As adults there are no professors to tell you off for wearing something a little risque, thus Mischief Managed places few limitations on what your character may or may not wear.

However, please do bear in mind the situation you are in. For example if you work for the Ministry of Magic you would want to wear more professional attire at work than you would, say, popping down to the Three Broomsticks for a swift pint at the weekend.


These OOC offences are the same regardless of adult or child, and are listed below. If the item(s) worn actually break sim rules an OOC Staff Member will step in. Breaking any of these results in enforcement of The Strike System, with severity deemed by the OOC Staff member at hand.

Do not wear or show, under any circumstances. These rules apply to everyone male, female or other:

  • Offensive logos/words, logos referring to drugs, sex, alcohol etc. will be requested to be changed.
  • Futuristic clothes; we are a themed roleplay and futuristic clothes do not fit.
  • For those that have a penis, any visual bulges, outlines or the like must not be shown. In other words, you must be ken doll.
  • We dissuade from butt crack being visible

The wearing or showing of any items listed above can result in one or more Strikes, depending on severity. The items listed below are absolute, never-ever-EVER no-no’s. Wearing or showing any of these items may result in a temporary or permanent ban from our sim. Because we have child avatars on sim, we must adhere to guidelines set by Linden Labs, and the presence of the items below in our sim can risk its continued existence, which we cannot tolerate. We hope you understand.

  • Genitalia (the wearing or showing of any genitalia results in an instant and permanent ban, with absolutely no exceptions)
  • Anything pornographic or insinuatingly pornographic (instant perma-ban)
  • Talking/interactive pregnancy bellies/talking body parts
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Clothing that may affect someone else’s running performance. e.g. full bright/glow, particle effects, etc