Rumour Has It is for the sharp tongued among us, and the people who claim to deplore gossip, but secretly read it all the same.  


Confessions, rumours or Questions can be given to our friendly messenger owl that loiters outside The Great Hall, he takes any messages to The Owl Post, just have a few owl nuts handy!

I heard a certain Slytherin singing christmas songs but apparently didn’t know all the words so he placed cat stuff in there instead.

Didn’t a certain eagle prefect get a trunk of clothes that looked similar to what she was wearing to the Yule Ball?

I caught the enchanting badger and her eagle pal holding hands pretty much ALL NIGHT LONG. They’re totally a couple. Who do they think they’re fooling?

I wonder what was so fascinating at the food table during the Yule Ball

Of Pictures and Letters. It sounds like a prefect has a long distance beau…wonder who that is

I heard a certain blond haired snake collects gnomes 

Everyone had fun last night! Almost everyone. One of the younger years left early, she was alone most of the time. What is she hiding? Why couldn’t she have fun as everyone else? 

Rumour has it that a very tall professor is always late to dances so he and his partner can have the dance hall to themselves.

A known bully tripped a first year at the ball, and a professor made the kid apologize to the snake who did it.

One of the older snakes offered a first year a galleon to bite someone. Not sure if they did it or not.

Someone spent most of their Christmas money on sweets and was literally bouncing in their seat. The person next to them had to get them to stop jumping up and down on it before the prefects on patrols saw.

I heard vikander likes kittens more than students.

Prefects are getting letters left and right from international men. I think Cupid is starting his work a little sooner than anyone planned!

Got your own gossip to spread and muck to rake? Drop us an owl!

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