Welcome to Brighton Bay!

Brighton Bay is a small cove tucked away hidden from the town of Brighton. Once a muggle town that was mysteriously evacuated and abandoned, the wizards and witches of the Ministry of Magic turned this once quaint little sea front village into Britain’s best tourist destination for magic folk. Sunny beaches, clear waters and mysterious creatures make this charming destination a fun place for young and old. Be careful however, rumours of dragons, mermaids and pirates linger on the shores of Brighton Bay along with an influx of criminals taking over the town as of late.

Play on The Beach!

Sand and sea await you at Brighton Bay. Throw on your swimwear and head into the waters, be warned however as there have been rumours of not so nice mermaids looking to play. Alternatively if you find yourself a land lover, you can sunbathe on the lush sands of the beach. 

Buy Magical Wears!

Brighton Bay is home to some very odd stores. Maybe you’ll fine some trinkets that aren’t sold anywhere else? who knows..

Eat In Style.. Or Not..

Due to the demanding nature of visitors and holidaymakers from all across the globe. Brighton Bay is home to an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants and food vendors. Perhaps you’re feeling like the age old traditional fish and chips or fancy something abit more luxurious like japanese or chinese dishes. The choice is yours!

Become a Criminal!

Brighton Bay is home to not only residents and your happy go lucky holidaymakers, it’s home to some of Britains hardened criminal folk with a wand. Maybe you’ll find yourself victim to one of the gangs that roam the alleys of Brighton Bay or maybe you’ll join them. Who knows? it’s time to choose your own story.

OOC Tips

  • Brighton Bay is a beach town and is enchanted to be warm and sunny. The weather rarely falls cold but when it does heavy thunderstorms batter the shores of the beach. 
  • Roleplayers can roleplay getting to Brighton Bay in a variety of forms. There is a train running from Platform 7& ½ that leads directly to an underground station within Brighton Bay that was formerly a muggle platform but closed under mysterious circumstances in WW2.
  • You can also floo into Brighton Bay via the Ministry or your own home should you have access to the floo network.
  • Brighton Bay houses all, young and old. Although most children find themselves at Hogwarts for the majority of the year adults are free to return when they please. People live in Brighton Bay and as such work and play there too. The locals are said to be friendlier, happier people than those that live in Hogsmeade. 
  • Creatures, beasts and beings walk freely in Brighton Bay as they do in Hogsmeade. You may find a vampire lurking the nightlife of the Bay or a goblin making their way through town or perhaps you’ll fall victim to a ghosts pranks. It’s been rumoured that ghosts of pirates and an unfortunate couple who mysteriously died on their wedding day lurk the caves and town of Brighton Bay.
  • The Ministry Aurors patrol this area on their rounds so any criminal activity should be done so privately and less obvious. Shady dealings in the pub or cover stores for illegal creature trade has been rumoured but never discovered.