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The last few rounds of Quidditch, both at School level and in the British and Irish League have scored much of a stirring within the public as of late! Whether people heard the scintillating performance that the amateur players at Hogwarts put together during the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw bout, which saw Ravenclaw take the win after a yellow tide threatened to drown them, or if they were there on Saturday the 21st to see Falmouth surprise the Holyhead Harpies with a shocking demolition of their squad, leaving two of their Chasers out for the season with severe injuries!


On discussion with Barry Fletcher, Falmouth’s Head Scout on whether or not he had seen any gems that he planned to swoop in for at Hogwarts, the man had this to say. 


“There were a couple good’uns I could spot, yeah. S’pose there’s lots’a talen’ an’ that. That Ashworth girl looks ‘andy if she sor’ed ‘er aim ou’, and that Champion boy ain’t too bad ei’va!” During our interview with him of course it was rather difficult to keep Scout Fletcher on topic whilst he waxed lyrical about the win on the 21st between sips of Fire Whiskey, but we at Witch Weekly persevered for our readers!


“Well wot can I say ay? It were a quali’y match. We smashed ‘em. Ol’ Jazz knocked it ou’ the park!”


Jasper Baxter himself put in an impressive display this weekend for his team Falmouth, with the man hitting 96 bludgers in the 40 minute game, being responsible for at least one of the Holyhead injuries. We find it hard to see whether or not new player on the block Adam Fletcher will be getting a look in at the team just yet! Perhaps a spot of nepotism gone wrong from Barry Fletcher, many of his critics thinking so when Adam was signed – despite his record at Slytherin showing his qualifications indeed!


However, a ray of sunshine remains yet for the Slytherin boy, as apparently the Agincourt Axes of the French Quidditch League, the Wolfsburg Wyverns of the Bundesliga in Germany, the Chudley Cannons and the Vladivostok Vedmak’s of The Russian Superleague have all been keeping an eye on the boy’s position, with apparently the Russian Vedmak’s already having made a contract offer to the criminally underused Beater of around 21000 Galleons a year. Speaking with Garvey Ducassis, Head Coach for the Agincourt Axes, the man seemed rather nonplussed with the transfer rumours. “We are uhhh…’ow you say…watching  the uhhh situation in the mean time. He is a good player non? He’s ‘as just not had nearly enough time to show ‘is colours when ‘e ‘as been, how you say competing with uhhh un acteur international and aussi un vétéran du sport in monsieur Peter Riches.” 


Meanwhile the Chudley Cannons were crushed just this weekend by the Appleby Arrows at a shocking score of 980-70 after a 3 day game that left the Cannon’s chances of not being at the bottom of the table sorely in the dust, the team having won naught this year so far, with their upcoming opponents seeking to heap the punishment upon them according to Ballycastle Head Coach Magnus Wyrmwater.


“We’re going to come at them with everything we’ve got and we should be able to stifle those rumoured Cannons of theirs. I’m confident in the strength and depth of my squad and we’re having a good year. I reckon with this win we’ll be in a right state of mind to challenge for the title this year.” Ever the picture of cool, calm and collected!

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