The HUD functions are organised as follows:

HUD Buttons

Touching the MM logo if you’re a student makes the following menu appear.

If you’re a professor, you have the following menu instead.

The only difference is on the last button, so I’ll explain each button separately.

I. Sit

Clicking this button will make a “Sitter” poseball appear above your avatar’s head.

You can move it wherever you like and sit on it, and after you do it will still be transparent so you can see it with Ctrl+Alt+T.

As soon as you stand up, the poseball deletes itself.

II. Nap

This function causes your character to nap in place, recovering energy very slowly as you do.

Every few seconds they will produce a snoring sound. Emoting or moving causes your character to wake up. Due to the slowness of energy recovery, however, this function isn’t recommended as a method for actually recharging energy, just as an aid in RP, and a proper bed should be used instead.

III. Duel

IV. Stealth

This function’s purpose is serving as a mechanic to settle disputes over whether a character can hide from another (such as when a professor is making the rounds and a student is out past curfew).

The way it works is that, if through RP alone you cannot settle whether one character finds another, the player whose character is hiding declares (OOCly) they want to use the Stealth system. Then they click “Stealth” and choose the person they are hiding from, and the HUD will inform whether they succeeded at hiding from their pursuer or not.

This system cannot be used in the following places and circumstances:

  • The Great Hall: sounds echo.
  • Corridors, courtyard, and viaduct between 5AM and 11PM: there’s enough light to see by.
  • Quidditch Pitch: I do believe this needs no comments. Hiding in the stands/boxes is possible, though.

VI. Set Title

In addition to the two lines of title in your badge setting character name, year, and House, you can also add further lines by clicking this button. Just touch it and type in your new title and you’ll have it.

If you leave it blank and submit, you will erase your title.

IMPORTANT: Please use common sense in these titles. Their purpose is to not do what I did in the above example, i.e. to describe IC information that couldn’t be otherwise gleaned and would be immediately detectable by others upon encountering your character. “Drenched in vinegar” or “Red eyes, seems to have been crying recently” or “Veela blood” are all acceptable; “Gorgeous” or “Blue eyes” or “Sad” are not.

VII. Set Channels

In addition to setting your title, your Badge serves as a chatter, too. By default, it uses channels 3, 4, and 5:

Channel 3 is the Narration Channel.

Channel 4 is the IC/emote Channel.

Channel 5 is the OOC channel.

Clicking the “Set Channels” button lets you change from the default channels used by your HUD.

If I submit the above, my IC/emote channel changes from 4 to 7, my Narration channel changes from 3 to 8, and my OOC channel changes from 5 to 9.

VIII. Toggle OOC

Clicking this button causes your character to go OOC.

While OOC, your needs (except for Social) are frozen, and you can’t rez items, cast, get points, or use the HUD in general. Trying to type using the IC channels of the Badge will cause you to be told to switch to IC. To do so, just touch the Main Menu and choose “Toggle OOC” again.

IMPORTANT: OOC loitering on sim is in general not allowed, and this function is to be used when you go afk for a short time. If you wish to go afk for a long time, you can park your character in the Hogsmeade Station; if you wish to hang out OOCly with people, the boxes above the Quidditch Pitch are by default OOC while a game isn’t happening, and OOC group chat is always active.

IX. Allowance

Only students have access to this option. Touching it will give you two further options:

If you click Lump, you will be asked to confirm your choice, and confirming it will cause you to receive the rest of the year’s allowance all in one go, and to no longer receive your weekly allowance until the next school year, nor will you receive “catch up” skill points until the end of the year.

IMPORTANT: Be careful with this option, as there is no way to undo it, and no way to receive more money again should you spend it all. You can, of course, trade with other people, but that will be your only source of income.

If you click Pause instead, you will be able to choose a number of weeks between 1 and 8 during which you will not receive your allowance.

The purpose of this is to simulate things such as being grounded by your parents or being very very poor.

IMPORTANT: There is also no way to undo this option, and should you use it, you will have to wait the indicated number of weeks before you start receiving your allowance again. That money will also be completely lost, you will not receive all of it back once the pause is over.

You do not need to log in every Sunday to receive your allowance; if you spend a month without logging in, when you log back in you will have received your whole month’s worth of money.

X. Manage

This option allows a Professor to remotely manage a student, and send them points even when they’re offline.

It works just like Ping Button explained in the Skills section of the HUD.

XI. Hide/Show

Clicking the Badge on the upper-right corner of your HUD causes it to be minimised. Clicking it again causes it to appear once more. Note that the Cast Bar button does not disappear when you minimise the HUD, allowing you to continue using it even if the HUD is hidden.