Don’t forget if you submitted a CandyGram to pick one up and give them to your friends!


[some people didn’t mark if they wanted naming as the sender, apologies if some appear vague]


Abigail Bluetooth

Wishing you the best Christmas ever, from your favourite badger! Sorry, the season has me feeling extra Santa-mental.

  • Talula Shippe


Alison Bailes

Merry Christmas Little Eaglet

  • Luc Elara

Thank you for being the best friend I could ever possibly get, here at school! without you I would be so lost! See you when you return from your Holiday away!

  • Emma Lynn Stewart


Aliya Skaeren – 

Merry Christmas to the best little snek sister.  

  • Luc Elara


Aloy Osiris – 

For the prettiest girl in school, from your admiring boyfriend. Happy holidays! ♥

  • Everett Marston

Love you to bits! Have a wonderful break, try not to have too much fun!

  • Talula Shippe


Ashton Leigh Lockhart

Merry Christmas Little Snek

  • Luc Elara


Ayo Onyilugwo – 

Happy Christmas, lets figure out some portraits over break 


Bonnie Nishi – 

I hope that you enjoy this sweet treat, just for you! Have a happy holiday break! 

  • Talula Shippe

I’m really glad we got closer this year! Happy Christmas, don’t forget to write over break!


Caitlin Spector

Here’s to the awesomest badger of them all! Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Talula Shippe


Caryxander Mordushku

Happy Christmas Cary! Thanks for not going too hard on me when we dueled! I hope your last Christmas at Hogwarts is a good one! I demand at least one more rematch before you graduate!

  • Jorgia Prynce

You better write me over break!


Casey Champion-Drake

I’m writing this before the ball, but thank you for a wonderful time. I’m sure it was just perfect. Hugs!

  • Talula Shippe


Deja Pancham

We’ll get you through this dear 


Elaine Kilpatrick

Have a spectacular winter break and a very happy Christmas!

  • Talula Shippe

Have a wonderful christmas break Elaine! Don’t forget to write!

  • Tilly


Elliott Reid



Emma Lynn Stewart

Merry Christmas Little Lions

  • Luc Elara


Hana Rowley

Merry Christmas Bestieface


January Everleigh Cohen

I admire you from afar.. who says snakes can’t like birds?


Jorgia Prynce

Merry Christmas!


Livvy Reven

What’s Hogwarts without my best cousin? Enjoy some candy on me and continue to be a great snek!


Lucin Elara

To one of the wisest owls I know, thank you for always cheering me up and being the best brother there can be. 


Lynessa O’Conner

Merry Christmas, Hope you have a great break.


Lysander Diaval

Hey don’t you forget to write me over break! Have a fantastic christmas! 

  • Tilly


Maddi MacKenzie

Happy Christmas Maddi! I’m glad to have become friends this year! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

  • Jorgia Prynce


Marigold Feathersweet

Wishing you the bestest, sweetest holiday ever! See you in January, roomie!

  • Talula Shippe

Have a very sweet christmas, Mari! See you next term. don’t forget to write! 

  • Tilly


Nate Phoenix

DO NOT EAT THIS, our next match is coming up soon! And watch the cookies over break! Other than that, have a lovely break. Worriedly signed, your co-cap.

To mo chroi,

Some day, when trees have shed their leaves

And against the morning’s white

The shivering birds beneath the eaves

Have sheltered for the night,

We’ll turn our faces southward, love,

Toward the summer isle

Where bamboos spire the shafted grove

And wide-mouthed orchids smile.


Nora Clements

Please please PLEASE get the pumpkins out of the dorms before you leave for break. I’M BEGGING YOU NORA! Also, Happy Holidays!


Octavia Phoenix  

Tavi, I adore you – you are such a smart and strong young woman with much to offer this world. 

  • Love, Tilly


Olin Kelly

Happy Christmas Gryffindork! I am so excited for our holiday together! Also I’m mostly sending this to give you a free snack. I have more. I love you <3

  • Jorgia Prynce


Peach McCants

I’m still very sorry

Happy Christmas Peach! I’m so glad to have made a friend like you this year! You are very special to me and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! <3

  • Jorgia Prynce


Roisin O’Connell

Have a great break Roi! Hope you and Elaine don’t forget to write! Happy Christmas

  • Tilly


Seph Vitrac

I’ll miss you over break!


Talula Shippe

Thank you for saving my life, truly I can’t thank you enough. Have a wonderful break, I look forward to seeing you next term. Much love, 

  • Tilly (PLEASE WRITE!)


Taylor Mills – 

Merry Christmas Little Lions

  • Luc Elara

You mean the world to me, I am grateful to have you by my side and to grow with me in this massively confusing world at times. 

  • Emma Lynn Stewart


Thomasin Sexton

Thank you for working me through Meditation it’s really helped a lot!



Professor Eastwood

Wanikiya tonpi wowiyuskin my Mahasani

  • Professor DracheBlume


Professor Green

Merry Christmas To My HOH

  • Luc Elara


Professor Vikander

Merry Christmas Professor

Dear professor Vikander,

thank you for the first term, even with the POA – Pipe Organs Accident I enjoyed your lessons very much and can’t wait for the next year. I heard the DADA teaching position is cursed but I really really hope it’s not true and you will be our teacher until our seventh year. If it is true… I hope you’ll at least enjoy this Candygram and will do your best to stay!

Happy Chistmas ❆


Professor Waldgrave

Merry Christmas ‘Papa Snek’ 

Thank you for being one of the best house leaders, and for always having your bebe snek’s backs. 

Happy Christmas Mister Mum! You’ve been so kind and special to me this year and I am so glad to have you as not only my HOH, but as someone to look up. I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas and you get everything you wanted from Santa! <3

  • Jorgia Prynce

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