In the early hours of Monday night members of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement arrived at the home of Clayton Cook in Plymouth, England when a disturbance was called in from muggle neighbours. The muggle authorities were baffled as usual but Wixen on scene were able to recognise a struggle had taken place followed by what was undoubtedly a magical duel. 


Amazingly, there was no sign that the killing curse had been used. Whomever the attacker was, he or she went well out of their way to make sure that more than enough damage was caused to the victim to render the killing curse unnecessary. Though the DMLE is still looking into the reason behind the attack, they are not ruling out the possibility that it was a hate crime, after finding the body they also found the word Freak drawn in blood on the wall. 


Shortly after midnight, a second group from the DMLE entered into the home of Theo Campbell in Taunton, England to witness a shockingly similar scene; A body that endured enough damage to once again make the killing curse an abnormally absent aspect of the attack and leaving another hateful message left on the wall. There are speculations that the attacker -, or attackers -, is avoiding the unforgivable curse on purpose. Both teams are working together to investigate possible connections and anything to link the two attacks.


– Sterling Raggs, Magical Crimes Reporter.

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