Adults in Mischief Managed have more freedom than their underage counterparts when dressing themselves for the sim. However, there are a few rules and regulations you must abide by to protect decency and immersion. 

As there are different types of adults, we will break down the dress code for each part of the sim.

Please do note that due to the theme of the sim and the lore surrounding it, we expect people to dress as closely to the theme of Harry Potter as possible. You are roleplaying magical people who are canonically quite behind on the times. It would entirely depend how you dress depending on your blood status and your own personal story. We do not expect to see a witch who has never stepped foot into the wizarding world, wearing the latest designer muggle outfit. Witch hats are common and so are long dresses. For immersion sake we ask that you do some research and at least attempt to stick to the immersive nature of the theme. 

Hogwarts Staff & Adults

Due to the environment of which your character is we expect a certain level of modesty when roleplaying a professional teacher in Hogwarts. You are effectively spending time around young, underage characters and your outfit, style and appearance should reflect this. 

  • Low cut tops should be kept to a reasonable cut. If you are having trouble covering your cleavage please make use of modesty appliers on the marketplace that are cheap and easy to use for a wide variety of mesh bodies.
  • If you are wearing a skirt please do not wear a mini skirt. You are supposed to dress professionally for your role. If your skirt breaches our skirt length rules as seen on the student dress code then consider tights/stockings. 
  • Heels should not be platformed nor should they resemble shoes that you would wear to go clubbing. Heels are allowed but remember for immersion sake that you’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking up and down 7 floors of moving staircases. 
  • Offensive tattoos should not be worn. Tattoos are allowed and so are piercings. 
  • This is an immersive environment so we encourage professors and staff to dress as closely to the theme as possible and for the role they’ve been given. The environment is a professional one with you roleplaying a high ranking professor/staff member of an elite boarding school and you should mirror this.

The Ministry of Magic

  • The Ministry of Magic is mostly an adult zone but children will be in your presence. Please keep your outfits modest and in theme with the area in which you roleplay. Professional attire must be worn when in employment of the Ministry. Of course, personal backstory may dictate this but IC consequences may happen if your boss sees you underdressed. 
  • Cleavage and skin can be shown in moderation but again, this is a professional environment and as any professional area there would be a requirement of covering up and common sense. If you feel the outfit would not be acceptable in a real world job role then do not wear it. 

All non professional roles can wear what they want within reason. You must remember that you can at times be in the vicinity of child avatars and as such use common sense when dressing. Again, we also encourage immersion and dressing to the theme and mirroring what would be acceptable in a public setting in real life. 

General OOC Rules

  • Cleavage is fine in moderation. You should not be purposely making your cleavage suggestable in the vicinity of child characters. We understand that it can be hard to shop for modest clothing on SL but please do not purposely make your cleavage appear enhanced and/or purposely suggestive. If you must do this, please make sure no child avatars are around.
  • Tops with visible nipples are not allowed. Unless it’s cold, there should be no reason to have overly enhanced nipples. Of course this is SL and alot of clothing stores do this so we encourage you to use common sense. 
  • Physics are not allowed on your avatar. This means please keep your breasts, butt and other parts from jiggling. 
  • When wearing shorts there should be more denim than bottom visible, avoid having any butt crack on show and dress according to the surroundings and situation. You may be asked by a member of OOC staff to change in this case.
  • Visible crotch areas are not allowed. If you are wearing mesh that suggests, shows and/or enhances the crotch area then you should wear tights, panties and anything to make sure there is no suggestion of genitalia on show. 
  • Tattoos should not be offensive and/or have suggestive material on (drugs, sex, violence, and so on so forth)

If you are having trouble understanding the above or wish to get something clarified please contact a moderator.