Where to buy:

The Aurologist’s Lenses can be purchased in Diagon Alley at Wiseacre’s Emporium, Hogsmeade at Snitches Get Stitches metal charming shop, and in Godric’s Hollow at the corner store. Ministry employees may receive a pair for free by contacting Alice Hawkins (valent1ne apogee).

How to use:

From your HUD’s inventory click the glasses and select “rez”. The glasses will auto attach to your avatar via the experience. After initially rezzing them from your HUD inventory, you may detach and keep them in your SL inventory. The glasses do have an option to “take” them back to your HUD inventory, however this will create a defunct copy in your SL inventory much like other HUD items. You may delete the defunct copy.

To do an aura reading, click the glasses (or use /16 menu) to bring up the menu. Select “area” or “person“, then a filter, and then click “have a look“. The reading will be output in nearby chat though only you will be able to read it.

Readings are more detailed the higher your arcane skill level.

IC Info:

Read the aura of the Earth!
Each human auric layer is connected to a chakra, and the Earth has chakras too! Being that we’re in Great Britain, we are close to the Earth’s heart chakra, which gives the surrounding area a magenta or rosy pink glow.

Filters 1 and 3 will reveal if any charms have been cast in the surrounding area, and the colours may determine what type.

Filters 2 and 4 will reveal if any transfigurations have been cast in the surrounding area, the pattern of the auric motion will determine what type.

Read your friends’ auras!
Below is a guide to each personal auric layer. Be sure to get permission before reading someone’s aura, it’s only polite!

  1. Etheric Body:
    Closest to the physical body
    Represents the physical body, muscles, tissues, bones, etc.
    Connected to the root/base chakra
    A bluish grey colour
    Weaker if you are feeling ill or injured
    Represented by Saturn and the number 8
  2. Emotional Body:
    Second from the physical body
    Represents emotions and feelings
    Connected to the solar plexus chakra
    Constantly changing – can be all the colours of the rainbow
    Represented by Mars and the number 9
  3. Mental Body:
    Third from the physical body
    Represents thoughts, cognitive processes and state of mind
    Bright yellow in colour
    Connected to the Sacral Chakra
    Often radiates the strongest around the head, neck and shoulders
    Represented by The Moon and the number 2
  4. Astral Body
    Fourth from the physical body
    Represents where we form our astral cords with others
    Pink or rosy in colour
    Connected to the heart chakra
    Represented by the planet Venus and the number 6
  5. Etheric Template Body
    Fifth from the physical body
    Represents the entire blueprint of the body that exists on this physical plane
    Connected to the throat chakra
    Can vary in colour
    Represented by the planet Mercury and the number 5
  6. Celestial Body
    Sixth from the physical body
    Connected to the third eye chakra
    Carries a very strong and powerful vibration
    Represents the connection to the universe and all other beings
    Pearly white in colour
    Represented by Jupiter and the number 3
  7. Ketheric Body
    Furthest away from the physical body
    Vibrates at the highest frequency
    Connected to the crown chakra
    Gold in colour
    Rapidly pulsates
    Represented by Uranus and the number 4