On a day that was full of joyous smiles and longing tears, while students returned to Hogwarts for the second half of the school year, not everyone who stood upon the platform that day was there with good intentions. Family and friends came from all over Britain and Ireland to see their loved ones off safely but it was those who remained behind that were at risk.

It was the third of January, shortly after the scarlet steam engine departed with the next generation of Wixen, that another attack by our unknown murderer occurred. This time however, the victim escaped with their life. 

Aisling Jones, a recent graduate of Hogwarts and a registered Animagi, was found attempting to fend off her attacker on the vacant 9 ¾ platform. Like those before her, she suffered from devastating injuries across her body. It is believed that the situation could have been just as deadly as the others if not for the arrival of close friend Marzia Sterling, another Hogwarts graduate, who had returned to the platform when Miss Jones did not exit the station with everyone else.

Despite the attack being interrupted and left unfinished the word ‘Freak’ was present at the scene, as it has been each time before, making reporters and those responding to the attacks question the methods and cruelty of the attacker, that this reporter has dubbed the Faceless Murderer. Many of those questions were quickly answered when Miss Jones confirmed that the use of her blood to spell out the offensive word was done while she was still conscious.

Both witnesses reported the attacker wore full plate armor, unfortunately making them impossible to identify by sight alone. It was also discovered that, aside from pools of blood from his victims, the Faceless Murderer takes care to ensure that there is little to no trace of his involvement left behind, beyond what he chooses to leave.

Kaleikaumaka Tenadii, Adviser to the Minister of Magic and one of the ministry officials to arrive after the attack, provided this quote;

The Ministry wants to assure the public that we are doing everything within our power and will not leave any stone unturned in our search to bring this violent and dangerous individual to justice. Any citizens with any information, please reach out to the Department of Magical Law enforcement.

This latest attack brings the total of known victims to five, something that the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement ensures us he is not taking lightly, and that every effort is being made to find this individual.

It is not often that the Wizengamot comments until after an arrest, and it’s possible that it could be due to his personal relation to the victim in this attack, or it could be his exceptionally strong opinion on the topic but Alistair Colquhoun, Head magistrate of the Wizengamot, had this to say;

Wizarding Law firmly protects the rights of those practicing responsible human transformation from any assault, abuse, or harm. It remains for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to find the culprit and determine the nature of their motives. Suffice it to say, however, I am highly disturbed by the suggestion that this was the result of some anti-animagi sentiment. I have never heard anything of the like in all my career. It is quite absurd. This ability is widely recognised as one of the highest achievements of transfiguration for any worthy wixen, a remarkable ability to be praised and encouraged by those who master it. The motivation behind such prejudice is beyond all reason. The Wizarding community should be assured that once this individual is caught, they will experience nothing less than the full majesty of the law.

Indeed, this is a case that is both disturbing and frightening, that so much hatred could turn into bloodshed. Is this a sign of darker things to come? For now, it is encouraged that no Wixen travel alone, Animagi or not, for this latest attack proves that even having one friend close could save a life. 

– Sterling Raggs, Magical Crimes Reporter

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