Non-Playable Character or (NPC) is one that, apart from an actual character, is not ‘actually’ headed by a leading writer/role-player-counterpart as your student or staff characters here within Mischief Managed Roleplay Sim are. They might also be a temporary character existing only for the duration of a certain plot.

Fair examples of NPC Characters would consist of a best friend within Hogwarts or even a pet. With particular friends, although a specific person (leading writer/role-player) may not actually play this character, their existence wouldn’t be seen as void; they exist and it is with full permission granted by the Administrators of Mischief Managed that you are allowed to do so.

IMPORTANT: Any thing/student that will possibly cause extreme harm or shift the balance of roleplay within MM should be approved by the RolePlay Department. Having parents visit must also be approved (for example) – any outside force must be approved by RPD Heads or Administrators as it’s a very rare occurrence at Hogwarts.

Within Hogwarts, it is to be noted that there are roughly 300-500 students in attendance, and with that scores of professors and other staff.

Please note that because a room may be visually empty, in actuality for RP reasons, the room would most likely be filled — classroom settings, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner within the Great Hall, Examinations, and Common Rooms etc. — ultimately resulting in most public places being occupied at portions of the day as a real school would. Even though physical roleplayers might not be present, you would probably be around NPCs.

A note to Professors, within your Classrooms (as mentioned in the section prior) it is safe to always roleplay as if your classroom is filled, as most likely it would be. Feel free to NPC students to help the lesson along if necessary as well as involving the students that are present in pixel form. It’s very rare for students to not show up to class, so even if only 2 roleplayers show, the class would be full.


Kelsey Abram watched as the walls seemed to move inward at the hoard of first years that crowded into the Great Hall.

OOC: The room could possibly be seating only two students in pixel form, but to create imagery, the character here roleplays that students are pouring in, where in truth they could have been.


As RPD Members are allowed NPC creation of actual pixel characters as well as inducing change within the RP with quick approval, please contact a member of the RPD for things involving the Ministry of Magic or any other outside influences upon the roleplay members.