These are rules that your professor must follow IC. Though, nothing stops you from breaking them and in doing so won’t get you in trouble with the sim staff but they may cause you to be fired from your job, keep that in mind!

Uniform & Attire

  • Professors must be smartly dressed when teaching and within the day time hours (or night time if you teach a class during the midnight hours). This also means Professors should not be wearing jeans.
  • Professors must wear semi formal attire to official events such as school assemblies or formal visits to the school. Put on a hat!
  • Professors must adhere to a modesty rule. Cleavage must be kept to a minimum and skirts should not resemble a belt. Tights are encouraged.
  • Dress shoes or smart shoes. Heels are allowed, platforms are not. Barefoot professors are unacceptable, think of your hygiene!

As a side note, for the immersion of the students we encourage professors and staff of Hogwarts to dress as canon as possible. Muggle clothing is okay if your character comes from a muggle background but for the immersion of students and other professors, we encourage the use of robes, pointy hats and in general theme of the sim clothing. If you need help with this please IM an ALO.


As this is your employment, your attitude and the way you conduct yourself can either help or be a detriment to students. Professors are encouraged to be professional at all times.

Magic on Students

The usage of spells on students unless for their safety and/or to help them is forbidden. Professors should not curse, hex, or transform students for their behavior. Professors should follow the applied punishment system given to them by the Headmistress.

The usage of healing spells, mobility spells or in general harmless spells may be used on students within reason. Professors should not attempt healing magic on a student if they are woefully unprepared or lack the skill of using them, said professor may risk a lecture from the matron if caught.

Alcohol or banned substances

Professors should not drink alcohol on school premises unless they are either a) in a formal event or b) in the staff room. Tobacco products are banned from school premises and may only be smoked in the staff room. The staff room doors are enchanted to detect lit tobacco products upon exit and will douse the professor who forgets to put their pipe out with a rather large dunk of water. If you value your clothes and your hair, do not attempt to walk through the door with any lit tobacco products.