OOC Rules

Contact with OOC staff

Our members of OOC staff give their time to Mischief Managed on a voluntary basis.

Within Mischief Managed’s discord server we have a channel called ”tag-a-staff”, if you need to speak directly with a member of OOC staff please tag the appropriate team and a member, when available, will Directly Message (DM) you. Please do not DM a staff member directly as often they are busy doing other things and do not need pressure putting on them to stop what they are doing to respond when there are others who may be available to reply. Please do not ask for specific staff members, if a specific staff member is required the message will be passed onto them.

Inworld we have ”status boards” which you can click and it will message OOC staff in a private channel so that they are aware someone inworld requires assistance. Please do not IM a staff member directly as often they are busy doing other things and do not need pressure putting on them to stop what they are doing to respond when there are others who may be available to reply.

Please do not take advantage of friendships to DM/IM your friends regarding OOC staff reasons.

Repeat offenders of the above are liable to receive a strike.

The exception to this is if you are applying a character and need to directly IM your ALO. Please do not DM them on discord.

On Character Death

Your IC actions have IC consequences, there are differing OOC rules regarding death for adults and students as outlined below.

– If you try and kill indiscriminately, don’t expect it to go in your favour. Always be prepared for the IC consequences you may face. In certain cases should a RPer not consent to death. For example, your character being attacked for no valid IC reason, then it will be up to RPD to decide if you character has a right to life.
– Additionally, players may work out plots amongst themselves and give OOC consent to another player to kill them which does NOT need RPD approval. However, RPD holds the right to request proof of the consent should discrepancies arise.
– If a player wishes to kill another player without telling that player which adds a higher sense of danger, then a plot must be submitted to RPD documenting their RP and providing adequate proof that the RP makes sense and was sufficient enough for actual death. This MUST be approved by RPD.
– In any event in which multiple people are going to be attacked by one RPer or more, meaning multiple character deaths, you MUST seek RPD approval
– Any attempted killing of a student requires RPD approval and should be submitted as a plot, without exception.

Whilst we aim to avoid students dying, stupid games win stupid prizes. In the event that a child gets involved in a situation clearly out of their capacity to handle, they may end up mauled/dismembered/killed at RPD discretion. This includes but is not limited to trying to kiss a werewolf, punch a dementor, sweet talk a dark wizard, or dance on a disintegration barrier.

OOC Punishment System

The OOC Punishment System is how we manage OOC rule breaking at Mischief Managed. Punishments are only applied to OOC infractions (playing IC pranks on fellow students might result in detention but is never in danger of OOC punishment), and only ADMINS may deal with them. Should an Admin believe a roleplayer is breaking a sim rule in such a way that punishment should be applied, the Admins will then contact the person in question, as there are always two sides to every story.

The OOC punishment system is not account based therefore if you break a rule on one account the punishments will be handed to you as the player yourself no matter the account you were using. Failure to comply with the rules will result in ALL accounts being banned from the sim.

All punishments and warnings are given by Mischief Managed’s official account HogwartsMischiefManaged Resident. Any punishment received by any other account is invalid and should be questioned by contacting the Administration directly. This does not mean a member of staff cannot contact you and ask you to stop doing something minor. Below is a list of items that will cause you to be punished under our system:

