At Mischief Managed, we allow student form clubs upon request and approval! If you wish to request a club, please look at the current “canon” clubs first.

The RPD wishes for these clubs to be filled first and foremost before we will consider allowing others. This is to ensure that the theme of our role play is upheld! Please keep in mind that many of these can also be broken down to be House specific. For example: There can be a Slytherin Dueling Club and a Hufflepuff Dueling Club.


Art Club

Astronomy Club

Charms Club

Chess Club

Dueling Club

Gobstones Club

Healer’s Club

Potions Club

Pygmy Puff Club

Rat Race Club

Slugs and Bugs Club

Snap Club

PLEASE ask a member of RPD for a list of current clubs if you are unsure of availability and are wishing to submit your own club.


The Owl Post will report on daily life around Hogwarts. Have those Gryffindors been pranking people again? Surely there's a story there somewhere. Have you found a Professor or the Headmistress herself acting strange? Report on it!

To join the Owl Post please contact;

Leonora Clements (Editor-in-chief)
If you want to challenge another in a duel then duelling club is your answer! Currently hosted by HOHs however, on occasion the four houses may be duelling together.

To show your interested in duelling please contact;

Professor Rask (Slytherin HOH)

Professor Priaulx (Hufflepuff HOH)

Professor Vikander (Gryffindor HOH)

Professor Green (Ravenclaw HOH)
Do you have it in you to become a mediwizard or mediwitch? Do you want to learn the art of healing? Well now is your chance!

To show your interest please contact;

Matron Joyce O'Rourke or Melisande Flutterby
A club which teaches students how to Ride Winged horses!

To show your interest please contact;

Professor Eastwoodor Professor Dracheblume
A club that involves magical pets! This club is all for magical pet lovers to better train their pets and create new friends!

To show your interest please contact;

Aiden Hunter Knight
Held once maybe twice a month, where we procure ingredients we can find in Hogsmeade at the shops, or around Hogwarts in general. Once a term; twice a year, we will hold a Potions Competition where the students will take their most successful potion brewed and put it to the test. The competition will be part brewing and part testing out the potion. Only potions within their years.

To show your interest please contact;

Professor Juniper Green


Once a month faculty members will gather for supper! Each evening will be hosted by a different Professor or Staff Member. The evening will revolve around dinner with a particular discussion upon some aspect of magic being chosen each evening. The purpose is to encourage more discussion and conviviality between staff by combining rigorous academic chatter with a relaxed evening together over supper.

To show your interest please contact;

Professor Gaston Reuter (Founder)

    All fields are required.

    Do you understand that IC approval may be required for the club once accepted by RPD? And that you will face IC consequences if not?

    Do you understand that clubs must comply with sim rules? And failure to do so will result in disbandment of the club?