At Mischief Managed, we exist because of the talents and time of a group of volunteers — our staff. Each member of our staff dedicates their time and effort to making Mischief Managed the roleplay sim it is. We have different departments, each specializing in a section of Mischief Managed’s needs — from accepting RPers into the sim, to marketing the sim’s events, to planning out its roleplay. It is not, nor will it ever be, a paying job. We are a non-profit, so any donations given to the sim go towards building costs, not staff salary. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact someone in the department it relates to. Members of our sim OOC Staff are:


The admins are the overseers of the entire sim. Each has their own responsibilities and departments they spearhead, and between them they manage OOC Staff, building, rentals, sim administration, technical support, and everything else not covered by another OOC Staff department.

  • Klepto (kleptoheart) – Role Play Department, MM Wikia, Quests              
  • Persephone (alexis1oreily) – IC Staff, Sim Management        
  • Saff (Saffron.Foxclaw) – Admissions, Marketing, Rentals
  • Corwin (corwin.lacourte) – Building, Quests
  • Li (Marina.Tiepolo) – Building,  Sim Management, Website
  • Sadde (yahn.amat) – Building, Quidditch, Tech Support, Quests

Sim Managers

Sim Managers act on behalf of the Administration and have their own freedom to manage their selected department. They oversee their select department and help the Administration run the sim on a day to day basis. These people should be contacted before an Admin is contacted for their department.

  • Rita (Wiloaa Resident) – Role Play Department            
  • Jade (JustineCannabis Resident) – IC Staff

ALOs – Acceptance Letter Owls

The ALOs, or Acceptance Letter Owls, are the staff members responsible for working with each applicant on their admission to Mischief Managed. We’re not picky on letting roleplayers in, but we do have some basic requirements, and our ALOs are the ones to help applicants get squared away before entering the sim. They take each individual application, read through it, and then contact the applicants with suggestions, compliments, etc. They then give each applicant the required necessities for roleplaying in sim, and help get the roleplayer situated in sim.

  • Persephone Hyland (alexis1oreily) – Head ALO
  • Aisling Jones (aislingroseopal) – Head ALO
  • Denna Glaus (candygunpowder) – Head ALO
  • Amira Zidane (Arwyn.Quandry) – Head ALO
  • Talula Shippe (Talula Shippe) – ALO
  • Sila Warrington (silachan.rain) – ALO
  • Quinn Lowry (Quinnlowry Resident) – ALO
  • Rachell Gibbs (Rachell Gibbs) – ALO

Role Play Department – RPD

The Roleplay Development Team (RPD) are the staff responsible for the day-to-day activities occurring on sim. The job of members of the RPD is to come up with plot ideas. These can be large or small, but each plot must be carried through to completion, which involves many steps. Any given roleplay may have multiple steps that must be thought out, props located/created, NPC characters lined up, and fact-checking, not to mention working with the Marketing team to get the event successfully organized and advertised. Members are also fluent in the Harry Potter canon.

  • Adam Fletcher (GavinIV)
  • Tara The Barbarian (TaraTheBarbarian Resident)
  • Endeavour (eChuck Resident) Marzia (magikath)
  • Denna Glaus (candygunpowder)
  • Caryxander Mordushku (Kirkheim)

Other Departments

There are other departments that operate behind the scenes. These are:

  • Marketing
  • Build
  • MM Wikipedia
  • Scripting

If you need to contact one of these, please send a direct message to the Administrator who oversees it.