Faculty are the bread and butter of Hogwarts. Without them Hogwarts wouldn’t be exciting. Or a school. Sure there’s magic, but who will teach you the magic? These members of Hogwarts are skilled artists in their magical field. Defenders of the curriculum and a firm hand when needed — if those students who dare defy the rules are caught, that is.

Below are a list of the different variations of faculty you may see around Hogwarts.


Professors are the faculty who teach the children. They are strong, skilled and colourful. They are often the best in their subject and have been personally sought after by the Headmaster/Headmistress personally. These people are responsible for the daily running of Hogwarts. Often they hold classes you can attend, throw homework at you or even give you a nasty detention, should you deserve it. Be warned though — each Professor is different and you may or may not like what you are dealing with.


These book dwellers are the Hogwarts librarians. In charge of keeping the countless tomes, scrolls and spell books in immaculate order, they also control the library within Hogwarts and tend to rule it with an iron fist. Don’t mess up those pages or you’ll have to deal with the librarians.


These people are responsible for all the dirty work of Hogwarts. They are the ones who manage the house elves, wash your unmentionables and very often make your beds. They keep the school immaculate and won’t tolerate Bertie Bott’s being left around the corridors. They also keep you fed — a Hufflepuff might find themselves lost without the Caretaker.


Groundskeepers are the faculty members who deal with the maintenance side of Hogwarts. They look after the creatures, keep the plants healthy and growing as well as maintain the schools structures. They often live outside the castle, in the huts near the forest. They can control who goes in and out of the forest and are in charge of overseeing students who venture onto the grounds.


Got a broken bone? Visit the Nurse. Somebody jinxed your head into a pumpkin? Visit the Nurse. These people help keep Hogwarts healthy and strong. They live in the Hospital Wing and are always there should an unlucky student take a tumble down the Grand Staircase. Be warned though, they may or may not tell your Head of House what you’ve been up to.


The four Houses of Hogwarts are ruled by the most outstanding Professors in the school. Usually these Heads are alumni of their House. They did well in Hogwarts and will protect their Houses fiercely. However, should you disobey their rules you may find yourself in detention or even worse – expelled.


The two main people who run Hogwarts. They monitor EVERYTHING that happens in Hogwarts. These two people are in charge of the safety of the students and faculty alike. They have the most power within Hogwarts and it’s even rumored that these lucky two can apparate in and out of the school, unlike other faculty or students.


Headmaster – O’Keefe, Aoife (Profokeeffe Resident)
Deputy Headmistress – Blightly, Abaddon (Edwardmass Resident)

Head of Gryffindor – Vikander, George (SamuelRyder Resident)
Head of Hufflepuff – Priaulx, Danica (Bay Quartz)
Head of Ravenclaw – Green, Juniper (Professorjunipergreen Resident)
Head of Slytherin – Rask, Valyria (Valent1ne Apogee)

Alchemy –
Ancient Runes – Coal, Sapphire (blueember13 resident)
Ancient Studies –
Arithmancy – Rask, Valyria (Valent1ne Apogee)
Art –
Astronomy – Priaulx, Danica (Bay Quartz)
Charms – Idylwild, Ophelia (Haikun)
Care of Magical Creatures – Eastwood, Chase (peasantwoman resident)
Defence Against The Dark Arts – Vikander, George (Samuelryder Resident); Macauley, Algenon (George Mumbhata)
Divinations – Gallo, Giovanni (Professorgiovannigallo Resident)

Flying – O’Rouke, Carrick (carrickorourke.resident)
Ghoul Studies – Esper, Edward (Ghost Riler)
Herbology – DracheBlume, Arianna von (ariannavondracheblume); Dumorney, Elspeth (Ebediyet Snowpaw)
History of Magic – Digby, Oswalt Absalom (SolemnTurtle Resident)

Homemaking Magic – Flores, Eloa (Alexisnow Resident)
Magical Careers and You 
Magical Theory – Reuter, Gaston (Jamie Delwood)
Muggle Studies – Hellstar, Vanya (Peyton Difference)
Music –
Mythology – Van der Brough, Victoria (Tawny Gellner)
Potions – Green, Juniper (Professorjunipergreen Resident); Blightly, Abaddon (Edwardmass Resident)
Transfiguration – Banks, Daffodil (Joannahrose Resident)
Xylomancy –

Caretaker – Fraser, Maeve (Adalinefaith Resident)
Keeper of Keys and Grounds – DracheBlume, Arianna von (Ariannavondracheblume Resident)

Groundskeeper –
Hospital Matron – Felts, Joyce (Nyathi Sahara)

Healer – Phoenix, Rachell (rachell gibbs); Flutterby, Melisande (ProfessorMelisandeFlutterby Resident)
Librarian – Vogelweidhof, Helga (Astharea Resident); Coletti, Mark (Colettifamrp Resident); Harrison, Theodora (Aleena Greenwood)

Ministry Apparition Instructor – Hartshorn, Athos (Rita Rowley)