While the rest of the Wizarding and muggle worlds were celebrating and welcoming in the new year, at least one witch or wizard was out on the streets with a more sinister plan in mind. When everyone should have been partying, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was cleaning up not one, but two more attacks on wixen.

Brooklyn Murray of Bristol was found in her bathroom with many cruel injuries all over her body. From the state of her home there is no denying that she put up a fight, but it turns out that it was not quite enough to fend off her attacker. Similarly, a group of Aurors were investigating the second of the two attacks in Oxford, on Eddie Brown, an elderly man who had lived in the area his entire life. Both scenes had varying degrees of damage to the location, but the victims had equal amounts of injuries inflicted to bring them down without the use of the dreaded killing curse.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement still has yet to put a name or a face to the attacker, but now they do believe that it is a Wixen who is working alone, and the earlier possibility of the attacks being a string of hate crimes has been confirmed. There is no longer a belief that the targets are random magical folk, this belief was shot down when all four of the victims had been confirmed registered Animagi. 

– Sterling Raggs, Magical Crimes Reporter.

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