with out the need for approval due to the nature of them being receptive to thoughts. Be careful! Those nasty thoughts you might have about a professor, just might be heard. However, a Legilimens would need prior OOC approval to invade the mind of another had thoughts not been posted already in the form of a thought post.
A learned legilimens will have the spell added to their HUD and MUST use it each time they use the ability. A natural legilimens only needs to use the HUD if they wish to invade a mind beyond merely skimming surface thoughts.
It should be noted that natural legilimens ICly are unlikely to be as adept at mental assaults as a learned legilimens
It should also be noted that only the most skilled legilimens can use the skill to control another mind, this is unlikely to ever occur at Mischief Managed


A Metamorphmagus (pl. Metamorphmagi) is a witch or wizard with the ability to change his or her physical appearance at will, rather than requiring Polyjuice Potion or a spell like the rest of the wizarding population. They are extremely rare. Unlike Animagi, Metamorphmagi can take a wide variety of forms, changing sex and age, potentially looking like anyone at all, or even just changing a part of their appearances, such as the shape of their noses. It is never revealed if Metamorphmagi can take the full form of an animal, however it is highly unlikely as it’s compared to a potion and specifically describes outward appearance changes. Metamorphmagi can take on animalistic traits and only forms of actual beings (no fabled creatures).


Occlumency is the act of magically closing one’s mind against Legilimency. It can prevent a Legilimens from accessing one’s thoughts and feelings, or influencing them. A person who practises this art is known as an Occlumens.
An occlumens will have the spell added to their HUD (there is no incantation but should be rolled as verbally). Someone below level 25 will be able to practice occlumency to prevent surface thoughts being skimmed but the spell MUST be used in any mental assaults as a defence against a legilimens’ roll


A Seer is a gifted wizard or witch who has the ability to see into the future with their Inner Eye. Seers predict prophecies, which are then recorded and stored in the Hall of Prophecy in the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries. True Seers are extremely rare. Major visions/prophecies made by Seers will require RPD approval.


The Veela are a race of semi-human, semi-magical hominids reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology. Little is known about their biology; they appear to be young, beautiful humans. Their looks — and especially their dance — are magically seductive to anyone attracted to their gender. Veela are thought to have their own type of magic which does not require a wand. When Veela are angry, however, they transform into something more like Harpies— their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads while long scaly wings burst from their shoulders, and they can launch balls of fire from their hands. To have Veela Heritage means your character is at least part-Veela, whether from a parent or further down the family lineage. Any student of veela descent is obliged to take daily calming draughts, half-veela can transform and any of veela heritage tend to have a fiery temper, but this is controlled with calming draughts.
Veela Fire will be added to the HUDs of all Veela of 1/2 descent or more, & Veela Charm will be added to the HUDs of all Veela of 1/8 descent or more.
Veela Fire I and II (levels 5 and 29 respectively) may ONLY be used in the case where the veela is in a “veela rage” and is NOT under the influence of calming draughts
Veela Fire III (level 40) can be used at will in a controlled manner by a veela
Veela Charm is different from the general aura of veela and can be used to deliberately target someone by look, or a group by dance. Visit the wikia link for more information.


A werewolf is a human being who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, turns into a fearsome and deadly anthropomorphized wolf. Werewolves can be easily distinguished from regular wolves by several small distinguishing characteristics, such as the pupils of the eyes, the snout shape, and the tufted tail. At all other times, they appear as normal humans, though will often seem to be ill as the full moon approaches. This condition is caused by infection with lycanthropy, usually occurring when a human is bitten by a transformed werewolf. There is no known cure for the bite of a werewolf, though the Wolfsbane potion is the only known potion that can in any way make a werewolf less dangerous by allowing him/her to keep his/her human mind during the transformation. All students affected with lycanthropy must take the Wolfsbane potion when the full moon is due.


The Gifted Ability is for those students that are a bit more smarter than your average joe. The students that learn spells quicker, brew potions faster or generally are the brightest minds of Hogwarts. Those with the gifted ability can not only roleplay learning these things quicker, better and smarter but also get the option to place points ONE YEAR above their skill range and successfully perform dice rolls. HOWEVER gifted students may only choose two options/skills on their HUD to boost. I.E Spells & Potions or Transfiguration & spells, etc. Please note this on your application when sending it!

