Adults generally have more of a lax dress code when not working in Hogwarts and can freely dress how they like. However, there are some small limitations when it comes to dressing your character. Below we will explain a few things for you to keep in mind.

Dress The Part

Mischief Managed is a roleplay based on the magical world and as seen in the movies, described in the books, and even seen in the games, there is a general theme to what magical folk wear. Generally it goes on your backstory and how inclined you are to know of Muggle dresscode but British Wixen often dress in a more victorian, vintage and unique style. Your latest ASOS jeans may be the hottest look in the Muggle world but in the Wizarding World it is rare that you’d find someone dressed like a Muggle.

Witches tend to wear dresses, robes and overcoats with witch hats, your modern witch may have a buttoned blazer with a pencil skirt as seen on the stylish front pages of Frogue. Wizards too often wear robes of some kind. It has been noted that the older the wizard, the less inclined they are to wear pants and instead adapt to a more free style robe.

Keep It Realistic

Different areas of the sim have different climates, themes, and more. If you’re in the Ministry then you should dress accordingly otherwise you risk being thrown out for indecency. If you’re in Brighton Bay then a coat may not be needed and you may opt for something more cooling and well, if you’re in the Scottish Highlands then a coat or robe is an absolute must.

Stick To The Rules

Of course you’re on a sim that has a strict guide to decency. We don’t expect adults in the expanded universe to be dressed like nuns but please make sure you’re covering your private bits (no nipples or genitals please!) and that you aren’t TOO suggestive in what you wear (no tops with the underboob cut outs and certainly no skirts that may as well be a belt)

Hogwarts Professors must adhere to a strict code of dress as these are Professors around young child characters. Their clothing must be modest and professional. Cleavage should be avoided and short skirts are a no.