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The recent Quidditch Match – Gryffindor vs Slytherin – was a nail biting one with Slytherin bludgering and quaffling their way to 170 points but with Gryffindor catching the snitch to make 190 points to Slytherin’s 170.


In a shocking twist, news has broken that there was an issue with the snitch! Professor O’Keeffe refused to explain the situation fully leading me to investigate the matter further. As a Slytherin herself it would be easy enough to explain away that the rematch is because Professor O’Keeffe wants to see Slytherin win something under her rule at Hogwarts however I’ve been informed that speculating such would earn me a detention for every day that I’m at Hogwarts.


I find the theory that Eleanor Lovelace lives on and jinxed the snitch to ruin her illegitimate daughter’s final chance of winning the Quidditch Cup far more reasonable however some would like to disagree.


With the recent news of the Ministry of Magic fudging the exam result delivery it’s entirely plausible that the Ministry has gotten involved and sent their Head of Magical Games and Sports to tamper with our equipment to punish us and cause havoc at Hogwarts, they all know how important Quidditch is to us and how else could they completely destroy the inter house unity that we have sometimes have. The Head of Magical Games and Sports refused to comment on this theory. [Head Editor’s Note: The Head of Magical Games and Sports has yet to respond to Nora’s owl.]


But it appears that the answer is likely to be mundane; Slytherin have not won the house cup in many many many years, despite their Quidditch prowess under Vitrac. The win was snatched from them by whom? Oh, Gryffindor themselves last year. Maybe it’s just a huge conspiracy to keep Slytherin’s morales low enough to make sure they don’t win the house cup ever again!


Who knows, all we do know is that Slytherin will replay Gryffindor at a later date to settle the score (ha!) but until then the two houses will have to wait.

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