Part Goblin

To be Part Goblin is a very rare circumstance where a student’s ancestor is a goblin. Because of this they will be below average height (around 4ft), fair skinned, with dark eyes, long fingers and feet, slightly pointed ears (not elf ears), and long noses or snouts. Goblins have a different type of magic to witches and wizards and also have a magical way with precious metals; however it’s unlikely that goblins will have passed this knowledge onto anyone of mixed heritage as they are inherently a secretive race. Full goblins cannot carry a wand but part goblins can.

Animal Affinity

To be gifted with animal affinity means that a student has more skill with creatures both magical and non-magical, they find it easier to bond with them and sometimes take more solace from time with creatures than humans. Those gifted with animal affinity can not only roleplay this but also get the option to place points ONE YEAR above their skill range in Care of Magical Creatures.

Plant Affinity

Like with Animals, some people have a special talent for tending to plants. They just blossom and feel most at home around green growing things and so the plants do so in return. Even the most difficult of plants thrive under their care. Some call it having a green thumb.

Arcane Crafting

Arcane crafting is a complex form of magic that one has to work hard at to hone the skill. From making the simplest of items, such as a Mokeskin Pouch or a Fainting Fancy, to the most complex, such as a Vanishing Cabinet or a Wand.
Whilst at Hogwarts a student is unlikely to become a master of arcane crafting, there are those in the wider wizarding world who may want to focus their skills to work towards the more complex.

Those approved to have Arcane Crafting will be able to:
Enter HUD points a year higher than their current year in Arcane
Their arcane roll is lowered. E.g. if an item requires “nun” they would only need to roll for “mem”

A note about Lycanthropy

Werewolves can bite and infect anyone under the “play stupid games win stupid prizes” rule (This is also the rule that lets people get killed or mauled if they do stupid things (meaning they can’t non-consensually run around biting everyone in sight)) or by given consent BUT if you are bitten under this rule you would have until before the next full moon to apply the ability if there are slots open.

If there aren’t, or if you already have an ability, or your ability is denied, the first transformation would kill you. There is ONE exception to this rule; a student with gifted can give up their gifted ability and become werewolf IF there is availability and your application is approved.



Abilities in Hogwarts are separate to graduates and adults. Professors abilities, unless explicitly stated below, are included in the total amount allowed. Some abilities are limited to just professors due to the complexity of the magic involved.

If there is an ability you want which is not shown as available on the pie charts below please do not let that dissuade you from applying, if your app is good enough we will – and have done in the past – consider opening a spot for you!

Part-goblins can apply at ANY time due to it being an integral part of a character, please ensure to put both a regular student/professor/adult application in along with an ability application.


As being an adult at Mischief Managed is only a new introduction these rules may be subject to change.

If you are a graduate and had an ability prior to your graduation you are lucky enough to have your ability grandfathered to you. This means that your ability will not be counted in the numbers.

If you have an ability on your student that is familial (Veela or Metamorphmagus) if you create a family member that is played by you who carries this ability they will have the ability as part of yours. This is limited to one extra character unless approved by admin.

As a new introduction to the ability rules we are now allowing those who have an ability on a student to have an ability on an adult if they so desire. This is at the discretion of the ALO team and the adult characters must be active prior to applying for an ability. As above, abilities are not always on a first come, first serve basis — we reserve the right to pick and choose amongst applicants whomever we feel will be best for the ability, as well as the right to deny all applicants if we feel the applications aren’t up to snuff.

This rule does NOT apply to professors. Their ability remains counted in the ‘in-castle numbers’.


Twins and triplets aren’t a common occurrence in nature, because of this we only allow a set amount of identical twins (7), we are more relaxed with non identical twins as they can occur more frequently. We currently only allow one set of triplets.

OOC Staff

You may notice at Mischief Managed that members of OOC staff (ALO and RPD) hold abilities and these abilities are not included in the above numbers.

Abilities for OOC staff work slightly differently because their ability may be used as a RPD plot device and granting them an ability is carefully considered if it would or would not benefit the sim and the sim’s story. Members of OOC staff still have to apply for abilities and their applications are considered in the same way. Some staff members may have had abilities before joining OOC staff and so, to remain fair, their ability is opened up to allow members to apply.