As we draw closer to December, the buzz of winter and all of its holidays grows louder. Suddenly, you may be wondering – What should I present to my favourite people during this season of giving? That’s where the Owl Post has you covered! In this article, we’ll go over what things you should pay attention to, to know exactly what tastes your gift receiver has, as well as gifts that are cheap and easy to aquire or even make yourself, more expensive gifts if you’re looking to spend your pocket money, and little additions of flair to make it more festive!


The very first thing you should do is consider their favourite things, such as –









Birthstones & Astrological Signs


This way you know what exact shade of colour you should knit that scarf with, what kind of tea to get them, or what scent you should add to the candle you’re making! 


Onto the list of just what things you might get or make your person. Before we delve into the whole thing, I wanted to specifically highlight sweets, as they’re a whole category of goodness on their own. The key to gifting sweets to someone is to get them something that would last and be able to sit in a stocking or under the tree without getting stale. Honeydukes will have you covered, and you can also try to make these yourself! Such sweets you might get someone include – 







Lollipops, Hard sweeties, & Candy Canes

Small cakes


Honeydukes Favourites? – 

Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate Wands

Every Flavour Beans

Mint Humbugs

Fizzing Whizzbees

Cauldron Cakes

Pumpkin Pasties

Glacial Snow Flakes

Ice / Sugar Mice

Peppermint Toads

Sugar Quills

& Much More!


Sweets aside, I present to you a list of items you could very easily buy or even make someone. Perhaps you may even get an idea of your own! – 










Hot Chocolate

Blank Journals & Nice Pens/Quills & Ink

Books (Songs, Poetry, Fairy Tales – Subjects they like!)

Flowers – Living & Dried

Pieces of Art – Paintings, Pottery

Teacups & Mugs

Framed Photographs or Photo Albums/Scrapbooks

Charms & Trinkets to Wear (Bracelets, necklaces, etc)

Stuffed Teddies


Toys – Nutcrackers, Snow Globes, Dolls

Pets? – Pygmy Puffs!*


*I do not recommend getting someone a pet if you’re not sure they’re able to properly take care of it – which is why a low maintenance pet like a pygmy puff makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Except… maybe don’t stuff them in a stocking. Give them a nice cage, yeah?*


And if you’re looking for something a little more expensive – 


Winter Boots

New Broom

Broom Care Kits

Wand Care Kits

Rare or Interesting Potions Ingredients

New Cauldron

Wizard Chess Set

Gobstone Set

Wizarding Snap Cards

New School Bag


Now you may be thinking, I’ve found what I want to get my person, but what should I do to make it just a little more special? There’s a lot of things you can use to make your gift even more spectacular, such as – 

Ribbons & Bows



Tissue Paper

Pretty Boxes



With this list, you’ll be sure to figure out just what exactly would bring a sparkle to your person’s eyes! Go out and give, and be proud of the effort, thought, and energy you put into it! 

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