Here you’ll find commonly asked questions regarding the HUD. Please click the questions for the answer! Hope it helps!

I can't see my name/House above my head!

Make sure you’re wearing your Badge, otherwise you won’t see them.

I'm wearing my Badge, but my name is still not there.

IM Sadde (yahn.amat) about it, they will help you.

My skill points/information are gone from the HUD!

If your information is invisible, try raising your Level of Detail (LOD) parameter on the Graphics tab of the Preferences pane. If your skill points are actually 0, IM Sadde (yahn.amat).

My fitness is going crazy, and going down randomly!

Make sure you delete any old versions of the HUD when you get updates, and empty your trash. IM Sadde with your old correct value for fitness and they’ll fix it for you. Only once, though; you get one chance!

I'm creating a character and the HUD is spamming me with dialog boxes/text boxes.

This is a temporary bug that will be corrected soon. For the time being, just close all dialogs/textboxes and then wait for a new one to appear and fill that one out.

When I try to create my character/set a title, I get the message ''Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again or contact a system administrator if the problem persists.''

Make sure you are only trying to type in English letters (so no apostrophes or accents or anything like this). If your name has any of those symbols, first type it without them (for instance, OConnell instead of O’Connell) then IM Sadde (yahn.amat) for them to correct your name on the database. If this error is happening even without any weird symbols in your name, IM Sadde about it.

Whenever I wear the HUD I get a ''script:MM - HUD v2 - Web Script run-time error Stack-Heap Collision''. What do I do?

IM Sadde (Yahn Amat) about it, they will fix it.

I got the error "Too many HTTP requests too fast. (Set HTTP_VERBOSE_THROTTLE, FALSE in the parameters to hide these messages.)"

Make sure you’re not wearing more than one HUD simultaneously. If you’re certain you aren’t, IM Sadde (yahn.amat)

I changed my mind about my skill point spread, can you respec me?

No can do, sorry.

I put the wrong points accidentally. Can you respec me?

If it’s an obvious mistake, like putting in 200 points when you meant to put 20, we can fix you; otherwise, we can’t.

My character is a Xth year but when I created them the HUD put them on Yth year!

Remember that your character’s age on September 1st determines their year. Every single student joins Hogwarts on the year when they’re 11 on September 1st, no matter what. When you create your character, you must input their age today. For example, if they’re a 5th year, today is November 11, and their birthday is December 25, they’re 15; if their birthday was October 18, they’re 16. We can offer you a single character reset due to wrong year, but no more.

I want to change my character's House/year/age/birthday/social class/etc.

The general rule is that if you’ve not RP’d much and your character is less than 2 weeks old, you can change stuff; otherwise, you’ll need to apply a new character. If you believe your case is exceptional you can IM the ALOs, but if we judge it is not we reserve the right to smack you upside the head.

I can't click a button on the HUD!

Make sure you don’t have some other transparent/invisible HUD on top of yours (use Ctrl + Alt + T to see transparent prims). If you don’t, make sure other buttons work, and that your HUD said “Character loaded!” when you attached it. If they don’t work, or it didn’t say that, detach and reattach. If that doesn’t work, IM Sadde (yahn.amat) about it.

I have another question that isn't listed here, what do i do?

If it’s a bug, first try one or more of the following: detach and reattach, relog, or get a new HUD from the giver. If nothing works, or if it’s not a bug, IM Sadde (yahn.amat) and/or check the other pages regarding the HUD. You never know, it could be on there!