  • Inappropriate clothing (revealing, sexual or inappropriate for underage characters to wear)
  • Sexually oriented items (Muggle or wizard porn magazines)
  • Alcohol (Alcohol is only allowed to be drank by adults. Alcohol is not allowed to be drank in Hogwarts itself unless at dinner time at the staff table, the staff room or private offices and/or rooms. Butterbeer is not alcoholic and should not be roleplayed as such.)
  • Drugs (includes suggestive material, this includes the usage of Euphoria as a replacement for a high, roleplaying of addiction to potions and/or drug related items is not allowed.)
  • Tattoos/Piercings (Applies to students only. Tattoos/piercings on Professors must not be offensive but may be visible.)
  • Prim Genitalia or breasts or mention thereof
  • Inappropriate RP (streaking, stripping, overly vulgar sexual remarks and any sexual remarks between children or directed at children, sexual acts or suggestion thereof, roleplay of serious abuse, offensive and mocking roleplay based upon stereotypes of sexuality, race, mental health, physical health, disability etc )
  • Insulting other members or staff OOCly
  • Stalking other members OOCly
  • Harassing other members OOCly
  • Taking IC OOC and creating a hostile environment
  • Ignoring OOC Staff direction and advice
  • Outing alts or abilities against the wishes of the roleplayer, abilities may be outed IC with evidence that you have non-metagamed IC knowledge of it, if questioned we will ask for proof that you have knowledge of this. 
  • Failure to act within the limitations of your character, and failure to respond to others (including NPC creatures) appropriately
  • Unannounced Alts
  • Clothing that may affect someone else’s running performance. e.g. full bright/glow, particle effects, etc
  • Exploiting or misusing any MM script, or using unapproved 3rd party scripts to give your character(s) an advantage
  • Using the HUD to benefit your alts (sending money or items to your alts)
  • Using Roleplay to Benefit your alts – unless you can evidence roleplay between your alts

Punishment System


  • Punishment: Official recorded warning via notecard from the Administration


  • Official recorded strike notified via notecard from the Administration.


  • Temporary banned from the sim for a decided amount of time depending on severity of the action to warrant punishment.


  • Permanent ban from the sim on all accounts associated with the sim and removal from all groups.


  • Poaching members for other roleplay sims and/or advertisement of any roleplay sim without prior approval of the Administration
  • Sharing and redistributing scams through websites, objects and/or links of any kind
  • Nudity with refusal to dress
  • Harassment or verbal abuse towards sim OOC staff
  • Trolling, destruction of sim and/or groups
  • Constant harassing roleplayers OOCly
  • Any display of homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism etc in either IMs to another player, staff member,  visitor or publicly in all groups associated with Mischief Managed. THIS INCLUDES ANY IC PORTRAYAL OF HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA, OR RACISM
  • Ageplay of any kind, all those caught age playing will be further reported to Linden Labs
  • Posting of offensive material whether it be writing or pictures such as but not limited to porn, gore, animal cruelty, human cruelty, abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse in any or all groups associated with Mischief Managed


You are as a player welcome to appeal any decision of punishment the Administration of the sim have given you. At any time that you feel the decision is wrong you are more than welcome to submit an appeal. If you feel that you have been banned out of any malicious intent (altered evidence) or incorrect information (you have not given your side of the story) then you can appeal.

However, appeals are decided at the prerogative of the Administration and are discussed as a team. Should they find that there is no evidence supporting your appeal it will be denied.


The Administration team are responsible for discussing the issue at hand and deciding whether or not the situation calls for punishment. It should be reminded that not one Administrator is responsible for punishments and a vote is taken to determine if someone is to be punished. As per rules dictate a majority vote is needed for this to pass. If the majority of the Administration team do not feel a situation necessarily needs punishment the case will be dropped. This system is to prevent any unfairness to our roleplayers or fear of retribution from one person. 

Please note that OOC staff are not allowed to issue strikes, bans or official warnings. They are allowed to suggest that you may be breaking one of the rules above and report it directly to the Administrators.


If you feel someone is breaking the rules then you can submit a report to any of the Administrators or OOC staff on the sim. Once the report has been submitted either by notecard or IM it will be escalated to the entire Admin team.

Please note that we make decisions based on evidence only and do not take hearsay or he said/she said scenarios into consideration. We ask that all roleplayers provide proof of someone breaking the rules. Any complaint submitted without evidence will not be looked further into until time that evidence can be provided.


Anything typed in local chat or submitted via the HUD while on a Mischief Managed SIM should be considered public and may be processed and potentially stored in an encrypted state, for technical purposes for a period of up to 30 days.