Below we’ve compiled a list of questions we receive often by applicants and roleplayers at Mischief Managed. Hopefully these will answer some of your own questions! Of course, not all questions could possibly be listed, so if yours isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of the OOC Staff or an Admin for clarification.

How do I join Mischief Managed?

That’s easy! All you need to do is apply via the website applications and fill in your application. Remember to be as detailed about your character as possible and to leave all the right information. For tips on creating a fun and original character, see our Application Guide. If anything is wrong and you submit your app, simply send a IM/notecard to one of our ALO’s who will correct it for you.

My application was denied, what do I do now?

If your application was denied it was for a very important reason. The ALO in charge of your application will have sent you specific reasons why your application has been denied. Follow these reasons and make the changes. It is advised that you read up on the world of Harry Potter and also about roleplaying.

My application was put into Pending, does this mean I’ve been denied?

Not at all! Pending simply means that your application is on hold until you’ve adjusted it accordingly. Like above, an ALO will send you a NC with the reasons why as well as your application so you can make adjustments. The difference between Pending & Denied is that with Pending, your application only needs minor changes and you still have a chance of it being approved.

It's been a day and an ALO hasn’t contacted me?!

We receive many applications. Due to this our ALOs work around the clock but even so, it may take them time to get to your application. Please be patient and wait at least three (3) days before contacting an ALO about your application. If over 5 days have passed you are more than welcome to ask. However, please be aware that our ALOs are people too and have real lives so they may not reply straight away. Always be kind to our ALOs, they are here voluntarily and work very hard to get you roleplaying.

Help! I cannot find anything to wear!

Fortunately we have Harry Potter specific vendors on our sim. Also, our OOC Staff have great knowledge of places to shop depending on your budget. Feel free to IM them and ask! We also offer a free uniform if you’re new to SL and cant afford Lindens. If you’re shopping for a uniform and unsure if something is appropriate, don’t hesitate to ask an admin or OOC Staff member – we’ll gladly help!

I have a plot idea! How do I submit it?

You can submit a plot via our website! We have a form for you to send in your plot ideas to the RPD and you can find it here. However, please be aware and read up on your Harry Potter. Non-canon plots will be instantly discarded. Also, if found trolling the plot submission, you will be warned. Failure to comply will get you banned from the roleplay.

How many characters can I have at Hogwarts?

You can have up to four student alts at Hogwarts. This allows you to have one student per House, should you choose. You can also have two Professors and one Creature. Thus, in total, you can have 7 active characters at Mischief Managed. Please be aware that due to the Level System, students must be on seperate accounts. However, we do allow you to have titler alts for Professors & Creatures. When applying for a new character, you must declare all alts you have currently or have ever had on sim. Failure to comply will result in instant consequences depending on the severity, and can result in all accounts being banned from the sim.

What does it mean to be 'canon’?

This means anything that is true to the story of Hogwarts. If it happened in the books or films, it is generally accepted in HP Lore. For example, an alien attack would not happen at Hogwarts. However, a wizard duel? Yes. You can find all information via the Internet and our guide on the Potterverse for more in-depth view of what is accepted at Hogwarts.

Can I be a sparkly vampire like Edward?

No. Absolutely not. HP vampires are anything but sparkly and attractive – often they look like sick humans only thinner and, well, dead-looking. We do allow certain Creatures present in the Potterverse to roleplay at Mischief Managed, but they must follow our strict Creatures Policy, as well as apply for open positions, be accepted, and fit in with the general roleplay of the sim at the time.

I want a Special Ability, what is available and how do I get one?

You can view our accepted Special Abilities here. To apply for one you must first have an accepted character within Hogwarts. To apply you can click here. Please be aware that Special Abilities are VERY rare and we reserve the right to deny you of your ability should we be too full, or find that you will not suit the ability.

Can I use an Unforgivable Curse?

In general, no. One must seek RPD approval to use an Unforgivable, especially since it is an Adult Level spell. This means your Professors know and can cast them, but you don’t. Only in exceptional circumstances will you be allowed to use the Unforgivables.

Where do I get a Roleplay Chatter and Titler?

You can pick up these objects with instructions from the Landing Point. Please be aware that roleplay chatters and titlers require your FULL character name. Titlers must not include information on your House, your characters interests and or hobbies. Titlers should include only names, and simple information only that isn’t needed to be gathered via IC, such as physical deformities or scars. These items are found near the free uniforms.

What is the Level System, and how does it work?

