The Spell Journal may be purchased in any bookstore. To use the journal, find it in your HUD inventory, click it, and select “rez”. The journal will auto-attach via the experience.

  1. Spell listing: The name and incantation are displayed, and the images may provide some indication as to what type of spell is being performed (if you can decipher them, the legend seems to have gone missing…)
  2. Mastery level: Mastery represents a % chance of success at casting a specific spell before buffs/debuffs are calculated. Mastery is calculated based on both your spell/transfig skill level vs the level of the spell, plus any experience you’ve gained via casting the spell. This way adults are able to start off already having mastered spells without having to RP practicing every spell. The chance breakdown is as follows: Beginner – 0-19%, Novice – 20 – 39%, Apprentice – 40 – 59%, Adept – 60 – 79%, Expert – 80-98%, Master – 99-100%
  3. Click this button to take the journal back to your HUD inventory. Note that this is not really necessary unless you wish to trade the journal. The journal may be detached and stored in your SL inventory. If you have multiple characters on your HUD, switching characters will also switch the Spell Journal to reflect your active character. If you do take the Journal back to your HUD inventory, it will create a defunct copy in your SL inventory, much like other tradeable HUD items. You may delete the defunct copy.
  4. Minimize the Spell Journal
  5. You may click the doodles if you wish to erase them, or click the general area to bring them back
  6. Switch between spells/transfigurations
  7. Version number