• August 30 – Hogwarts Express ride and Sorting Ceremony
  • September 1 – Classes Begin
  • September 27 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • October 11 – Quidditch Season begins
  • October 31 – Halloween
  • November 29 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • December 19 – Classes Break for the winter holidays
  • December 20 – Train ride to London
  • December 25 – Christmas
  • January 3 – Train from Platform 9 and 3/4 (Return from Holidays)
  • January 5 – Classes start again
  • January 31 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day
  • February 28 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • March 28 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • April 5 – Easter Day
  • April 25 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • May 30 – Hogsmeade Weekend
  • June 14 through June 20 – Exam Week
  • June 27 – End of Year Feast
  • June 28 – Train to london


Didn’t you get your letter from Hogwarts? Have you always wondered how it would be to be a Wizard or Witch? Have you thought about joining Mischief Managed? Didn’t you get the chance to visit us when we opened? Or maybe, you just wondered how the build looks inworld, or wondered how our new, beautiful library looks! Now, you can find out all of that on open sim Monday! Every Monday, the sim will be open to everyone — roleplayers, bloggers, photographers, even just the casual wanderer. Stop by the landing point at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, hop on the Hogwarts Express, and enter our roleplay sim to do as you please! We ask just a few things in return:

  • Do not chat in local chat. Our roleplayers are still attempting to roleplay their story, so please be polite and do not interrupt with your chatter. If you’d like to speak with people, take it to IMs, thank you!
  • Dress appropriately. We are a PG sim filled with child avatars. Leave your miniskirts, buttcracks, cleavage and Lola’s at the door, please.
  • Please wear our OOC Tag. It can be found in the Open Sim Mondays posters at the landing point.