I know some of you are wondering what is there to do if you’re staying for the holidays.  Fear not there are plenty of things you can do while you’re here.


  1. Play hide ‘n’ seek with your friends who knows maybe some professors who will be staying behind might join in the fun.
  2.  Start an epic snowball fight outside.
  3. Talk to someone new; who knows a new friendship might happen!   
  4. Attend the feast. I promise you it is worth going to because who doesn’t want all their favourite holiday treats.
  5. Go stargazing with some hot cocoa – the nights are creeping in and the sun is setting at 3pm so there’s plenty of time before curfew to stargaze!
  6. You can help your fellow housemates by doing the compost project while there away.
  7. Use your spell skills to turn the long gallery into an ice skating rink.
  8. Gather your friends and do your own version of the Great British Bake Off.
  9. Hold Exploding Snap tournaments or crack out a chess set and get playing!
  10. Make a broom obstacle course.
  11. You know some of the paintings in the castle are really chatty and love to talk, see what secrets you may find out.
  12. Go and visit Lynessa’s chickens at DracheBlume’s hut. They will be quite lonely without her daily presence. Beware of the Emu though!
  13. Have an inter-house snowman contest no, magic allowed.
  14. Have a slumber party somewhere unique.
  15. Decorate gingerbread houses; it’s great fun and even more fun to eat.
  16. If all these ideas bore you, you can go to the library and study ahead for the next term.


Have a Happy Holidays and you will enjoy your stay. Rumour has it a group of elves will be contacting you soon

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