At Mischief Managed, we exist because of the talents and time of a group of volunteers — our staff. Each member of our staff dedicates their time and effort to making Mischief Managed the roleplay sim it is. We have different departments, each specializing in a section of Mischief Managed’s needs — from accepting RPers into the sim, to marketing the sim’s events, to planning out its roleplay. It is not, nor will it ever be, a paying job. We are a non-profit, so any donations given to the sim go towards building costs, not staff salary. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact someone in the department it relates to.


The admins are responsible for the administration and upkeep of all sims associated with Mischief Managed. They very often have specific departments that are their main jobs in the sim. They are responsible for sim maintenance and making sure everything is running correctly, and usually work back end and are the last people you should aim to contact if there is a problem on sim. Below you will find a list of each administrator and their roles.


Sim Managers are as the name states, they are there to manage the sim for the administration. They are second in command and oversee departments on sim alongside the administration. A manager should be contacted first before an admin in regards to their departments!


Moderators are the peacekeepers for Mischief Managed and exist to make sure players are not being naughty, breaking rules, or misbehaving. They will be the ones to oversee all player interaction, issues, and problems between players. If there are any issues with OOC rules, harassment, trolling or breaking of any rules both MM and LL then they are the people to go to.




The ALOs, or Acceptance Letter Owls, are the staff members responsible for working with each applicant on their admission to Mischief Managed. We’re not picky on letting roleplayers in, but we do have some basic requirements, and our ALOs are the ones to help applicants get squared away before entering the sim. They take each individual application, read through it, and then contact the applicants with suggestions, compliments, etc. They then give each applicant the required necessities for roleplaying in sim, and help get the roleplayer situated in sim.


The Roleplay Development Team (RPD) are the staff responsible for the day-to-day activities occurring on sim. The job of members of the RPD is to come up with plot ideas. These can be large or small, but each plot must be carried through to completion, which involves many steps. Any given roleplay may have multiple steps that must be thought out, props located/created, NPC characters lined up, and fact-checking, not to mention working with the Marketing team to get the event successfully organized and advertised. Members are also fluent in the Harry Potter canon.



The Scripting team is responsible for increasing functionality across the board; not only are they the brains behind such interactive tools as the MM HUD and quidditch system, but they also develop and maintain applications behind the scenes to provide support to other departments. They keep the technical side of Mischief Managed running smoothly, and provide us with new and exciting upgrades to better our RP experience.


The Marketing Department of the Mischief Managed sim is responsible for advertising and promoting the sim. The Marketing Department has many tasks, including posting to social media sites, blogging, contacting other bloggers, taking photos of events/sim updates, and general communication for the sim. This is a crucial aspect to running a roleplay sim and the members of the marketing team are always dedicated to the task at hand.