0:00 – Welcome and landing point guide

1:10 – Setting up a student character on the HUD

3:50 – HUD Tabs

5:27 – Skills setup

7:35 – Catch up points

8:03 – Main HUD button and allowance

9:30 – Purchasing a wand

11:10 – Purchasing books and spell journal

Summary Transcript

In this video, Saffron Foxclaw, the admin for ALO, Marketing, and Rental teams provides a detailed guide for new members who have been accepted into the Mischief Managed role-playing community. The key points covered in the video are as follows:

  1. Introduction and Application Process:

    • Saffron introduces herself and explains that the video is intended for new members who have been accepted into Mischief Managed.
    • She mentions that new members receive three group join invites, a Discord invite, a folder of information, and a link for a role-play ambassador who will help them navigate the community.
    • Saffron provides the landing point for newcomers to apply for membership.
  2. Setting Up Your Character on the HUD:

    • Saffron explains the process of setting up a character on the role-play HUD, which includes collecting the HUD and badge.
    • She demonstrates the steps for adding a character to the HUD, including choosing the character’s name, age, house, and social class.
  3. Allocating Skill Points:

    • Saffron emphasizes the importance of allocating skill points and walks through the various skill categories, such as spells, potions, transfiguration, herbology, magical creatures, and academics.
    • She mentions that characters can earn more skill points through attending classes and doing homework.
  4. Allowance and Catch-Up Points:

    • Saffron discusses the concept of allowance and how characters can receive pocket money weekly.
    • She mentions the Catch-Up HUD point system, which helps maintain an even playing field for characters who might miss classes due to different time zones.
  5. Tabs on the HUD:

    • Saffron briefly explains the tabs on the role-play HUD, such as skills, needs, plot, weather, and inventory.
  6. Obtaining a Wand:

    • She demonstrates the process of obtaining a wand from Ollivanders in Diagon Alley, which includes selecting the wand’s core, wood, and length.
    • Saffron highlights the importance of informing ALO if there are changes in your wand selection.
  7. Getting Your Spell Journal:

    • Saffron advises viewers to purchase their spell journal from a bookstore, as it contains spells relevant to their skill points.
    • She demonstrates how to search for the spell journal in the bookstore.