Events in June 2022

  • Dragonology Class
    Soul Society
  • DRCMC Patronus Charm Class
    Advanced Arithmancy
    Flying Class
  • Magical Theory
    Consultation Ballot
    Flying Horse club
  • Annual Potions Brew-Off
  • Sunday Lunch
    Huffle Hangout
    Slytherin Hangout
  • Herbology
  • Ghoul Studies
    Charms Class (All Years)
  • Healer's Club
    Dragonology Class
    Transfiguration (all Years)
  • Arithmancy Revisions
    Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Potions Theory (All Years)
    Magical Theory
    Care of Magical Creatures
    Muggle Studies
  • Hufflepuff House Photo
    Slytherin House Photo
    Hogwarts Job Fair
    DADA - Boggarts Practical 1
  • DADA - Boggarts Practical 2
    Sunday Lunch
    Prefect Meeting
    Interhouse Dueling
  • Exam Week
    Herbology Exam
    Ghoul Studies Exam
  • Exam Week
    Divinations Exam
    Transfiguration Exam
    Charms Exam
  • Exam Week
    Dragonology Exam
    Herbology Exam
  • Exam Week
    Creatures Exam
    Flying Class
  • Exam Week
    Magical Theory Exam
  • Exam Week
    Prefect Photo
    Potions Exam and Practical
  • Exam Week
    Sunday Lunch
  • Soul Society
  • Gillyweed Practical
  • Healer's Club
  • BBQ and 7th years last flight around the Castle
  • End of Year Feast
  • Hogwarts Express