The Level System is a system we’ve put into place that allows characters at Mischief Managed to realistically gain levels that dictate your character’s ability to complete magical spells or potions. Each time you gain a level you have the ability to roleplay more spells successfully. However, should you attempt any spell that is higher than your level, the spell will fail. Only in exceptional circumstances should the spell work, i.e. classes with professor guidance. To grab your level system, pick it up either from the Landing Point or the Great Hall. Attach the HUD for your correct year and wear your badge at all times on sim. Remember, if you use multiple HUDs they will break. For a detailed description and instructions on the Level System, please see our page describing it here.

I sent my 10 Tokens to an Admin but I have yet to receive my gem - why?

We’re very sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, it could be any number of things causing the wait. First, check to make sure they did actually send. Second, the Admins often get busy with running the sim and sometimes we can’t get to it right away. Never fear though, your tokens are never forgotten and you will always recieve your gem. Also, if your IMs cap often then be sure to double check with an Admin. Always IM the Admin to whom you sent your tokens and NEVER IM the HogwartsMischiefManaged account. IMs to that account will be ignored.

The spell I want to use is not my Level or year. Can I still use it?

Yes, you can almost always ‘use’ a spell. However, do be aware that spells that are used over your Level and year will automatically fail, every time. The only time these spells will work is if you’re being guided by a faculty member and in their presence and/or you’re the required Level and year.

I want to be the next Voldemort, is this possible?

No. Due to copyright restrictions and canon storyline, we cannot introduce the next new Voldemort. Be aware that most if not ALL of Death Eaters were either killed or placed in Azkaban following the war. The only exception for this would be the Malfoys. No, you cannot roleplay a Malfoy, either. Also note that Hogwarts would have little or no information on Voldemort within their vast collection of tomes so finding information on him would be hard, unless a Professor knew about him or the topic came up in class. Please remember this when playing your character.

I want to have sex at Hogwarts with my boyfriend, is this allowed?

NO. NO. NO. Given that your character is UNDERAGE, any sexual roleplay will get you instantly banned from the sim instantly – you most likely won’t even get a notice. Sexual acts between avatars depicting underage students is expressly against the Linden Labs Terms of Service for Second Life, which must always be followed at Mischief Managed. This is a serious offense and if caught, you will be banned from Mischief Managed permanently. No exceptions.

Students smoke in real life, why can't we?

As we have child avatars on the sim, any offensive roleplaying may get us into trouble with Linden Labs. Respect these rules as said above, and if found you will be banned. This rule is overrided by Professors and adult characters who are of age to do these. Even then they must take into account how they’re roleplaying it and what they’re smoking.

I'm bored with my House, can I switch?

No, you cannot switch Houses. Our roleplay at Mischief Managed is canon, and since the students at Hogwarts in the books/movies could not swap their House, neither can your character. Of course, if you are tired roleplaying your student, you can retire them permanently and apply a new student – but once your character is applied to a House, that cannot change.

I'm not here to roleplay, I just want to mess around and amuse myself, is this allowed?

No. This is a roleplaying sim and should be treated IC at all times. OOC is only allowed when stated (and should be kept to a bare minimum) or in the Landing Point. If you are caught abusing the group chats, the staff, the sim and/or griefing people you will be banned instantly from the sim.

Somebody was mean to me in IM. I'm going to cause a fight!

Mischief Managed adheres to a NO DRAMA policy. This means if you have a problem with someone, take it to another sim. Any bullying or abusive comments directed at the staff and/or the roleplayers will be quickly stopped. You will be removed from the groups and banned from the sim. With this we also have an OPEN DOOR policy. You can speak to an Admin and/or the OOC staff if any roleplayers give you problems, and we will do our best to help you. If they are rude to you ICly please DO NOT take this personally. It is their character and not themselves they’re representing.

Ugh, this roleplay is taking forever. What is with all these paragraphs?

Some people like to para-roleplay. It is their choice, and at MM we accept all styles of roleplay. DO NOT under any circumstances abuse and/or ignore them disrespectfully when they roleplay with you. If you can’t handle large amounts of text then we either suggest that you work on this privately with the roleplayer or send them a RESPECTFUL IM that you’re having trouble keeping up. If this causes problems with you then avoid para-roleplaying roleplayers. NEVER judge somebody on how they roleplay. Doing so will result in a Strike.

A member of the OOC staff was rude to me, what do I do?

We’re very sorry! Please report it to an Admin and we will do everything in our power to help. However, we also suggest you check how you’re speaking to that particular member of staff. They are human too, and approaching them with scorn or rudeness might result in you receiving it as well. This is does not mean we approve of our Staff disrespecting roleplayers, so if you feel you were treated unjustly, please contact an Admin.

My question isn’t on here, what do I do now?

Send an IM/notecard to a member of the OOC staff/Administration team and they’ll be happy to help you.